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Tehran travel guide

Tehran travel guide

If you wish to travel to Tehran on holiday, Nowruz days can be the best time of the year. In this Tehran travel guide, we will introduce you some spectacular sights that are close to each other, so that by using this Tehran travel guide in a few days you can visit them all. Tehran is the capital of Iran the busy and crowded heat of Iran.
Tehran travel guide

Tehran, the capital of Iran

Tehran Sports

Enghelab Sport Complex

Enghelab Sport Complex founded in 1958. This complex due to it’s geographic location, is in the clean climate of north of Tehran. The area is about 1000000 m2. Half of this area is green space and the other half is sport spaces. The health road has 2500 m long which is included golf fields.

Enghelab Sport Complex in Tehran

Tehran soccer house

Tehran soccer house is the most famous soccer coffee in Tehran. It has 12 TV and broadcast 5 soccer match simultaneously and live.

Chitgar Park

Chitgar Park is located in the west suburb of Tehran. It has more than 950 hectare area which is full of trees and is one of the biggest Forest parks in Tehran province. In addition to the possibility of nature tourism in this forest park, Sports facilities like horseback ride, skate and cycling Road has been constructed in this park. The lake is located in the vicinity of this park.
Tehran travel guide

Chitgar Park in Tehran

Tochal ski resort

Seventh station of ski resort

The track is begin from down of the Tochal peak (3850 m) and ends to the hotel (3550m). Track long is 1200 m and is a bracing place for using the ski lovers. In this track is one Double Mayer and one Tele Ski. The advantage of Tochal ski track is:
  • Be near to the city centre
  • Safe being of the path
  • Beautiful and Equipped Hotel of Tochal
  • Best skiing equipment
Tehran travel guide

Tochal ski resort in north of Tehran

Azadi sport complex

This complex founded in 1971 in order to holding the seventh period of Asian tournament in Tehran. It founded in the area about 460 hectare in west of Tehran. Different sections of this complex are:
  • Football stadium
  • Cycling stadium
  • Car Racing, motor riding and carting tracks
  • Practice areas
  • Baseball and cricket fields
  • National teams camps
  • Tennis fields
  • Swimming pool
  • Beam and bow practice fields
  • The hall
  • Wrestling house
  • Volleyball hall
  • Basketball hall
  • Weightlifting hall
  • Sailing lake
  • Restaurant
  • Hours riding Manege
  • Hotel
  • Pool and sauna
  • Gym
  • Health road
  • Wushu salon
  • Skate
  • Kung Fu and martial arts

Culture & History Tehran Travel Guide

Golestan palace

How to get there? Golestan Palace in Panzdah-e-Khordad St. in ARG Sq.

Golestan Palace that is the remaining part of Tehran historic citadel, and the resident place of the Qajar kings is one of the most beautiful and oldest buildings in Tehran.

Ivan flat marble

In Ivan flat marble, Iranian artists with a taste for great art, architecture, painting, sculpture, tile work, mirror work, carving and lattice work built some valuable and exquisite sites in the middle of Golestan Palace. Ivan or flat marble was a place that various classes of people attended for greeting ceremonies.


Tehran travel guide

Shams-Al Emareh, Tehran, Iran

Shamsolemareh is one of the famous monuments that once was one of the tallest building in old Tehran. Before Naser al-Din Shah Qajar traveled to Europe, he had seen some pictures and photos of buildings in Europeans countries. He ordered the construction of an elevated structure similar to those buildings so that he and his wives could see the city from the heights.

Tehran Bazaar

Tehran travel guide

Tehran Bazaar, Iran capital

How do we get there?  To reach the Tehran market, you can either use Panzdah-e-Khordad Metro or taxis that travel to the GALOOBANDAK intersection. And finally use one of the entrances to enter into the market that are located in the Panzdah-e- Khordad streets of Tehran.

Tehran Bazaar needs no introduction. This lovely labyrinth of corridors host a large number of people during the day, who come to find and buy their needs. If you go to Tehran bazaar, in addition to buying something, try to look at the top of your head to see the beautiful architecture as well as the other tourist attractions that are located there.

Marvi Alley

How do we get there? The first fast food restaurant that served Falafel in Tehran is Located in Marvi Alley that is known with the same name. In addition, you can find some cosmetic stores in Marvi Alley.

Nasir Khusraw Street

How do we get there? Naser Khosro Street is connected from one side to Imam Khomeini Square (Toopkhaneh) and from the other side is linked to Panzdah-e-Khordad.

Many historic buildings have been preserved in this street. The most important of which are known as Shams-ol-Emareh, Dar-ol-Funun and Saraye Roshan. Fortunately, because of the repair that is done on them, they are better than many of the other monuments in Tehran.


Tehran travel guide

Dar-Al Fonun, Tehran

How do we get there? Dar-ol-Funun is located on the Nasser Khosrow Street.

Dar-ol-Funun was one of the greatest acts of Amir Kabir. He had significant impacts In terms of building scientific, social and cultural awareness among Iranians. The old school was built by Amir Kabir and it is currently under reconstruction these days. But entering is still possible for tourists .The school started a new era in higher education in Iran.  If you go from Toopkhane street to Naser Khosrow, the first monument that draws your attention is Dar ul-Funun.

