Things to do in Shiraz

Things to do in Shiraz

Shiraz is the cultural and even historical capital of Iran. City of poetry and orange flower that is considered as one of the best cities of Iran to travel during the spring.If You don’t have Iran visa yet you Should read about Iran visa process first.

To visit the most famous attractions of a big city such as Shiraz, you should spend at least 5 days. You should know what things to do in Shiraz. A very high percentage of people travel to Shiraz to see places like Persepolis and Pasargad, but both of these places are located out of the city. So you need to spend at least a full day to for visiting these two beautiful attractions. In below we have mentioned some important things to do in Shiraz.

Vakil bazaar

Things to do in Shiraz

Vakil Bazaar in Shiraz, Iran

It seems when Karim Khan had gone to inspect the city of Lar, seeing the market like Gheysariye, he decided to build a similar one in Shiraz. And establish a place for business and economic affairs of local people. According to the historical writings, the construction of Vakil Market began in 1793 by Karim Khan Zand and completed after 21 years in 1814. You can find and buy many different kind of textiles and crafts in Vakil Bazar. You should know what things to do in Shiraz Vakil Bazaar.

Agha Baba Khan’s school and Vakil’s famous mosque are located near the eastern side of the market. If you are interested in the Iranian Islamic architecture, we suggest you to visit these places as well.

Vakil mosque

Vakil Mosque of Shiraz is one of the oldest mosques that was constructed during Karim Khan Zand reign by using the best materials that were available at that time. This mosque is so beautiful that Pir Lutti in his travel blog “To Isfahan” referred to it as “azure and turquoise palace”

Saray-e Moshir

Saray-e Moshir, which is one of the great attractions of Shiraz is located in southeastern of Vakil Bazaar and has interesting architecture. If you are interested enough, you can spend at least two hours in Saray-e Moshir and its market.

One of the interesting sites that we recommend you to have a look at is Vakil Bath that is located on the north side of Vakil Mosque and its beautiful tiling will dazzle your eyes.

Vakil Bath

Vakil bath is one of the attractions of Shiraz tourism, which is located next to the mosque and Vakil’s market, which are two other outstanding works of the Zand era. Vakil bath was one of the largest bathtubs built in the time and was designed and built in accordance with the most advanced architectural principles of its time. For example, in order to keep the Vakil bathroom warm, the entrance of it was made in two steps. You should know what things to do in Shiraz Vakil Bath.

If you want to have launch there, we suggest Saray-e-Mehr and Shiraz restaurants that are located there.

After having the lunch, you can take a break for a while and then visit Karim Khan Castle that is located near the center of the city and adjacent to the municipal square. This valuable collection is a good place for taking photographs.

Karim Khan Castle

Things to do in Shiraz

Karim Khan castle, Shiraz

One of the most important things to do in Shiraz is visiting the Karim Khan castle. Karim Khan Castle was built During the Zand era, between 1766 to 1767 and was built as the resident place of Karim Khan Zand. During the Pahlavi dynasty, this place became a prison and, as a result, it was damaged, which has been largely restored to date.

It probably gets dark after spending a couple of hours in and around the citadel. Shiraz night has a great reputation so make sure to enjoy from the first night of your stay in the city. You will probably get excited because of Shiraz vitality.

For the next day of your journey, we offer magnificent views of Nasir al-Mulk mosque.

Nasir al-Mulk Mosque

It’s a beautiful mosque especially at sunrise until about 10:00 AM. When the sun shines through its colored glasses, it creates a truly awesome and beautiful view that you should not miss watching. In addition, the architecture of this mosque itself is also very beautiful, which is one of the best in its kind. Our recommendation is to spend at least 1 hour in this mosque.

