Iran historical tours

Iran Historical Tours

Iran Historical Tours Chogha Zanbil Chogha Zanbil is one of three Iran historical tours that was registered in the UNESCO world list along with Persepolis and Naqsh-e Jahan Square in 1979. Continue reading to learn more about this important Iranian historical monument in Susa. After about 15 km on the Susa -Ahvaz Freeway, you will see […]

Isfahan travel guide

Unesco World Heritages in Iran

Unesco World Heritages in Iran There are many historical monuments in Iran and many Unesco World Heritages in Iran, of which 700 cultural monuments registered in the UNESCO World Heritage List over the past years.  Iran has already made great efforts to record its historical monuments at the UNESCO World Heritage List. And for this, […]


Restoration the ceremonial tents in Persepolis

Restoration the ceremonial tents in Persepolis President of hotels syndicate in Fars province by referring to the restoration of Apadana hotel by this complex, informed from the re-establishment of Darius hotel at Persepolis and also set up ceremonial tents again in this ancient monument. Persepolis is unique in the world and now has become an excellent tourist [...]