Things to do in Tehran

Things to do in Tehran

Things to do in Tehran

Milad tower in Tehran, Iran


Tehran is a densely populated metropolis and capital of Iran that has many tourist attractions. If you are planning to travel to the heart of Iran and you want to know things to do in Tehran, stay with us.

Tehran, which is one of the most important cities of Iran, has been chosen as the capital of this country since Qajar dynasty by Aqa Mohammad Khan Qajar, and has kept this title so far. Tehran is a large area with a large population, which is referred to as a metropolis in the heart of Iran.

With the presence of natural, historical and tourist attractions, this point of the country can be considered as an ideal place to travel, and with a good planning, you can experience an exciting trip. Things to do in Tehran and wherever you should visit in Tehran are such ass:

Azadi Tower

Things to do in Tehran

Azadi tower in Tehran, Iran

One of The main and most famous symbols of Tehran is Azadi Tower that was founded in 1970. It was built to celebrate the 2,500 anniversary of the Persian Empire. The Azadi Tower has been designed by Hossein Amanat in the center of an elliptical square. This building was constructed by using the design of the Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque as the pattern. It is located in an area of over 50,000 and an altitude of about 48 meters.

Millad Tower

Things to do in Tehran

Milad tower in Tehran

In the northwest of Tehran, there is the multi-purpose telecommunication bridge that is known as Milad Tower and it is the sixth largest telecommunication tower in the world. Visiting this tower is one of the most important things to do in Tehran.

The construction of this tower lasted 11 years, and today it is considered as one of the most important symbols of Tehran due to its high altitude and its exterior view. With 13 thousand square meters, this tower is considered as the widest building among all the telecommunication towers in the world. Therefore, it hosts many tourists both from inside and outside the country.

Niavaran Complex

Things to do in Tehran

Niavaran complex in Tehran, Iran

Niavaran Complex is a collection of ancient and historical monuments dating back to the Qajar and Pahlavi regimes and are among the other tourist attractions in the city of Tehran. This work was created on a land of 11 hectares and consisting of a garden (constructed by Fathali Shah Qajar), Niavaran Palace, Sahebqaraniyeh Palace (constructed by Naser-Al-Din Shah), Koshke- Ahmad Shahi, several greenhouses and Pahlavi’s special school. Of course, after the reign of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, and by his instruction, a number of buildings were demolished, and then he rebuilt and built those places in a modern style. He used this palace for his own and his family residence. Today this historic complex is open to visit to the public. Visiting this complex is one of the most important things to do in Tehran.

Golestan Palace

Things to do in Tehran

Golestan palace in Tehran

This is a building with a history of about 440 years old that belongs to the two Zandieh and Qajariye dynasty. It is interesting to know that its construction has begun since the reign of Aqa Muhammad Khan Qajar and has been completed at the time of Fath Ali Shah. Of course, “Golestan” is the name of one of the halls of this collection, which seems that its construction has begun during the reign of Shah Abbas Safavid, and it is over after several years. Shams-Ol-Emareh, Marble Throne, Abyaz Palace,  Karimkhani resident place, Mirror Hall,  Marble Tower, Diamond Hall, Brielian Hall, and Ivory are from different parts of this palace. Visiting this palace is one of the most important things to do in Tehran.

Masoudieh Palace

Among the other attractions of Tehran is the remnants of the one of the important palace of Qajar dynasty, which was commissioned by Massoud Mirza, the rulers of Isfahan, and thus became known as the Masoudieh Palace. This old monument was designed and built in the late 19th century by design of Sha’ban Memarbashi and supervision of Reza Gholkhani.

The first national museum in Iran and the first library were built in part of Massoudieh mansion.

The main buildings of this work include the mansion of Seyed Javadi, the mansion of Sofreh Khane, the backyard mansion, the courtyard sidewalks, the courtyard garden, the courtyard of Moshiri, Seyed Javadi courtyard and the Mashir Al-Dowleh mansion. It is interesting to know that the first Iranian national library and museum was part of the Masoudieh mansion and was also named the first education ministry in 1966.

