Shiraz Hotels

Parse Hotel

Parse hotel is one of the Shiraz hotels which was built in 1969, with 5 floors, and next to Zandiyeh complex, behind Karimkhani Arg. The last renovation in hotel occurred in 2016, bringing the guests to the peace and prosperity. The hotel has 72 modern units equipped with modern facilities. From the main features of this hotel we can name its Proximity to downtown, Karimkhani Arg, Vakil Bazaar, Vakil Bath and mosque. Other features of the hotel include two restaurants with live music, an auditorium, a cafe, a gym, billiards, special services for the disabled, covered parking and highly qualified staff. Other facilities include a convention hall for holding business meetings and conferences.

Shiraz Royal Hotel

Shiraz hotels

Shiraz Royal Hotel in Fars province

Shiraz Royal Hotel is one of the Shiraz hotels which has opened in a charming and peaceful setting in the heart of the tourist and cultural capital of Iran in Shiraz on February 4, 2014. The structure of the hotel consists of 8 floors consisting of 50 rooms and suites with all the accommodation and facilities. Paliz Restaurant, Coffee Shop, Conference Hall, room Service, Laundry, Wake Up Service, Breakfast in the Room, Travel Agency, Proximity to Tourist Areas and Historic Sites of the City, such as Vakil Complex, Chel Tan Garden, Forough Al-Mulk’s House, Atigh Mosque, Saray Moshir and Hafezia are the hallmarks of this hotel.

The 4-storey building of this hotel is equipped with a conference rooms, a one-story building of the Royal Hotel, a well-equipped salon for business meetings and conferences. The four-star hotel of Royal Shiraz aims to provide high quality service with its professional staff.

Shiraz Royal Hotel is one of the best options for travelers in Shiraz. This hotel provides a residence with all the amenities that provides easy access for travelers due to its location. By staying at this hotel, passengers will easily have access to shopping centers and tourist attractions like Khajavi Kermani and Hafezie. In the Royal Hotel Shiraz, you will be staying in luxurious rooms with a beautiful view, and good facilities.

Atlas Hotel

Pay a very cheap price At the Atlas Hotel in Shiraz, but get high quality service. A residence with good facilities that has created a good environment for its guests. At Atlas Hotel, you will stay in rooms and suites and relax on the beds that are coated with natural fibers. These rooms are newly renovated and have beautiful decorations and good facilities.

If you are interested in a variety of meals, you can start with the traditional Atlas Hotel Restaurant to taste local cuisine of Shiraz. In addition to local cuisine, this restaurant serves delicious international and Iranian cuisine.

What distinguishes the Atlas Hotel from each other is not only its good facilities, but also its convenient location. This hotel is located in one of the best places in Shiraz on the Atlas Square.

Hafiz and the Setareh are two famous Shiraz Shopping Centers, which are within 20 minutes of the Atlas Hotel; so if you are buying souvenirs from Shiraz, you can easily buy them from the shops that are in close proximity to this hotel.

Atlas Hotel is one of the Shiraz hotels which is located between the green spaces of the National Park, the Jahan Nama Garden and the Azadi Park. You can walk to Hafezia from here and reach the tomb of Hafiz Shirazi after passing through the National Park. You can also find the chance to taste and eat Falodeh Shirazi.

The Atlas Hotel also has good access to the spectacular places like the Zandiyeh Complex, Nasir Al-Malek Mosque and the Quran Gate.

Select Atlas Hotel of Shiraz to have all the amenities, good location and affordable prices.

Eram Hotel of Shiraz

Locating near many tourist sites, Eram Hotel of Shiraz is one of the Shiraz hotels which attracts many tourists every year. From these places we can name sites such as the citadel and market of Karim Khan Zand as well as the proximity to the Vakil mosque and the Zoroastrian temple. This historic hotel has welcomed tourists since 1991, and its second phase was built in 2011. Eram Hotel has a total of 100 rooms that are spread over 5 floors. The Shapour Garden that was built in the style of the Qajar architecture is also located near Eram Hotel.

Tourists coming to Iran cannot resist the temptation of visiting Shiraz and they always include visiting it in their plans. Eram Hotel is located in the central part of Shiraz, between the banks and commercial centers of the city and close to the Zandieh complex

Ario Barzan Hotel

Shiraz Hotels

Ario Barzan Hotel

Ario Barzan is one of the best Shiraz hotels. The location of the hotel in the city center has made it a decent place for the visitors. In such a way, from here you can have the best access to the tourist sites such as Shah Cheragh Tomb, Hafezia and Eram Garden. The hotel features a restaurant with a variety of Persian and Western cuisine, which with live music delivers unforgettable moments.

Ario Brazan was established in 2000. The restoration of this Hotel that was completed in 2011 has brought more guests’ satisfaction. This 5-floor hotel has 50 beds for accommodation. Among the privileges of this hotel are easy access to Zandieh, Shah Cheragh, Hafezieh, Saadi tomb, shopping malls, Eram garden, airport, international exhibition and Persepolis complex. Some of the facilities of this hotel include a restaurant serving a variety of Persian and Western cuisine with live music in a relaxed atmosphere, coffee shop, conference and seminar hall, billiards, and Xbox.

