Tehran Five Stars Hotels

In the Iranian capital city of Tehran, many hotels have been built recently some of which are Tehran Five Stars Hotels. If you’re headed to the city and would like to reserve five-star hotel in Tehran, come with us because we are going to introduce some of the most famous ones in the area.

Parsian Esteghlal international hotel:

Tehran Five Stars Hotels 

Parsian Esteghlal international hotel in Tehran, Iran

Parsian Esteghlal or that was formerly known as Royal Hilton is one of the Tehran Five Stars Hotels, and is the largest and most unique International hotel in the north of Tehran. The hotel has two towers that are known as East and West, The West Tower was built in 1962 by the world’s most prestigious hotel brand, Hilton, and the East Tower was opened in 1972. The east tower was renovated in 1997. Now the hotel is being supervised by the Parsian Hotel Group that owns 22 other hotels in the Iran. Esteghlal hotel has 552 luxury rooms and suites equipped with all facilities and modern communication with a beautiful landscape of Tehran. The West Tower has 261 and the east tower has around 291 rooms and suites. one of the advantages of these hotels for tourists is its proximity to tourist attractions sites in Tehran, such as the cultural complex of Sa’d Abad, Niavaran Palace, the highest and Tochal telecabin that is the longest telecabin in the world, the beautiful Mellat park, mountains of north of the city, International exhibition and proximity to the most beautiful streets of Tehran that is called Vali-Asr street. In addition, this hotel is located in the proximity of the meeting hall, and also is placed along one of the main highways of Tehran and made it easy to access to Mehrabad and Imam Khomeini international airports. In addition to having a full-featured facilities, this hotel has the biggest salon without pillars with the capacity of 1000 guests in Iran. there are 7 restaurants, including Yaas 1 with a capacity of 200 people, Yaas 2 that is the only dedicated area for women at a hotel in Tehran, Neauphle-le-Château restaurant with a capacity of 140 people, Rose restaurant with a capacity of 60 people, “Royal Cuisine” that is the best French restaurant in Iran, an Arabic restaurant that is called Al-Hayat, Chahar Fasl Abashar restaurant,  a coffee shop with live performance and also Lange Danstrz piano and luxury coffee shops, , carpets, jewelry and antiques stores, Sports collections include an indoor pool, sauna, Jacuzzi, fitness center with massage services, video and photography, Mellat and Sina Banks, the painting and crafts stores, leather store and all kinds of gifts, Barbers, currency exchange , parking lot with a capacity of 350 cars, laundry, luggage storage, free safe deposit boxes and clothes store as well. Because of its particular location Parsian Esteghlal Hotel is also considered as a proper place for accommodation by political committee and also economic, business, commercial, domestic and foreign guests, conferences, seminars and those who are present at the Tehran International Fair for accommodation.

Parsian Azadi International Hotel:

Tehran Five Stars Hotels

Parsian Azadi International Hotel in Tehran, Iran

Parsian Azadi Hotel is from the best Tehran Five Stars Hotels. The hotel is close to the foothills of the Alborz Mountains and has a pleasant weather and is also located in the neighborhood of International Exhibition and Summit Meeting Conference Hall.

Although Parsian Azadi Hotel is away from the city center but it is located at the crossroads of major highways to all parts of the city including access to attractions and landmarks. From Parsian Azadi Hotel you can easily go to Jurassic Park, Sa’d-Abad palace and Tochal ski resort.  Everything is provided for a prosperous and comfortable accommodation in Parsian Azadi Hotel in Tehran. You can use the hotel’s most interesting restaurants, meeting rooms and access the best rooms and comfortable suites.

There are various accommodation units in Parsian Azadi Hotel in Tehran. You can select form Single and double rooms to disability suites, junior suites, Royal and duplex. According to the tastes and needs, you can select and reserve your stay in of each of these units you want to. This accommodation has a different layout and views and provides all required amenities for guests.

Because of the various restaurants that Tehran Parsian Azadi Hotel has, all the guests can find their favorite food and tastes. With a long menu of Iranian and Italian cuisine. In these restaurant you face with a difficult choice. Because of Parseh restaurant in Parsian Azadi Hotel, you can order and have your meal any time of the day you want. “Sarv” Restaurant is for travelers who prefer to enjoy their meals in the open air with the cool breeze. Apart from this, the hotel has an Italian restaurant, which serves Italian cuisine in elegant atmosphere with stylish decorations. Lang-e Niloo is a cozy and wonderful place behind the hotel, with a variety of hot and cold drinks and a variety of cakes and pastries. For Leisure and vitality, the hotel sports club is extremely good place. Sauna and steam room, massage section, a traditional bath, Jacuzzi, a cold water pool and sports clubs are different parts of the hotel that helps you revives your body and soul.

Laleh International Hotel:

Tehran Five Stars Hotels

Laleh International Hotel in Tehran, Iran

If you are preparing to travel to the capital city of Tehran, and want to stay in the heart of modern city with the best facilities, include Laleh Hotel in the list of your options. Tehran’s Laleh International Hotel is one of the best Tehran Five Stars Hotels with good access to all parts of the city. Laleh hotel is located in the Fatemi Street and is attached to Laleh Park. By staying at this hotel, you can start your morning with a walk in the park. Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art and Carpet Museum are in the neighborhood and is within walking distance of Laleh Hotel. So this hotel is a good option for travelers who are interested in cultural tourism with the intention of staying in a five-star hotel in Tehran. In addition the Laleh hotel is not far from the metro station, so you can easily take a tour of the city from there. The distinguished features of this hotel in comparison to other hotels is that it offers the tastiest Persian, French and Chinese food.  You can try the best flavors in a warm atmosphere, pleasant and beautiful view of Alborz and just have a memorable stay in the capital city of Tehran. The restaurant has a stylish and luxurious atmosphere with delicious French cuisine that are served on the tables that are located by the window with a beautiful view of the capital.

