Tourist Attractions in West Azerbaijan province

Throne Solomon

Archaeological and historical collection called ”throne of Solomon” is one of the most famous historical centers and civilization of Iran. It is set in Takab and on a tall natural height. All of it’s works are into a oval shaped fence which is surrounded by a vast plain. Exterior building walls and fences belonging to the Sassanid era but a new gates were built in the Patriarch era. In the southwestern part of the Takht-e Soleyman there is a stone stream that locals called it the stone dragon. Takht-e Soleiman in attack Heraclius (Roman emperor) in 624 was destroyed. Abagha Khan, nephew of Holakoukhan built a mosque on the ruins of Solomon’s throne. In excavations that carried out at temple, have been achieved many coins with different values and some tiles for the Islamic period. In this historical collection there is a wonderful place called Solomon’s Prison that include the remains of a temple from prehistoric times and Medians times.

In general, Takht-e Soleiman has historical, archaeological, architectural and entertainment values and has been used as a tourist complex, in recent years. This complex registered in the cultural heritage list of UNESCO World Heritage 13 years ago.