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Parsian Safaiyeh Hotel

If you go to Yazd, you are in the land of windbreakers. Residing in the Safavid Parsian Hotel will have a significant effect on your journey’s immortality. This is one of the Yazd hotels which is located in the south-east of the Yazd and is located in one of the lush areas of the city.

Yazd hotels

Parsian Safaiyeh Hotel in Yazd

It has easy access to the city center and its attractions while guest can enjoy from its favorable weather conditions. Parsian Safaiyeh Hotel is a 5-star hotel consisting of a new hotel and a garden hotel areas. This newly built hotel has a unique combination of modern and traditional style with a garden. While maintaining the traditional cultural and historical effects of the hotel, the place offers the best services and facilities. That’s one of the best Yazd hotels.

Moshir Garden Hotel

Yazd Hotels

Moshir Garden Hotel in Yazd

On the edge of the old part of Yazd, and on one of the main entrance streets of the city, a garden-like museum is located. A home to a genuine Iranian architecture that is considered a historical attraction of the city. Moshir Garden Hotel, with its brick chambers and dome roofs, is one of the first Yazd hotels that is located in garden in Iran. The beautiful courtyard and artistic architecture of Qajar is one of the attractions of the hotel. Here you can stay in quiet rooms with a desert architecture. This hotel is one of the best choices for those who want to rest in a peaceful and quiet environment.

International Arg Hotel

Yazd hotels

International Arg Hotel of Yazd

International Arg Hotel was built in 2012. This stylish, modern hotel has 2 floors and 68 rooms in a cozy and quiet environment. The staff in this hotel are ready to provide the best service to the travelers.

The new International Arg Hotel has facilities like a restaurant with a variety of delicious food, coffee shops with a warm and pleasant environment and a variety of hot and cold drinks, a billiard club, a gym, a conference and meeting room, a parking lot, a taxi service, an Internet and a business center, and a children’s play park. The New International Arg Hotel is located in a short distance from Yazd’s historic cellar, which is one of the most important historical works of the city. That’s one of the best Yazd hotels.

Zanbagh Hotel

Zanbagh Hotel is ready to serve guests with a beautiful environment and experienced personnel. The hotel is located out of the traffic area. The green area around the hotel provides a beautiful and convenient place for guests’ hiking.

Coffee shop and fast food of the hotel is located outside of the hotel building and on the ground floor. It is equipped with beautiful Canopies, ready to welcome guests of the hotel and provides good times for them. In addition, there is a restaurant inside the hotel with Iranian cuisine always welcoming guests. In addition to the facilities mentioned above, the hotel also has an open-air parking. That’s one of the best Yazd hotels.

Fahadan Museum Hotel

Yazd hotels

Fahadan Museum Hotel in Yazd

Fahadan Museum Hotel is a four-star traditional hotel located in the historic context of the Fahadan neighborhood of Yazd. Fahadan was the home to aristocrats and prominent people, and Qajar lords. Because of this, the beautiful old-fashioned houses of this style are located in this neighborhood of Yazd. The beautiful Fahadan Hotel is one of these original and beautiful houses. The hotel was built in a historic mansion, known as the Tehrani House, and is the first hotel Museum in Iran; historical and traditional monuments have created a unique visual attraction for the tourists traveling to this place.That’s one of the best Yazd hotels.

The building consists of three main courtyards, a nursery, a mansion and Kolah Farangi mansion, three beautiful windbreaker, with a blue pool, a traditional courtyard and rooms with colored glass.

The rooms have traditional décor with well-equipped amenities; the hotel restaurant with a variety of Iranian and foreign cuisine has always met the customers’ expectations with every taste.

The location of the Fahadan Hotel that is in the opposite of the historic building of Alexander’s Prison and its proximity to the historical residence of Lariha and the Malekzadeh House is one of the advantages of this traditional residence. You can take advantage of this place by taking a short trip; using the bicycles available there.

Malek Al-Tojjar Hotel

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Malek Al-Tojar Hotel in Yazd

Yazd, the city of wind breakers and bicycles, has beautiful houses with traditional architecture, which features rich Iranian culture. Malek Al-Tojjar Hotel is one of these beautiful houses and the world’s first glossy hotel. This hotel belongs to the family of Malek Al-Tojjar; the entrance of the house, in the style of its time architecture, has a long and narrow alley with very tall walls, and it has vestibule, winter site, summer site, spring sleep, shah Neshin, and so on. The rooms are decorated with Shirazi artist’s paintings and used gold water for painting pictures. The mirror room with roofs and mirror walls also portrays another Iranian art. The interior decoration of the Malek Al-Tojjar Hotel is one of the architectural masterpieces of Yazd. This four-star property is close to Khan’s bazaar, Khan Market and Zargarha Market. You can visit these interesting sites by staying at this hotel. Central courtyard and its underground as a traditional restaurant offer a variety of Iranian and foreign cuisine for the satisfaction of tourists. Due to its unique beauty and architecture, it is a good choice for tourists with variety of tastes and needs in mind. That’s one of the best Yazd hotels.