National Museum of Iran

Things to do in Tehran

National Museum of Iran, Tehran

A collection of valuable, historical and prehistoric works of Iran is stored in two separate mansions that are called the Ancient Museum of Iran and the Islamic Museum. These two are known together as the National Museum of Iran. The National Museum of Iran is the first Iranian official museum to commemorate as the mother’s museum, and its construction began in 1944, and eventually ended in 1949, and ended up being used in 1996 with a few years’ delay.

It is interesting to know that this museum is the most important and valuable museum in the country for the conservation, research and display of archaeological collections of Iran, and the construction of the museum building itself is also attractive because of its architecture. It attracts the attention of many foreign tourists and domestic tourists over the past years. Visiting this museum is one of the most important things to do in Tehran.

Sa’dabad Complex

things to do in Tehran

Sa’dabad Complex in Tehran

A collection of palaces and buildings of Iranian kings that belongs to the Qajar dynasty was built in one of the most lavish areas of Tehran and the northernmost point of this city. In this historic site after the reign of Pahlavi, about 18 palaces were built, each belonging to one of the members of this family. Bahman’s palace, mother’s palace, Ahmadshahi palace, exclusive palace, Mother Queen’s Palace, Green Palace, White Museum Palace, Farshchian Museum, Negarestan Museum, Professor Abkar’s Miniature Museum, are just some of this huge collection, which is worth a visit. Visiting this complex is one of the most important things to do in Tehran.

Carpet Museum of Iran

Things to do in Tehran

Carpet museum of Iran, Tehran

Another tourist attraction in Tehran is a building with an area of about 3400 square meters whose exterior facade is designed and built with carpet patterns. It was built by Farah Pahlavi and as a carpet museum of Iran that contains historical and valuable rugs from the 9th century AH to the present time.

The designer of this building, Abdul Aziz Raman Armanshan, has designed it as a two-hall. Tourists visit this interesting museum to watch 150 ground floor carpets, visit seasonal and casual exhibits, and visit the museum’s library with about 3,500 volumes in German, Arabic, French and Persian languages. Visiting this museum is one of the most important things to do in Tehran.

Dizin Ski Resort

Things to do in Tehran

Dizin ski resort, north of Tehran

One of the most important skiing tracks in Iran and the Middle East is the Dizin Ski Resort, which is the first ski resort in Iran and received a confirmation by the World Ski Association to host the official tournament and also the title of International Ski Resort. This recreational area was built after separating the province of Alborz from Tehran. It is located in the Alborz Mountains that is 123 kilometers away from Tehran, and it hosts many tourists from all over Iran. 23 ski resorts, 4 Tele Cabin, peaks, valleys, grass are among the features of this tourist area. It is possible to use this place from the end of autumn (early December) to the end of April. It’s interesting to know that in the summer, it is also possible to use grassland for lovers of sports. Going to this resort is one of the most important things to do in Tehran.

Time Museum

Things to do in Tehran

Time museum in Tehran

One of the best attractions in Tehran is the numerous and incomparable museums in this beautiful metropolis that attracts the attention of many travelers and tourists. The Museum of the Clock that is also known as the Time Museum and the Watchtower of the Times is one of the spectacular attractions that was founded in 1999 in two floors.

The museum’s gardens and the building where it is located are the architectural and artistic works of well-recognized people such as professor Kashi, Ebtekar, Haj Abdolkarim Navid Tehrani, Professor Farhad Yahyapour and Haj Ali Sheikhi who have built a beautiful and unique building there. Also, watches such as wall clock, pendant, desktop, hawk, pocket, watchtower, watchdog, ship clock, a set of timekeeping tools and more are kept in this museum.

