Tehran five stars hotels

Novotel Hotel

The quality, excellent service and relaxed atmosphere are among the strongest reasons for any traveler to book this hotel. Novotel Hotel is the first group of international hotels in Iran. This 5-star hotel is under the supervision of French AccorHotels group, which has a group of 3,800 other hotels in 94 countries. This is one of the best Tehran five stars hotels.

Tehran five stars hotels

Novotel hotel, Iran

Novotel Hotel is one of the Tehran five stars hotels for those who are looking for a relaxing environment away from the congestion in Tehran. This hotel is away from any pollution or crowds of the city. Perhaps, you think that Novotel Hotel is located far from city center, but we must say that the hotel has a unique location. In addition to staying far from the city center, it provides you a perfectly decent access to the place. So, with any motive you travel to Tehran, whether it’s for business, fun and sightseeing or other purpose, Novotel Hotel will record the sweetest memory for its residences.

The Novotel Hotel’s restaurants and coffee shops offer a menu of food, drinks and delicious meals served 24 hours a day. In the Novotel Hotel, you can choose from a variety of single room, double beds and twin beds and suites as desired. The hotel’s rooms are air-conditioned and decorated with a beautiful interior design that is made according to international standards. The suites are also up-to-date with a chic environment, layout and designs.

In Tehran five stars hotels, The Novotel Hotel’s recreational facilities include a health club, well-equipped swimming pools and a gym, all of which are important for memorable stay. To reach Novotel Hotel, you must take the Qom route to Tehran and go to the southern side of the main road of the Imam Airport. There you will find the Novotel Hotel just opposite the passenger terminal.

Espinas Hotel

Tehran five stars hotels

Espinas Hotel, Tehran

Espinas Hotel of Tehran is the first Tehran five stars hotels that was constructed after the Islamic Revolution. This hotel that was opened in winter 2010 in Keshavarz Boulevard is one of the best, and most beautiful areas in the city center of Tehran Espinas Hotel is located next to the major commercial, administrative and therapeutic centers. In addition, this hotel is located near Laleh Park and the Museum of Contemporary Art, and also Valiasr Street. The 18-storey hotel has 224 units, including modern rooms and suites, with modern facilities and up-to-date amenities. Guests can hold celebrations, seminars and international conferences in luxurious halls such as the Pasargad Hall and the Persian Gulf. The Mediterranean restaurant with a capacity of 180 people with a delightful outlook, a traditional restaurant with a capacity of 180 people, a coffee shop, a health and fitness complex, a modern design, VIP services, and professional staff are among the other features of this hotel. Espinas Hotel offers all the amenities and services with international standards, trying to give tranquility to its passengers and give a smile of satisfaction to all the guests.

Espinas Hotel is a unique choice for staying in the capital in one of the Tehran five stars hotels. This 5-star luxury hotel offers rooms and suites that are very clean, comfortable and equipped with world-class amenities. When you step into this hotel, expect comfort, tranquility and luxury stay in Tehran. In addition to this, Espinas Hotel is located in the city center; and in a short distance from the public transport.

Taj Mahal Hotel

Tehran five stars hotels

Taj Mahal Hotel in Tehran

Taj Mahal Hotel of Tehran was opened in 2001 and renovated in 2015 to cater tourists and travelers. The design of this is one of the Tehran five stars hotels which is a mix of Indian and Iranian culture, which is evident in various parts of this place. The Taj Mahal hotel in Tehran consists of three separate buildings, 7-story building in part A, 8-story building in part B, and 6-storey building in part C. Indian Restaurant of Taj Mahal Hotel comprises a range of indigenous regional and indigenous cuisine that reminds tourists of being in India. Taj Mahal Hotel is located near the Hemat Highway, which allows access to other parts of the city. This hotel is close to Vanak Square and offers easy access to the main highways of Tehran, and attractions such as the Water and Fire Park, the Ararat Club, the Milad Tower and the Vanak Square Shopping Centers.

Parsian Evin Hotel

Tehran five stars hotels

Parsian Evin Hotel in Tehran

Parsian Evin Hotel is one of the best Tehran five stars hotels if you are looking for a tranquil environment and away from the rush of Tehran. This hotel is located in one of the most beautiful residential centers of the city that is equipped with the right service for youth and couples as well as business people. Whether you are motivated to have fun or have a trip to Tehran, the Parsian Evin Hotel meets all your needs. This hotel is equipped with all the facilities and amenities that will make your stay pleasant and memorable.

