Things to do in Tabriz

East Azarbaijan Province, especially Tabriz, has many attractions and every year hosts domestic and foreign tourists on holiday, especially Nowruz. You should know what things to do in Tabriz.

East Azarbaijan Province is the 11th largest and one of the most populated provinces in the northwestern part of Iran. It is cold and mountainous area, and the whole part of this province is covered by mountains and heights.

Tabriz is the capital of the East Azarbaijan. The major cities of the province are Marand, Maragheh and Mianeh. East Azerbaijan has the first place in terms of non-oil exports in the country, it is also among the safest provinces in Iran.

Natural attractions

Broken Mill

One of the most spectacular and beautiful natural scenery in the East Azarbaijan is Broken Mill. It is located in the city of Jolfa near the Iranian border with the Republic of Azerbaijan. This Water mill was used by the people of this region many years ago. Due to the destruction of its major parts, it is not used anymore. And therefore currently it is known as the “Broken Mill”. In this area, there are small and large waterfalls with walls that are covered with moss and aquatic plants. This condition has created a beautiful scenery in the place. The source of these waterfalls are supplied from several springs above the mill, originating from the Kiamaki Mountains. Seeing this monument is one of the things to do in Tabriz.

This attractive and spectacular site is placed about 27 km away from Hadi-Shahr which is located on the border of Iran and Azerbaijan, 5 km from the village of Mojan Abad.

Eysh Abad Waterfall

Things to do in Tabriz

Eysh Abad Waterfall near Tabriz

To go to Eysh Abad Waterfall, some parts of it is paved and the others are mountainous. This waterfall is about 300 square meters, and is located alongside the mountains and valleys with beautiful landscapes.

Access path to Eysh Abad waterfall

In order to reach the village of Eysh Abad, you must enter the road of the village of Imam from the beginning of the road of Noah the Prophet (that is pronounced as Hazrat-e- Noh-e- Nabi among local people).

The road is westward and after passing through the village of Anamagh and Mahboob Abad, enter the village of Eysh Abad, the village route to the waterfall is mountainous, and in order to get to the waterfall, you have to walk about one to one and a half hours on foot.

The waterfall is located at a beautiful place that is known as Gozal Valley (beautiful valley). There are two ways to reach the waterfall, one is along the river, and the other is through passing the western hills of the valley and through the lush green gardens. For a more attractive scenery, we suggest the latter one. The waterfall has two floors, most of which we see belong to the second part, the height of which is more than 15 meters. Although in most part of the year you can go and visit Eysh Abad waterfall, the best time to visit this village and its waterfall is the end of May.

Bostan Abad Hot Water Complex.

Things to do in Tabriz

Bostan Abad Hot Water Complex near Tabriz

About half a century ago, Bostan Abad spa was created in its old place in the form of a dome of brick and stone. Mirza Na’b al-Saltanah, the son of Fath Ali Shah, used to use it as a bath during his stay at the Chaman-e-Ajan mansion. This hot water hosts millions of domestic and foreign tourists throughout the year. The water in this spring is between 40 and 50 degrees, and the therapeutic properties of this spa can be used to improve some diseases and disabilities such as acne, arthritis, muscle burn, depression, headache, sleep disorders, and also the treatment of patients with paralysis, disability and Especially stroke and digestive disorders, skin and kidney diseases.

Gurigöl Lake

Things to do in Tabriz

Gurigöl Lake near Tabriz

This Lake is located 30 km south-east of Tabriz and 15 km west of Bostan Abad city near the village of Amnab. The source of this wetland is provided by melting water from the snow and rain and a number of underground springs. Gurigöl Lake has been registered as an international wetland in Ramsar Convention and is of national and international significance due to the presence of a number of protected migratory birds. If you are looking for a place to swim in and drink from its freshwater water, and also enjoy a variety of aquatic birds and have fun and leisure with your family and friends, this wetland is the best option.

Arasbaran Jungle

Things to do in Tabriz

Arasbaran jungle, Azerbaijan

Arasbaran is a vast mountainous area with a magnificent scenery in the north of East Azarbaijan Province. This area extends from the north of Ghosha-e Ghosh Mountains in the south of Ahar to the Aras River. This area has been registered as a biosphere reserve at UNESCO. The Arasbaran area was known as Qara-Dagh due to the wide extent of the mountains in the past. There are 220 species of birds, 38 species of reptiles, 5 species of amphibians, 48 species of mammals (such goat, boar, brown bear, wolf, Lynx and Leopard) and 22 species of fish in the Arasbaran National Park.