Topkhane Square (Imam Khomeini)

How do we get there? The best way to get there is by using Imam Khomeini metro station.

Topkhane Square is one of the oldest and also the busiest squares in Tehran. The old telegraph building that was replaced by Telecom building since its establishment has been transformed into a symbol of that square.


How do we get to Tajrish? Tajrish is located at the northern part of Vali Asr street.

Tajrish is one of Tehran's oldest quarters where many tourist attractions are located and every day a lot of people go to these sites to visit and make purchases on the market. Interestingly, this neighborhood is one of the few parts of Tehran that attracts tourist with different needs, such as religious, historical and recreational tourism.

Iranian Art Museum Garden

How do we get there? Iranian art garden is in the neighborhood of Paradise Garden that is located in Tajrish.

After the reconstruction carried out in 2005, Iranian art museum became a major tourist destination in Tehran and gradually opened its place among them. The garden has some interesting places such as exhibitions and art workshops, Persian garden and a center for selling crafts and cultural products. But one of the most important attractions of the garden is a replica of the landmarks of Iran’s history which is said to celebrate the 2500th Anniversary Celebration of the Imperial Kingdom.

Sa'ad Abad Palace

How do we get there? Sa'ad Abad Palace is located in Vali Asr Street.

Saad Abad Palace located in the foothills of the Green Valley of Darband. This collection is made of other eighteen large and small House of Qajar and Pahlavi periods, including Shahvand House, Nation Museum, Palace of the Shams and ....

Niavaran Palace

Tehran travel guide

Niavaran palace, Tehran

How do we get there?  Niavaran Palace is located in Bahonar Square (Niavaran).

Niavaran palace was built for residence of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi and his family.

Some of the small buildings of the this Garden were destroyed and the palace was reconstructed in 1968, and was the main residence place of Pahlavi family until the last hours of their departure from Iran.

Masoudieh Mansion

How do we get there? Masoudieh mansion is located in southwest corner of Ekbatan Street.

Masoudieh Mansion is one of the monuments left by old Tehran and Qajar era. The building is very important in term of architectural and historical events that happened in it. Every day many Iranian and foreign tourists come to visit the beautiful architecture of the building.

Abgineh Museum

How do we get there? Abgineh Museum is in Jomhoriey Eslami Street.

Tehran Glassware and Ceramic Museum is located in one of the historic homes of Tehran and specialized in displaying tools and objects from long past to the last centuries.

Lolagar Alley

How do we get there? This alley is located on the Hafez Street.

Lolagar alley is an alley that all the houses, balconies and windows and even trees planted symmetrically and parallel to the other houses. Upon arrival in the alley, you face with balconies, windows and buildings that are the same on both sides of the street.  Aran Gallery, Rey Cafe and also David Pizza are located in this alley.

Other Tehran travel guide

How do we get there? The intersection of Enghelab and Vali Asr street is called Vali Asr intersection.

Due to cultural, recreational, business and academic places, this intersection is one of the busiest parts of the capital.

The most important places in this area are Tehran University, the city theater, Daneshjo Park, Vahadat Hall, Reza PC market, natural fiber clothing stores, book exchange center and various restaurants and bars such as ''Lymz Age'' and Nutella bar.

Enghelab Square

How do we get there? Enghlab Square is located at the intersection of Azadi and Kargar Streets.

Enghlab Square is one of the main squares of Tehran. Around the the square, there are a large number of bookstores that sell general, academic and language books. Tehran University is located near the east side of the Enghlab square.

Museum of Contemporary Art

How do we get there? Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art is in North Kargar Street.

Museum of Contemporary Art is one of the most prominent museums in Iran. Some of the very precious treasure of the world's greatest artists such as Gauguin, Renoir, Picasso, Magritte, Ernst, Pollock, Warhol, Levitt and Giacometti are kept there. The museum building was designed with inspiration from the Iranian desert wind towers. This beautiful museum was built in 1977 at the corner of Laleh Park in Tehran where the park is located and was called Farah in that time. The museum has nine galleries, three of which keep valuable works of the artists mentioned and 6 temporary gallery is on track to visitors, so it makes it easy for those who visit the Museum of Contemporary Art and makes the process very simple and pleasant.Tehran travel guide


Tehran Travel Guide Night Life

Haj Ali Darvishi cafe

How do we get there? Haj Ali Darvish cafe is located on the street of Panzdah-e- Khordad. Haj Ali Darwishi that is the smallest café in all over the world, is one of the tourist attractions of Tehran. The café is located in the goldsmith section of the bazaar. You can have the best and high quality tea in this café. You can talk to Haj Kazem the current owner of the cafe that inherited this place from his father and ask him more about it.

Imam Zadeh Saleh

How do we get there? Holy Shrine of Imam Zadeh Saleh is located on the southeastern side of Tajrish Square. Imam Zadeh Saleh Holy Shrine is one of the most memorable and religious tourism centers in Tehran. Every day a large number of Iranian and foreign tourists visit and see the beautiful surroundings and of course its architecture.