Dad Hotel

Yazd hotels

Dad Hotel in Yazd

Yazd, this beautiful city in the desert, attracts many tourists every year. To enjoy your stay, It is recommended to choose a traditional hotels in the city that are painted in soil and clay colors.

Dad Hotel is a four-star traditional hotel that retains its original architecture with a long history. The centrality of the hotel and its proximity to the tourist centers, including the Shish Badgiri Ab Anbar, Markar Square, Amir Chakmaq Square, the Water Museum, and … provides easy access to these works for tourists.

The special facilities and traditional architecture of the rooms is one of the main features of this hotel; the restaurant with a variety of Iranian and foreign cuisine hosts and delights many travelers. An open-air restaurant and cafe on the roof also undoubtedly portrays the beautiful landscape of this ancient city. That’s one of the best Yazd hotels.

Mozaffar Hotel

Yazd hotels

Mozaffar Hotel in Yazd

Traditional Mozaffar Hotel in Yazd is one of the best places for travelers who prefer traditional resident place with luxury. The traditional Mozaffar Hotel is a well-known hotel in the heart of the city of Yazd and in the neighborhood of Khalaf Garden. This hotel is located in Motahari Shahr Street in the Shahid Bekahi Alley and offers good access to the historic attractions of Dolatabad Gardens, Mesgarha Market and Amir Chakhmaq Square.

You can stay at a two hundred old house At Mozaffar Hotel. The residence, which has been designed in Qajar era, brings to you the beautiful traditional atmosphere of the past. All rooms are made with architectural style and are furnished with traditional layout and contemporary amenities.

The window of your room at Mozaffar Hotel overlooks the beautiful courtyard with blue water ponds and small green garden. The wooden beds and the porch of the carpet, along with the traditional layout have created a very intimate and relaxing atmosphere. At Mozaffar Hotel near Azadi Square and Somewhere near the shopping malls, you can buy the prettiest cashmere and take your souvenirs with you.

The traditional Mozaffar Hotel is located in a close proximity to a garden that is called Boostan. In its traditional restaurant, you can enjoy a variety of Iranian and international dishes. That’s one of the best Yazd hotels.

Traditional Kourosh Hotel

Yazd hotels

Traditional Kourosh Hotel in Yazd

In the traditional Kourosh Hotel, comfort, convenience and luxury are all assembled together to keep you entertained in one of the best parts of the city. The Traditional Kourosh Hotel is a special offer for travelers to the historic city of Yazd with different needs.

Traditional Kourosh Hotel is a well-known hotel that was built in one of the historic area of Yazd. This 400-year-old hotel is located in the heart of the historic part of the city and in close proximity to the most important attractions of Yazd.

By staying in Traditional Kourosh Hotel, you will able to stay at the center of some the most important historic places in the city, and you will reside in a short distance from Amir Chakhmagh, Khan Market, Sayyed Ako din Monument and Dolat Abad Garden.

With its beautiful decorations, its up-to-date and complete leisure and tourism services, modern arts and traditional architecture, this hotel is one of the most attractive residential centers in Yazd that provides sweet memories of your home.

You can relax in one of the luxury rooms overlooking the tranquil view of the city and enjoy full service. Have a memorable drink in the evening in the green courtyard with a fountain and beautiful ponds. That’s one of the best Yazd hotels.

Parsian Azadi Hotel

If you are excited about the old aristocratic houses, be sure that you are also interested in this great hotel.

For travelers and tourists, close proximity to ancient monuments is considered to be a positive blessing. due to its close proximity to the major sites of the city, including Amir Chakhmaq Square (one of the most prominent historical and tourism collections in Yazd), the Museum of Water, Shish Badgiri Ab Anbar, Khan Market, Lariha House and … , Parsian Azadi Hotel is considered among The main destination of tourists in Yazd.

Parsian Azadi Hotel is a well-known hotel with traditional architecture built in a Gardens, with greenery and amenities as well as rooms facing the garden that are suitable for guests in Yazd. This hotel is equipped with a summer restaurant near the swimming pool and winter restaurant in the hotel.

Yazd Tourist Hotel

Yazd is a beautiful desert city with many ancient artifacts attracting many tourists from abroad and inside Iran every year.

