The World’s Most Expensive House in Fifties AD

Moghadam house in Tehran is one of the luxury homes which belongs to Qajar era and was the world’s expensive house in fifties ad. The house belonging to Mohammed Taqi Khan, who was the mayor in Naser Al-Din Shah Qajar period. Moghaddam was among the first Iranian archaeologists who worked with professors of archeology in historical sites. Moghadam Museum sensible Property is the relative homogeneity between architectural space and it’s historical monuments. There is an area of 2117 square meters of space which includes outer and inner courtyards and every yard is composed of different parts.

Exterior Building(summery) is composed of multiple parts. Reception rooms(Chronometers hall), which was the workplace, academic activities and receiving guests. The antiquities in Moghadam museum, represent the different cultures, in different historical periods. Works such as pottery, stone tools, glasses, stamps and seals and metal objects, are maintained in this section. Spring house building, was built in connection with the construction of the house and it’s walls decorating, exhibits the transformation of Pottery and tile industry in Iran.

Manor building (Tower), In the life of doctor Moghadam, is made in the form of Europe medieval castles. Doctor Moghadam has always tried to demonstrate part of the arts of the Iranian people in this place. The building has different sections such as chief room, small and homemade bathroom, Oyster room and basement with decorating pottery. On the north side of the building a porch has been made which is decorated by using Zand and Qajar era tiles. In the middle of that, there is a small marble pond which water gushed out from it. At the end of this home a beautiful greenhouse was created.

Winter Hall (Qajar Room) is from other parts of the interior. Doctor Moghadam decorated this place with valuable works of the Zand and Qajar era. The yard is designed Inspired by the carpets layout from Safavid and Qajar era.

”Arthur Upham Pope” American Iran-expert historian, In an article In the 50s and 60s, introduce this house as the world’s expensive house, due to the collection of valuable historical monuments. The house is still considered as one of the most unique homes in Iran and also in the world.