Parsian Evin Hotel is located in a superb place in the beautiful Evin atmosphere and On Chamran highway, and near Tehran International Fair. With access to the main parts of the city, this hotel has made it easy to reach the center of the capital city and visit sights such as Milad Tower and other historic palaces. This is one of the Tehran five stars hotels which is very famous in Tehran.

At this Tehran five stars hotels, you will be in a chic and charming room overlooking the magnificent scenery. These units are in single or double rooms and suites of Normal and Royal, which guarantee all the comfort of the passengers, but if you want a higher comfort and luxurious in the capital, you will need to reserve Royal Suites. In addition to all the facilities of the other rooms, Royal rooms are equipped with a Jacuzzi and a sauna.

Parsian Evin Hotel has a summer restaurant that is located in the exclusive atmosphere around the hotel’s swimming pool. The menu of this restaurant that is called Abshar is served in barbecue Mode. Evin’s Pardis Restaurant is for travelers who are fond of different and new flavors. The restaurant serves a warm and intimate atmosphere with an international meals.

In addition, Evin Hotel has a recently opened Chinese luxury restaurant. The restaurant’s atmosphere provides the guest with a great relaxation because of the distance between the tables. There is also a well-known coffee shop that has a friendly and beautiful atmosphere. At this coffee shop, you will have good moments with having a variety of hot and cold drinks.

Ibis Hotel

In the vicinity of Imam Khomeini International Airport, you will see the first group of airport hotel that are called the 4 start and 5 star Ibis Hotels which are contains in Tehran five stars hotels. This hotel provides a beautiful residence with a variety of double and standard Twin rooms, and a special room for people with disabilities and covers the needs of a wide range of tourists with a variety of business, pleasure and pilgrimage incentives. The Ibis Hotel Group is near the Parand International Carting Center with a short distance to Imam Khomeini’s shrine and Ray. By staying in this group of hotels, you can reach the city center through public transport in less than an hour while away from the traffic congestion. The Ibis Hotel’s restaurants have special names, including the “O’Open” restaurant, which offers guests special meals and provides the most memorable and heartfelt moments for the guests.

Ibis Hotel opened in 2014 in Tehran and is considered the first group of international airport hotels in the country. Ibis Hotel, formerly known as the Acciss Hotel, is located next to the main terminal of Imam Khomeini International Airport. This hotel comprises 7 floors and 196 rooms. The four-star Ibis Hotel in Tehran has always been attended by business and leisure trips and has provided guests with a satisfying service and qualified staff. That is one of the best Tehran five stars hotels.

Olympic Hotel

Tehran hotels

Olympic Hotel in Tehran

Olympic Hotel is one of the best 4-star hotels in Tehran, located on the western bloc of Azadi Stadium. This resort is the closest hotel to the two international airports of Imam and Mehrabad. The Olympic Hotel has a calm and spacious atmosphere, with a beautiful, clean environment and stylish, modern decor. Other features of the resort include a handicraft stand and shop, as well as a sports complex equipped with world-class standards, all of which are designed for the welfare of more tourists.

Tehran Grand Hotel

Grand Hotel of Tehran, is another four-star hotels, located in the best shopping and business center of Tehran. This hotel is the shortest distance from the international airport and also is in the proximity of the entertainment center. If you are traveling to the capital for business, put the Tehran Grand Hotel on the list of your accommodation options.

Parsian Enqhelab Hotel

Parsian Enqhelab Hotel is one of the best 4 star hotels in Tehran that is located near Taleghani and Valiasr Avenue.

With the most up-to-date facilities and services, Parsian Enqhelab Hotel is suitable for travelers looking for comfortable and relaxing accommodation in the heart of Tehran.

This hotel is a part of the Parsian Hotels Group, which meets the standards of the world with the most advanced facilities. Located in the heart of the business district and shopping malls, this hotel is one of the ideal options for shopping and business. On the other hand, Parsian Enqhelab Hotel is located near the capital’s attractions and tourist destination.