Shah Cheragh shrine

Things to do in Shiraz

Shah Cheragh mosqe, Shiraz

After that, you can go to the Shah Cheragh shrine that is adjacent to the Ahmadi Square of Shiraz and near the mosque. The tomb of Ahmad ibn Musa bin Ja’far that is the great brother of Imam Reza is located in Shiraz, which is known as the third shrine of the Ahl al-Bayt in Iran. This tomb was built during the Atabokan period and its dome are made of beautiful tiles. In the afternoon, you can go to Sharzeh restaurant for lunch because it is located near the shrine.

Orangery of Ghavam complex

There are many things to do in Shiraz and also things to see. This beautiful garden is located on Lotf Ali Khan Zand Street, and is about 9 minutes away with Shah Cheragh. The Qavam complex was completed during the Qajar period between 1878 and 1888. The collection includes a bath, Hosseiniyeh Qavam, Ghavam School, Zaynat al-Molk, a courthouse, an exclusive bathroom and stables, some of which are now gone. In recent years the basement of the north side of the Orangery has been refurbished and used as a museum.

Visiting Orangery of Ghavam will take a few hours of your time, so before going there, plan to visit Zaynat al-Molk House as well.

Zaynat al-Molk house

The house of Zaynat al-Molk is one of the remains of the Qajar era, and is renowned for the residence of Zaynat al-Molk Qavami, daughter of Qavam al-Mulk IV. The ceiling of all the rooms of this house are made of wood that are decorated with paintings.

The house of Zaynat al-Molk is located in the vicinity of Qavam orangery in Shiraz, and is linked through an underground corridor. You should know what things to do in Shiraz and around this house.

For dinner, visit Dash Akol restaurant and cafeteria. This restaurant is 3 minutes’ walk from Zaynat al-Molk House. Parts of the famous Dash Akol movie have been recorded in the building of this formerly home-made restaurant.

Without a doubt, the trip to Shiraz will not be completed without visiting the tomb of famous Iranian poets Sa’di and Hafiz. You can start visiting these famous places from the tomb of Hafez on Hafezieh Street.


Things to do in Shiraz

Hafezieh, Shiraz

Hafezieh is composed of two northern and southern parts that are separated by two sections of the courtyard that are 56 meters long and 8 meters wide, 20 stone columns with a height of 5 meters, form the basis of this magnificent hall. There are many things to do in Shiraz Hafezieh tomb

Tomb of Saadi

Interestingly, if you only visit one of these two tombstones, you feel that you have not completed your trip. There are many things to do in Shiraz Hafezieh tomb. Both of these tombs have their own charm at night and day. It will take at least until noon to meet these two places.

Delgosha Garden

We recommend that you do not miss the Delgosha Garden near the tomb of Saadi. Delgosha is one of the historical gardens of Shiraz, whose history dates back to the pre-Islamic era and the time of Sassanid rule. You should know what things to do in Shiraz and around this garden.

For lunch, we recommend the famous Haft Khan Restaurant. This restaurant is a bit expensive, but it’s popular among Shiraz people and tourists.

If you want to relax, you can go to Shiraz Azadi Park and rest on its green lawns. This park is one of the oldest Shiraz gardens which was built in 1966 in northern Shiraz in an area of more than 200 thousand square meters. Watching the nest of birds in this park is interesting.

So set your time in a way that you can visit Eram Garden of Shiraz.

Eram garden

Things to do in Shiraz

Eram garden in Shiraz

If you are in love with nature, flowers and plants, and you are looking for a place to relax, Eram Garden is a good park for you. With its long corridors, and its old and tall trees, the garden has created a great atmosphere for lovers of nature.

If you are interested in Italian cuisine, you can dine at the Italian restaurant that is called Pole-e Parsi and it is located near the garden.

If the weather is sunny, we suggest a visit to the ancient Iranian capital that is called Persepolis and Pasargad. Visiting these ancient sites requires a full day.

Historical Places in Shiraz


Persepolis is located 57 kilometers north of Shiraz which is in an area around the city of Shiraz. If you go early in the morning there, you can reach to this unique historic site only in one hour.