Time Museum

How do we get there? Time Museum is in Tehran, Vali Asr Ave., Zaferanieh St. Time Museum (home of Hussein Khodadad) is one of the historic houses in Tehran dated back to Qajar era. The museum keeps some of the precious objects that are related to time and timekeeping. Some of the objects that are on display in museum are "Professor Mahmoud Hessabi" watch, historic watches of "Naser al-Din Shah" and old documents related to the Shah time.
Tehran travel guide

Time Museum in Tehran

Taleghani park

How do we get there? Taleghani park located along the Haqqani, Modarress and Hemmat Highway. Taleghani Park opened in 1982, but the greatest changes were done during the past decade. They connected Taleghani Park to ''Ab and Atash'' Park after the construction of Tabiat Bridge.  Holy Defense Museum was built next to the park and the largest Iranian flag is placed there.

Tabiat Bridge

How do we get there? Tabiat Bridge was built on Modarres highway and connects Taleghani Park to Ab o Atash Park. Tabiat Bridge is one of the popular tourist attractions in Tehran and it provides good recreational facilities for tourists. Such features include a restaurant and a coffee shop, a beautiful green space and the café.
Tehran travel guide

Tabiat Bridge in Tehran

Abrisham Bridge

How do we get there?  Abrisham Bridge connects Banader garden to Ghonbad-e-Mina and also Nowroz Park. Because of extensive development, Abbas Abad Hills has become a place full of tourist attractions in recent years. Many of these projects, like the construction of Taleghani Park started before the Islamic Revolution. And some others like Tabiat Bridge has been designed and constructed after that. Other tourist attractions in the area include the dome of Mina, fire and water park (Ab & Atash Park), theme park and Nowroz Park. To connect these beautiful tourist attractions, a passage way has been constructed between them and provided the easier access for tourists coming there.

Mina Dome

How do we get there? Mina Dome in Tehran is located in Fire and Water Park (Ab & Atash Park). Mina that is constructed in 1393 is the biggest planetarium in the Middle East and is considered as a simulator of the universe, planets and stars, in which a three-dimensional films screened about astronomical topics.

Mellat Park

How do we get there? Mellat Park is located in Vali Asr street and next to the Niayesh highway. Mellat Park is the oldest and largest park in Tehran, and every day it welcomes many Iranian and foreign tourists. The park is of great importance in terms of history, and the municipality of Tehran also takes a good care of it. Garden of the Negarestan Museum How do we get there? The entrance to the garden is in Shariat Madari St. Negarestan Garden is one of the ancient and valuable buildings of old Tehran that was built by Fath-Ali Shah Qajar era. It is very important in terms of history, architecture and art that are used in its construction.

Aran Gallery

Aran Gallery is one of the dozens of spectacular galleries in Tehran. The gallery displays painting. Lithography and other works of contemporary artists. This Gallery has very lovely and friendly environment and you can feel good in there. Rey Café is located on the top floor of the gallery, you can eat, drink and chat with your friends. The Architecture of Gallery is very beautiful and it can be another attraction.

Ray's Cafe

Ray's Cafe is a nice cafe next to Aran Gallery and has a beautiful and friendly environment. The interior architecture and design of this café is very elegant and after entering, you will notice the difference with the other places. Employees and managers of Rey Café welcomes people warmly and friendly.

David's Pizza

David pizza that is a small pizza restaurant which is renowned as the first and oldest pizzeria in Iran. The only thing that draws customers to this pizzeria is the same old, building similar to the other places in the Lolagar street.

Daneshjou Park

How do we get there? Daneshjou Park is at the of Vali Asr intersection. Daneshjou Park is one of the oldest parks in Tehran. The park has an area of 32,000 square meters that opened in 1967. Daneshjou park was and is one of the important places for the gathering of artists due to the proximity of City Theater, Library and Documentation Center of the Performing Arts, as well as Research Institute of Culture and Art. Every day many people, especially young artists and art lovers communicate to this area.

Laleh park

How do we get there? Laleh Park is located in Tehran in North Kargar Street. Laleh Park that is in Tehran is one of the oldest park that was built in 1966 and is now over 50 years old. Laleh Park is one of the most beautiful and most visited parks in Tehran. Before turning into a park This place that is 35 hectares was the horse racing and a military parade field. After turning into the park, many other facilities and attractions  including the mosque, volleyball and basketball court, chess table and Iran's first children's library were built there.

Milad Tower

Milad tower is located in northwest of Tehran. The tower with the height of 435 m is the tallest tower of Iran and the sixth tall tower in the world. This tower is exposing from all points of Tehran. This tower have sections such ass rotational restaurant, stores and fairs.
Tehran travel guide

Milad Tower in Tehran

Eram Zoo and Amusement Park

This complex whit It’s high recreational abilities yearly is the host for a lot of Iranian families. This complex services are include:
  • Tree amusement park with more than 74 amusement machines.
  • The biggest zoo of the capital with more than 110 animal species.
  • Beautiful lake for sailing and fishing.
  • Swimming pools.
  • Green and forest spaces.
  • Indoor game room.