The hotel has both Twin and Double rooms, but if you prefer luxurious suites for your stay, select and book VIP and Royal VIP rooms and suites. Parsian Enqhelab Hotel offers a variety of facilities such as coffee shops, restaurants and a lounge.

For friendly and family gatherings, go to the hotel’s Restaurant that is called Narwan. In the restaurant overlooking the front yard, you will have delicious cuisine. The restaurant is on the 16th floor, where you can enjoy delicious flavors and unique panoramic views of Tehran.

The hotel’s lounge is located on the first floor of the Bisotun Hall. The hall is equipped with the most advanced audio and video system ideal for business meetings and also suitable for weddings. The Bisotun Hall is equipped with all facilities including Internet.

At any hour of the night you feel hungry, you can go to the Parseh restaurant. This restaurant is located on the ground floor and serves a variety of local cuisine and international dishes.

Parsian Kowsar Hotel

Parsian Kowsar Hotel is a beautiful residence of the Parsian Hotel Group in Tehran. This hotel is located near the city’s market and offers good access to the Carpet Museum, Golestan, Saadabad and also Niavaran palace. The interior of the hotel is a traditional Iranian architecture with a mirror and beautiful paintings. In one of the most remarkable restaurants of the hotel, you can have delicious Iranian and foreign cuisine. The Parsian Kowsar Hotel is a traditional hotel with delightful atmosphere along with authentic Persian dining, giving guests a peaceful time.

With its semi-traditional architecture, Kowsar Hotel is one of the most attractive four star hotels in Tehran. One of the privileges of this hotel is easy access to various centers of the city.

Ferdowsi International Grand Hotel

Ferdowsi’s four-star international hotel is one of the largest hotels in Tehran. This hotel is located in the commercial center, and close to the grand bazaar and also the museums such as ancient Iran, glassware, coins and jewelry, the Golestan Palace, the headquarters of the National Garden and the Metro Station of Tehran. This 6-story hotel has a total of 230 of accommodation units. The hotel has several diverse traditional, Persian, international and buffet restaurants, multi-purpose halls, modern conference halls, a swimming pool, a large steam room with Jacuzzi, a cool steam tunnel and a gym.

With strategic location this hotel, located in the central parts of Tehran, close to the public and private companies and commercial centers, as well as the proximity of public transportation and services for all parts of the capital.

Asareh Hotel

Asareh Hotel is one of the most modern four star hotels in Tehran, which was opened in the center of Tehran in 2009. This hotel has a peaceful, pleasant and attractive atmosphere with the world-class facilities and entertainment. Among the facilities of this hotel are 58 spacious accommodation units, a fitness complex including Jacuzzi, a sauna and a steam room, a cold water pool, multi-purpose salons, a stylish restaurant with a capacity of 200 people, a 24-hour coffee shop, free internet, laundry facilities, airplane ticket, transfer, easy access to Imam Khomeini and Mehrabad airports, commercial, administrative and therapeutic centers of the city, being close to the metro and attractions of the city such as Azadi Tower and Enqelab Square.

Howeyzeh Hotel

Tehran hotels

Howeyzeh Hotel in Tehran

Experience the quality, superb hospitality and pleasant atmosphere in the heart of the capital at the Howeyzeh Hotel in Tehran. This 4-star Hotel is located in the city center of Tehran, and is the perfect choice for those who want to stay in the heart of the city and near the offices.

Howeyzeh Hotel has 170 of double or single rooms or suits. All of these rooms are equipped with amenities and facilities that will cater for every ones need.

If you are comfortable with classical spaces and you want to have a panoramic view of the capital while having your meal, then go to the Tulip Restaurant. This classic-style restaurant offers a relaxed atmosphere with a varied menu of Iranian and Persian dishes and a distinctive service from its guests.

The hotel’s 24-hour coffee shop serves you with a variety of hot and cold beverages, snacks and meals, which will make a pleasant time for you.

Among The distinctive features of Howeyzeh Hotel are three conference halls that are equipped with various facilities. The hotel’s art hall is suitable for conducting seminars and conferences for the establishment of workshops.


If you are planning to have fun, the nearest point to the Howeyzeh Hotel is Golestan Palace. After this, you can visit other attractions in Tehran such as the carpet museum and the Milad Tower. It is also a good option for visiting of the Honarmandan Garden near the hotel.