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(Desert to Sea) Iran tour

  • Sa'ad abad complex in Tehran, Iran
  • National Jewelry Museum of Iran
  • Carpet Museum of Iran
  • Naghsh-e Jahan square in Isfahan, Iran
  • Isfahan, Si-o-Se Pol bridge in night
  • Vank church in Isfahan, Iran
  • Isfahan
  • Budget 8 Days tour
  • Sa'ad abad complex in Tehran, Iran
  • National Jewelry Museum of Iran
  • Carpet Museum of Iran
  • Naghsh-e Jahan square in Isfahan, Iran
  • Isfahan, Si-o-Se Pol bridge in night
  • Vank church in Isfahan, Iran
  • Isfahan
  • Budget 8 Days tour

(Desert to Sea) Iran tour

(Desert to Sea) Iran tour Details

- Duration of (Desert to Sea) Iran tour: 10 Days

- Meals Include: 10 Breakfast – 1 dinner

- (Desert to Sea) Iran tour Transports: Sedan Car – Mini Van – Private Bus (depend on group size) – Domestic flight

- Accommodation: 2 Night – Hotel in Tehran
                 2 Night – Hotel in Esfahan
                 1 Night – Hotel in Kashan
                 1 Night – Hotel in Shahrood
                 2 Night – Hotel in Gorgan
                 1 Night – Hotel in Ramsar

-Min/Max Person: 2 / 10

-Service Include: 1- Arrival transfers from airport to the Hotel.
                  2- Departure transfer from hotel to The airport.
                  3- All local transfers 
                  4- Hotel accommodations 
                  5- Meals as mentioned above.
                  6- Sightseeing (include all entrances fees for the mentioned monuments in the itinerary)
                  7- English speaking guides & travel companion.

-Service Exclude: 1- International flight.
                  2- Visa stamp fees.
                  3- Expenses of personal.
                  4- Meals that not mentioned
                  Such as: (Dinner & Lunch)

-(Desert to Sea) Iran tour Price: $1600

-Price include all meals: Extra $200

(Desert to Sea) Iran tour Highlights

(Desert to Sea) Iran tour

In this Iran 10 Days Desert tour package, throw Iran’s wonders we will experience such a unique ecosystem of Iran with tourists that you have never seen before.
An old adventure journey in Iran from desert to sea like the old living style that ancient Persian person had in the great land of Persia.
Like any other tour packages that we have, we will start our Iran 10 Days Desert tour from Tehran, the old capital of Iran that nowadays has an over 14 million people population.
In every aspects, tourists always like Tehran. Cause whatever are tourist interests you can finde there. There is many point of interests in Tehran that tourists can fill for their expectations.
Tehran’s tourism attractions are filled with historical-religious places and the art of painting and stylish architectures.
We will definitely visit Tehran palaces and museums that always tourists love to see at first.In Iran national museum you can find the background of Iran’s culture.
We will travel to Isfahan as the second city in our tour package. Isfahan is the cultural capital of Iran. Tourists always tell stories about wonders of Isfahan, like Menar Jonban, the old moving tower or the Naghshe Jahan square with the unique style of architecture.
Then we’ll head toward the Kashan. In this Iran 10 Days Desert tour, at the first, we want to go to the desert ecosystem of Iran that allows tourists to see the variety of the Iran’s ecosystem.

Somebodies would love to see the untouched wild nature of desert with the nights which is filled with the stars and the shining golden moon that you will never see or experience something near this in the crowded cities. That’s why after discovering the old style houses in Kashan we’ll move toward the Maranjab desert. One of the kind experiences beneath the magical sky of the desert.
We figured out that you will be amazed to see the green and foggy rainy forest of Abr after the desert view. So we’ll go to the green north of Iran straight after the desert.
This Iran tour is designed like no other tour packages in Iran’s travel agencies.
We travel to TorkmanPort and during this tour trip, you will see the Sari and Ramsar cities throw out this memorable journey.
We are waiting for you for the next round of this Iran 10 Days Desert tour in Iran

Itinerary of (Desert to Sea) Iran tour

Day 1-2: Tehran

-Museum (by traveler’s choice)

(National Art museum/National Jewelry museum/Carpet museum)

-Palace Complex (by traveler’s choice)

(Golestan palace/Sa’ad Abad complex/Niavaran Complex)

-Bazaar (by traveler’s choice)

(Tehran Bazaar/Tajrish Bazaar)

Day3-4: Isfahan

1-Monar jonban

2-Naghshe Jahan

-Bridge (by traveler’s choice)

(33 Pol/Khajou bridge)

-Palace (by traveler’s choice)

(Aali Ghapou/Chehel Sotoun)

Day5: Kashan

1-Fin garden & Fin bathhouse

2-Boroujerdi house

3-Tabatabaee House

Day6: Maranjab-Shahrood

1-Maranjab Desert


Day7-8: Clouds Forest-Ali Abaad-Gorgan

Beautiful landscapes from northeast of Iran

Day 9: TorkmanPort-Sari-Ramsar

1-Caspian sea in Torkman Port

2-Farah Abaad seaside in Sari

3-Ramsar-The most beautiful city in Iran

Day10: Return to Tehran for departure time

(Desert to Sea) Iran tour Trip Map

Note:You can use the left & right arrow at the right bottom of the map to see the exact trip map to each city

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