You can stay in the Persepolis at noon and have lunch at one of the nearby restaurants then spend another one hour to go to Pasargad, so you need to be very exact on your travel schedule.


Things to do in Shiraz

Pasargad in Fars province

The Pasargad collection was registered as the fifth UNESCO World Heritage site in Iran on July 2004 (with 100% of votes). After many conquests, Cyrus attacked the tribes of the scythians in Central Asia, and unfortunately he was killed in the war against the Massaggets in 526 BC (Massaggets were one of Iranian tribes that were related to Scythian who were living in Central Asia) and was buried in Pasargad.

It’s probably a good option to visit nature and also old villages in the following day. “Qalat” is a beautiful countryside with many springs, tall trees and deep Valleys. Qalat is located in the mountainous part of Fars province. The village has stairwell houses, often stretching from the slopes of the mountain to the summit. After the Shiraz police station and toward Sepidan, you need to drive 18 km on asphalt road to reach the village. Although it’s all covered with stone, it is possible to go up from the beginning of the village to the middle of it by your car. Prepare yourself for a long walk to see the natural and beautiful areas of the Qalat.

Darvazeh Quran of Shiraz (Quran Gate of Shiraz)

Darvazeh Quran is one of the most important symbols of Shiraz, so it cannot be ignored when traveling to this city. Of course, before that, it’s better to visit the famous Tomb of Khajavi Kermani that is a famous Iranian poet. This tomb is located near the Darvazeh Quran. If you travel from Isfahan to Shiraz, you may have noticed Darvazeh Quran of Shiraz on your route. However, because of the fatigue on the path, we did not offer to visit this place because it needs more consideration.

The gates of Quran is a remnant site that was built between the two mountains of Chehel Magham and Baba Kohi by Ayat al-Dawlah Deylami and located in the northeastern part of Shiraz. The signification of this monument is due to the maintenance of Quran, which is written by Sultan Ibrahim, the grandson of Shahrokh Timurid. Currently, This Quran is kept in the Pars Museum.

We recommend Shams Al-Emare and Shandiz restaurants for lunch. Of course, Haft Khan international restaurant is also located nearby. If you like to have fun after lunch, go to Luna Park of Shiraz. The park has one of the best mountainous environment in Iran.

Tomb of Khajavi Kermani

Khajavi Kermani monument has a significant architecture. While there are 2 pillars built in the lower and upper part of this tomb, there is no roof on it. On this grave, there are no writings to make it clear that Khajavi is buried inside it, and the only thing that appears on this grave is a verse from Sura Al-Rahman.

If you don’t want to go to Luna Park, our other suggestion is to visit Jahan Nama Garden. there are many places to visit In the streets around this garden including the Hafiz Tomb, Haftanan, Quran Gate, Khajavi Kermani, Baba Kohi, National Gardens,  National Library of Documents and ….

Jahan Nama Garden

Things to do in Shiraz

Jahan Nama Garden in Shiraz

Jahan Nama Garden is the oldest garden in the city which is about 2/8 hectares with 3500 square meters of green space. The vast majority of the green space of Jahan Nama Garden is made up of ancient trees, cedar, orange, rose and daisies. This octagonal mansion has 4 rooms with two-story buildings, which are surrounded by other places.

Shopping is a good option for the seventh day. Shiraz Persian Gulf Tourist Complex is one of the largest entertainment and shopping centers in the Middle East and even the world. This mall is the largest shopping center in Iran with an area of over 500,000 square meters.

Although all parts of the complex is not yet been operational, you can find several stores and hypermarkets in there. After shopping in this place and enjoying the recreation center. You can prepare yourself to return to your own city or the country. Of course, we suggest walking around the streets of Qasr Al-Dasht in Shiraz for about 1 hour before returning and enjoy the beautiful gardens, old building and constructions.

Keep in mind that you can check all Iran cities weather in our site so you can plan better,


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