Tyarh of Tehran’s Laleh International Hotel is one of the well-known restaurants that warmly welcomes you with delicious Chinese dishes and also different taste with a beautiful arrangement in stylish atmosphere.

Namakdon is a traditional restaurant that is furnished with traditional designs and motifs of Iranian origin. The restaurant is a good option for you if you are interested in this type of environment.

Coffee shop of Laleh Hotel in Tehran is a good place for meetings and friendly talks with good lighting and beautiful arrangement.

The 13-storey Laleh hotel in Tehran has good facilities with high quality equipment that is placed in a good location.

Espinas Hotel:

Espinas Hotel is the first Tehran Five Stars Hotels after the Islamic Revolution. It opened in winter 2010 in one of the best climate and most beautiful parts of downtown Tehran in Keshavarz Blvd.

The hotel is located next to the major business centers, administrative offices, medical centers, central park, the Museum of Contemporary Art, and also Vali Asr Avenue. The 18-floor hotel has 224 accommodation units including luxurious and modern rooms and suites with the most up to date service and the most modern equipment. Celebrations, seminars and international conferences are held in the halls of luxury, such as Hall of Pasargadae, the Persian Gulf, Mediterranean restaurant with a capacity of 180 people with pleasing vision, traditional restaurant with a capacity of 180 people, a coffee shop with modern design, services for VIP, experienced and professional staff are other features of this hotel.

Homa Hotel, Tehran:

Homa Hotel that is one of the Tehran Five Stars Hotels, is in one of the main streets of the city that is known as Vali Asr Street. This hotel is in the center of town and at the point where everyone has access to the administrative, recreational and cultural centers of Tehran.  The hotel residents can easily go and visit tourist attractions such as Shams-Al-Emareh and museums of national jewelry and rugs, Sa’d Abad and Niavaran palace. In Homa hotel , according to the needs or your tastes, You can stay in single or double, normal or royal bedrooms. A combination of modern and traditional styles can be seen in a double room, with beautiful lighting and layout. you can experience a beautiful view of the city with the pleasant and flowery garden in this Tehran Five Stars Hotels. The suites have a living room with generous space on the scenic courtyard views. But perhaps the best views are from the windows in Royal suites, these suites are located on the 15th floor and have views over the city and the hotel’s garden. Apart from the beautiful view, all rooms are equipped with the facilities and services like free internet access, free tea and coffee making facilities.

Sweet sound of the piano, diverse foods and flavors that for sure you have not tried most of them yet, can shape good memories in Homa restaurants and coffee shops. In addition, the reception is located on the 15th floor and offer guests a beautiful view from the city and Alborz Mountains.

If you stay in the summer at the “Hotel Homa”, do not forget the Dolphin Summer Restaurant. In the time that all parts of Tehran is boiling because of hot weather, you can have refreshing moments in the restaurant with a slight breeze that hits your face, and makes the taste of the food more appetizing to you.

In addition, Homa hotel has a restaurant and coffee shop that is also located on the ground floor with a view of the garden and offers delicious meals and desserts throughout the day. The coffee shop in Lobby is a great space for gatherings. This space like other public areas and hotel rooms has a good view to the garden.

To pursue your athletic programs or to spend your free time, check out the hotel’s sports leisure complex that includes a sauna, Jacuzzi, gym, massage therapy and a tennis court.

For meetings, conferences and ceremonies, you can count on the Homa hotel Halls. The halls are equipped with the best facilities, audio-visual equipment, and all the amenities needed to have a beautiful space with a layout suitable for your needs.

Espinas Palace Hotel:

Tehran Five Stars Hotels

Espinas Palace Hotel in north of Tehran

You can experience the true meaning of luxury by staying at the Espinas Palace Hotel in Tehran. This is another Tehran Five Stars Hotels that provide you with the most advanced and most up to date accommodation and catering facilities.

Espinas Palace hotel can be described as the most modern and most luxurious Tehran Five Stars Hotels. Beautiful resort that has just opened a few months ago with their luxurious royal residence spaces are provided for guests.

If you are looking for quiet place with a luxury accommodation and with easy access to all parts of the city, Espinas Palace Hotel is a great option. The hotel provides comfortable features, so you don’t want to stay away from the hotel and go to the city center. The hotel’s stylish rooms and suites are furnished with elegant and luxurious accommodations and are equipped with all amenities, and bring moments full of serenity for the residents.

There are 24 floors in Espinas Palace Hotel. This hotel is located in the North West of the capital and has a good access to all parts of the city. The hotel is located near the green spaces such as flight park, Jurassic Park, the Milad Tower and Tehran International Fair. Espinas Palace hotel is also close to the highway with good access to Darband, the Arikeh sports complex and other tourist spots of the capital.

Tehran Espinas Palace hotel was built by the Espinas hotel group in cooperation with the Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization. The hotel building with more than 500 rooms and suites is about 70 thousand square meters. There are 12 conference hall, amphitheater and other significant areas of the hotel, which has a different capacity for about 50 people to more than 1,000 people.