Historic Attractions

El Gölü

Things to do in Tabriz

El Gölü in Tabriz

El Gölü or Shah Gölü is one of the most important tourist attractions of Tabriz. This place is located in the south-east, 7 km from the city center. Shah Gölü translated as “King Pool”. This historic place was built at the time of the Aq Quiunlu and its construction expanded in the Safavid period. The depth of the lake is 12 meters, and it is possible to sail boat in the area. In addition, there is also an amusement park and many inns inside this tourist attraction. After the construction of Pars Ile Goli Hotel, this place has attracted global attention.

By installing and configuring two transmitters with a 300-meter radius in the southern sides of El Gölü, the first Internet Park of Iran provides wireless internet connection for usage of tourists and residents of this area. The first intelligent information center is also located in the historic and amusement park of El Gölü; it has 4 information kiosks located in a special glass chamber and includes a variety of information, such as history and explanations on the  commercial centers, markets , Resorts, parks, museums, residential centers, and more, for tourists and enthusiasts. El Gölü is about 7 km from the city center and you can take a subway and get off at the El Gölü station. Seeing this monument is one of the things to do in Tabriz.

Tomb of Eynali

Things to do in Tabriz

Tomb of Eynali in Tabriz

The tomb of Eynali is one of the historic monuments of Tabriz and is related to the period of the Ilkhanites. The tomb is located above the Sorkhab mountain Range. The access to the mountain summit is provided by a paved road that made it easy for the enthusiasts to reach the summit with no difficulty. Eynali is one of the ongoing projects and part of the Eynali resorts and the nature park project in Tabriz, which after completion will be dubbed the country’s longest telecommunications cabin. Also, the statue of Shahriar, which is located in the heart of the mountain, is another spectacular view. Seeing this monument is one of the things to do in Tabriz.

Tabriz Municipality Palace, Clock Tower

Things to do in Tabriz

Tabriz Municipality Palace

Tabriz Municipality Palace is one of the most beautiful and spectacular buildings in Tabriz, which was built under the supervision of German engineers under the command of Reza Shah Pahlavi in the place of an old cemetery. This palace is located at the central point of the city of Tabriz and in the municipality Square. The Tabriz Municipality Palace has a clock with a height of 30.5 meters, which people of Tabriz can hear it every 15 minutes. The exterior of the building is carved from stone and its design is similar to a flying eagle. Seeing this monument is one of the things to do in Tabriz.

Constitution House of Tabriz

Things to do in Tabriz

Constitution House of Tabriz

Constitution House of Tabriz is one of the historic homes and museums in the city, which is located in Rasteh Koche neighborhood in West of Tabriz market. The building area is made of ​​1300 square meters and is built on two floors. Inside the museum, you can see the statues of Hussein Khan Baghban, Haj Ali Davachi, Seqat-ol-Eslam Tabrizi, Haj Ali Khataee, Howard Baskerville, Karbala’i Ali Mosio, Sheikh Ali Asghar Lylavayy, Akhund Khorasani, Ali Akbar Dehkhoda and Zeinab Pasha (the only woman among the constitutionalists) with stamps of Different revolutionary groups that attract visitors’ attention. Seeing this monument is one of the things to do in Tabriz.

Blue Mosque, Tabriz

Blue Mosque or Jahan Shah Mosque is one of the historical mosques related to the Qara Qoyunlu ruling in the 14th century. Based on information from its inscription, the date of construction of this mosque dates back to 1466 in the time of Sultan Jahanshah. This mosque is constructed under the command of Salaheh Khanum daughter of Sultan Jahanshah. Due to the destructive earthquake in 1780, the mosque was partially damaged. Since 1939, in order to protect and reconstruct the remaining parts of this monument, including vaults and foundations, its repairs and restoration began and lasted until 1976. The reconstruction of the original dome has been resurrected by Master Reza Memaran, and the rebuilding of both domestic and foreign tile has continued. Seeing this monument is one of the things to do in Tabriz.


One of the Tabriz’s historic cemeteries, located in the Sarkhab neighborhood, and in Saqul-Islam and Aref intersection. This place is known as the Shrine of the Poets. The appearance of the Shrine’s grave has undergone massive changes over time due to natural disasters such as floods and earthquakes. Having abandoned Maqbaratoshoara because of the earthquakes that occurred in 1814, and due to the burial place of many poets and mystics, in November 1971, a competition was held to find the best Memorial monument design under the instruction of Etelaat and Yaghma newspapers. As the result Gholamreza Farzaneh Moghad was chosen as a superior designer for the site. Today the current monument is one of the symbols of the city of Tabriz. Tomb of Mohammad Hossein Shahriar that is one of the famous Iranian poet from Azerbaijan and more than 400 other poets are located there.

