Holding the first Archaeology National Conference of Iran were faced with a great welcoming of archaeologists. The third Archaeology National Conference of Iran will be held in Tehran in November 2017.

Topics of the conference include historical and Islamic.

Research in historical period-Importance of literature in archeological research-Ilam archeology-The importance of the study of ancient languages and cultures in archaeological and historical research-Historical sites of Iran-Archaeology pathology of Islamic period in Iran-Literary status in archaeological studies of Islamic period-Collections and museums and databases-Studies in the field of archeology in Islamic period-Communication networks and the role of ways-Archeological of monuments of Islamic era-Molecular archeology-Environmental archeology-Metallurgy in archeology-Geophysics in archeology-Remote Sensing in archeology.

A little more about the archaeology in Iran: From 1800 on wards, with the arrival of foreign missionaries to Iran, interests spread to identify places which mentioned in the Bible. In the first half of the nineteenth century, began an attempt to describe and planing of old books. In the late nineteenth century, influence of British and Russian in Iran, also provided possibility for according to ancient monuments. In early 1840, archaeologists in Lorestan and Khuzestan were able to record some archaeological sites. Systematic excavations of archaeological sites began in the late nineteenth century. In 1901, archaeological excavations monopoly of Iran was granted to the French and by 1930, French archaeologists was the only active explorers in the country.