To stay in this city, the close proximity to ancient monuments can be one of the advantages of the hotel; Yazd Tourist Hotel is a well-known hotel and is located in the proximity  to the city center. Therefore, by staying at this hotel, you can have easy access to Amir Chakhmagh Square, the Water Museum, Alexander’s Prison, Lariha house, and the fire temple. You can visit all these ancient places by spending a short time and little distance.

This hotel has a beautiful lobby and there is a separate lounge in the restaurant area, which serves the guests with a variety of Iranian and foreign cuisine.

It should be noted that pool enthusiasts can use this opportunity in the Yazd Tourist Hotel. That’s one of the best Yazd hotels.

International Laleh Hotel

Yazd hotels

International Laleh Hotel in Yazd

International Laleh Hotel is a 180 years old hotel that was built in Golshan’s beautiful house. This house belongs to Mrs. Golshan, a good-natured lady in Yazd.

This beautiful four star hotel is located next to the Golshan historical storage, near Khan Market, Khan Square, Fire Temple, Jami Mosque, and Alexander’s Prison. It is also close to Shopping Centers such as the Grand Bazar of Yazd, Ariya  Shopping Center, and Shaghayegh Shopping Center.

International Laleh Hotel has a veranda and a beautiful central courtyard that can be a good choice for visiting friends and spending time with them, as well as penthouses, corridors, and five doors and … reminding of the original and rich Iranian art. This beautiful architecture is a momentary hotel that reflects the Iranian tradition deeply.

The hotel’s rooms feature a dome and brick ceiling, designed and refined in a beautiful style, which truly combines tradition with modernity.

The hotel restaurant serves a variety of Iranian, Indian, Chinese, and … cuisine and services. That’s one of the best Yazd hotels.

Pahlavan Poor Garden

Yazd Hotels

Pahlavan Poor Garden in Yazd

Experience the best of your stay in one of the most natural and beautiful gardens in Iran. The Pahlavan Poor Garden Hotel is an artistic blend of elements of history, art and architecture in the style of all Iranian gardens. This garden hotel is owned by Yazdi merchant that is known as Ali Pahlavan Poor. An important cultural monument with an area of about 5 hectares in Motahari Avenue of Mehriz city. Pahlavan Poor Garden is an spectacular example of the classic Iranian gardens which has been registered in 2011 by UNESCO.

Pahlavan Poor Garden dates back to the end of the Qajar period, and has many different parts including the Kooshk Building, the Golin Tower, the Stables, the Anbar, the carpet weaving, spinning workshops, the winter home building. The Kooshk building is part of the gardens that you can enjoy visiting there during your stay. In Sharbat Khane building, there is a place called “Kolah Farangi”, decorated with beautiful architecture. This mansion is considered one of the most valuable buildings in this area.

This hotel is equipped with Traditional suites that have historic architecture and are available in two, three, and four beds types. These suites have a pleasant atmosphere, such as free breakfast with local bread, free high-speed internet, an independent and traditional backyard, and all of which are designed for the guest’s welfare.

Drink the most delicious Iranian cuisine and delicacies at the traditional restaurant in Pahlavan Poor Garden. Walk through the shrub and tall trees and spend some moments on the bed that is set on the garden floor to relax and watch the nature. The garden space is largely due to the fresh water from Hasan Abad’s historic aqueduct. This stream of water has created a very beautiful atmosphere along the trees.

From the distinctive spaces of the garden is the Pahlavan Poor photography house. Guests can take beautiful photos of local clothes in the days of Nowruz and record their most beautiful moments in their  trip to Yazd.

By staying in Pahlavan Poor Garden, you will not have to worry about the parking lot. Because after entering into the hotel, the parking space is completely free of charge.

Pahlavan Poor Garden is one of the best choices for families with its sports facilities. This garden with a soccer field and beach volleyball, a playground with sandy beaches, provides a different experience for you and your children. The football table, the tennis table and the children’s play area are among the other sports facilities of this resort that are located in this hotel garden.

Traditional Rose Hotel

The Traditional Hotel Rose is one of Yazd’s famous hotels that is located in Shahid Beheshti Square. This hotel is located In the old part of the city and at a point that is close to or accessible to most of the tourist attractions such as Jame Mosque, Amir Chammaq, Mesgar market, and Khan Bath.

Traditional Hotel Rose is suitable for those who are planning to stay in a beautiful residence in Yazd in a traditional setting and to better touch the atmosphere of the brick houses in this city.

Customers at the Traditional Hotel Rose stay in rooms that are reminiscent of past lives and are all equipped with modern amenities. All the Rooms in this hotel are facing the courtyard. An intimate area that consisted the pond is located in the middle of this space and considered pleasant for travelers. Traditional delicacies in the Traditional Hotel Rose are among the important features of this hotel.