Arg of Tabriz

The remains of the southern porch of Arg Alishah is called Arg of Tabriz. It dates back to the 14th century; the foundation of the citadel was abandoned for the purpose of building the Alishah Mosque, and in the following years, using the original structure, a military fort was replaced instead of that and used until the late Qajar era. Many parts of Arg of Tabriz was destroyed during the Pahlavi era and after the revolution. Today, only southern side of the citadel remains to be used for public viewing. After the revolution, a grand mosque of Tabriz was built around the citadel, and used at various events and on Fridays for Friday prayers. Seeing this monument is one of the things to do in Tabriz.

Bazaar of Tabriz

Things to do in Tabriz

Bazaar of Tabriz

Bazaar of Tabriz is one of the most important and largest indoor markets in Iran and Asia. This market that is about one square kilometer is the largest indoor market in the world. In 2010, this valuable monument was registered on the UNESCO World Heritage List. There are various marketplaces, houses and Caravansaries in this market. In the past, due to the location of Tabriz on the crossroads of the Silk Road and the daily passage of thousands of caravans from different countries, the Bazaar of Tabriz enjoyed a special boom. Tabriz market with 5500 shops and stores, 40 different industries, 35 house, 25 Timche, 30 mosques, , 5 bathrooms and 12 schools and etc. is considered the main center of Trading among people of Tabriz. Seeing this Bazaar is one of the things to do in Tabriz.

Azerbaijan Museum

Things to do in Tabriz

Azerbaijan Museum in Tabriz

One of the most important Iranian museums and the second Iranian historical museum after the National Museum of Tehran, located in Tabriz and next to the blue mosque. Historic and valuable works from the pre-Islamic period and the Islamic era have been exhibited in this museum. On the ground floor of the museum, works of art and historical objects are preserved in prehistoric and pre-Islamic era. On the first floor, artworks related to the 8th century and also the city of Neyshabur are exhibited, and in the basement floor, statues of the iconic Iranian sculptor, Ahad Hosseini, are kept. Seeing this museum is one of the things to do in Tabriz.

Babak Fort

Babak Fortress, which is also known as the castle of the Republic, is located 50 kilometers north of Ahar city and at the western highlands of the Great Qarah Su River, 3 kilometers southwest of Kalibur. Access to the castle is possible only in three ways: the first way is passing through the passage of the castle in the valley which is located in the south of the castle and it is a difficult way; the second road is through the Babak Hotel that is slightly higher than the village of Shoja’abad, and The third way that is more smooth than the other two can be reached by car after one and a half kilometers. To reach the gate of the castle, we must leave a passage that is similar to a hallway, and has only the capacity of one person to pass. The passage is situated at a distance of two hundred meters from the main gate and is located in front of the castle.


Things to do in Tabriz

Kandovan in Azerbaijan province

The unique architecture of the village houses that are like the hive in the heart of the mountain, is considered the main factor in attracting millions of tourists from all over the world to the village. There are only three rocky villages in the world, Kandovan is one of them; two other villages are located in the Cappadocia of Turkey and the other in Dakota. The distinction of this village with the other two villages is the flow of life. The architecture and texture of the ancient Kandovan village have been registered in the national monuments list. The rocky hotel of Kandovan, the only Iranian boutique hotel, welcomes many tourists each year. According to the statistics published, the hotel’s capacity completed more than 90 percent from March 28, 1993 to April 6, 1994.

Saint Stepanos Monastery

Things to do in Tabriz

Saint Stepanos Monastery in East Azerbaijan

The second most important Armenian Church in Iran is located in East Azerbaijan Province, 17 kilometers west of Jolfa and 3 kilometers from the southern coast of the Aras River that is known as Ghezel Vank (Red Monastery) among local people. The church is surrounded by trees in a green valley. The stone fence is a long barrow with seven guarded towers and five rocky basements. The church has three main buildings, including the main chapel, Daniel’s oven and the bell tower. The church has been registered at the UNESCO World Heritage List for its historical background and unique architectural style, along with other churches in East Azerbaijan Province. Seeing this church is one of the things to do in Tabriz.

Maragheh observatory

Before the invention of the telescope, the Maragheh Observatory was the largest observatory in the world. The monument of the Observatory, which remains a little bit of it today, was built in 1278 under the instruction of Hulagu Khan, the grandson of the Mongol Genghis Khan, and with the help of Khaje Nasir al-Din Tusi. In the fifties, the excavations conducted under the direction of Dr. Parviz Varjavand, the rest of the remaining sites were restored.