Moghadam Museum

Moghadam Museum is a very beautiful, state-of-the-art mansion that belongs to the Qajar dynasty. In this museum artists provides a beautiful and spectacular environment for people. This building, which used to be used as the residence of Mohammad Taqi Khan Ehtesabol Molk (a famous courtier of the Qajar dynasty) in the past, and has become an interesting monument to Dr. Mohsen Moghadam (son of Ehtesabol Molk) was turned into a museum that contains a collection of old fabrics, hookahs, Pottery, glass, painting, stamp and some other historical documents and tools.

National Jewelry Museum

Things to do in Tehran

National Jewelry Museum, Tehran

A collection of precious jewels and precious stones of Iran are kept in a land of 1000 square meters which is referred to as National Jewelry Museum. Of course, the collection of this treasure was begun during the Safavid rule, it was transferred to the Golestan Palace during the Qajar dynasty, and during the reign of Pahlavi I was transferred to the basement of the marble palace. In 1937 after the completion of the National Bank building, Most of the jewelry went to the bank museum and was held at that place. Currently you can find the Diamond of Daryaye- Noor, Jagh-e- Naderi, Takht-e- Naderi, Takht-e-Tavoos, Taj -e- Kiani and Farah Pahlavi crown there.

Tochal Telecabin

Things to do in Tehran

Tochal Telecabin in north of Tehran

One of the popular tourist attractions of the country that is located in Tehran, and in the north of the city is known as the Tochal Telekabin Resort and Recreation Complex. This site is only 5 km away from the city and you can have easy access to it.

The construction of the Telekabin began in 1974 and ended after 5 years. In this exciting complex with a length of about 7,500 meters, there are three main lines, three telechain lines and one Tele ski line, which together is one of the longest tele cabin lines in the world. The 7 stations in the Telecabin, welcome lovers of winter from mid-autumn to late spring. Visiting this resort is one of the most important things to do in Tehran.

Malik National Museum of Iran

In 1937, Hussein Aqa Malek founded the library and the Malek Museum and donated it to Astan Quds Razavi. Then in 1944, on his behalf, a land was endowed in Tehran’s National Garden to build a new library and museum building.

After his death and because of the efforts of Astan Quds Razavi, the process of constructing this building began in 1985 and ended in 1996. This valuable collection is the first Iranian private endowment museum and one of the six major libraries in the field of manuscripts in the country.

Abgineh Museum of Tehran

Things to do in Tehran

Abgineh Museum of Tehran, Iran

Another tourist attraction in Tehran is the city’s glassware museum built in an old house. Many tourists from all over the world travel to Tehran to visit it every year. This place is one of the most beautiful museums in the capital, which, owns historical objects that belongs to several thousand years ago. In addition to the old tools, this museum has an ancient monument with a beautiful architecture of the Qajar era that attracts the attention of every visitor. Historical objects such as pottery items from the 4th to 7th centuries AH, the Crystal Tang the 4th-century AH and glassware from the 2nd to 7th AH centuries are part of the objects kept in the museum.

Towhid Prison

One of the most interesting and historic museums in Tehran is the Towhid Museum. It is located in a building in the National Garden of Tehran. The building was used from the Pahlavi regime (used by Pahlavi as a women’s prison, and then used as a jail for SAVAK) as a prison until 2002. It is considered as the first modern prison in Iran.

This building that records bitter memories of prisoners’ torture, by changing its use has now become a museum. It is interesting to know that the building of this museum was created at the time of Pahlavi I in 1932.

Reza Abbasi Museum

In 1977, in a memorial to the famous Safavid painter, Reza Abbasi Kashani, a building that was used as a sofa and decoration exhibition in the past was renamed by Farah Pahlavi to Reza Abbasi Museum. The museum was rebuilt and restored after several occasions and started its activity from 1978 onward, and eventually began its activities in 2000. In the three halls of this museum, which includes the pre-Islamic hall, the Hall of Fine Arts and the Hall of Painting, it is possible to see several works of art from the second millennium BC to the late Qajar dynasty.