Arg Hotel

Arg Hotel is one of the Shiraz hotels which is located in downtown of the city. This hotel began its activities in 1991. In order to provide the best and most suitable hotel services, the Arg Hotel was renovated in 2004. The close proximity to major city centers is one of the main points of Arg Hotel. Accommodation at this hotel can be a memorial to guests.

If you want to have a quiet, affordable accommodation in Shiraz, you can select this hotel that is close to important and historical places in Shiraz. This hotel has a great location. From the Arg hotel, you can easily reach the Karim Khani complex by spending a little time and enjoy the attractions of Hafezieh, Sadiyeh and Eram Garden.

Karim khan Hotel

Shiraz hotels

Karim khan Hotel in Shiraz

Karim khan Hotel is a newly built residence with traditional architecture that was opened in November 2013 in the beautiful and historic city of Shiraz. Special features of this traditional Hotel include traditional meals and dessert with live music and wireless broadband internet access.

With 52 spacious rooms with traditional Iranian architecture, this hotel will bring a sense of tranquility to a traditional, contemporary, modern setting. The convenient access to tourist attractions such as Zandieh, Shah Cheragh, Hafezieh, Sadiyah, Eram Garden and shopping centers are the special privileges of this hotel.

Hadish Hotel

Shiraz hotels

Hadish Hotel in Shiraz

Hadish Hotel is one of the best Shiraz hotels that is located in city of Poetry and Literature for more than a decade. This hotel has a variety of accommodation units including one bedroom, two bedroom and three bedroom apartments with well-appointed amenities. Daily housekeeping service, daily rooms service, laundry, a restaurant with breakfast, lunch and dinner with a capacity of 100 guests, coffee shops in a cozy atmosphere, billiards and free high-speed internet in the apartments are among the facilities of this hotel.

The Hadish Apartment Hotel has a varied and elegant accommodation with different features for both domestic and foreign guests.

Residential units of the Hadish Apartment Hotel are categorized as follows: One bedroom apartment, two bedroom apartment, and three bedroom apartment

Facilities include a television and satellite in the rooms, a cooling and heating system, a daily housekeeping service, an advanced fire alarm system, a restaurant serving international and local cuisine (breakfast, lunch and dinner), the possibility to cook Full-sized dining in the room, coffee shop and billiards, and WIFI access in all apartments.

Talar Hotel

If you are looking for low cost accommodation in Shiraz with the right amenities and services, place the hotel in your list of options. This place is one of the Shiraz hotels which is a well-known hotel that is located in the city center on Ferdowsi Avenue, which has a good access for the city’s tourist attractions and is a good option for family trips because of its proximity to the Amusement and also Azadi Park.This hotel has a varied room with beautiful decoration that are equipped with various amenities. The hotel has a hall with a capacity of 800 people, a conference hall with all the audio and visual facilities, a restaurant serving delicious Iranian cuisine and a well-trained team to welcome enthusiastic guests.

Jaam-e-jam Hotel

Jaamejam Hotel is close to the Karim Khani complex in the heart of the historic and beautiful city of Shiraz between the bazaar, commercial centers and the banks. This hotel is one of the Shiraz hotels which has a variety of rooms and suites with various amenities from well-known hotels in Shiraz. Some facilities at Jaamejam Hotel include a Vakil Bath style bar, outside of the traffic area and free parking.

This hotel is about 5 minutes from Shiraz city center, about 15 minutes from the Eram garden, about 20 minutes from Hafezieh and about 24 minutes from the Zandieh complex, that includes the Vakil market, Vakil bath, the Garden of Nazar, the Karim Khan Arg, the Moshir Cemetery and Vakil Mosque. Jaamejam Hotel is equipped with a four-story roofed parking that can be accessed via stairs or elevators … The traditional Jaamejam Hotel in Shiraz, is inspired by traditional architecture and Creates a tranquil and memorable environment with traditional dishes that serves 150 people and is ready to welcome guests.

Shiraz Tourist Hotel

Shiraz hotels

Shiraz Tourist Hotel in Fars province

If you are looking for a low-cost accommodation with the right equipment and facilities at Shiraz hotels, Shiraz Tourist Hotel can be a good option for you. This residence is located in the northeast of the city, with good access to the city center, the airport and historical sites of the city. When staying at this hotel, you will enjoy a beautiful and tranquil atmosphere and its green and intimate surroundings, and you will experience a vibrant stay in the villa’s suites.

Shiraz Tourist Hotel of was established in 1995 in the northeastern part of the city, and was renovated in 2004 to provide better services to travelers. This hotel has 44 rooms and suites, located at the beginning of Abu Nasr Boulevard. Shiraz Tourism Hotel is located near the dry river of Shiraz or Seven Pili which is a seasonal river. Shiraz Tourism Hotel is ready to welcome guests with experienced staff.

The hotel rooms and suites and the unique greenery of the hotel are the privileges of this place, which makes it a pleasure for guests to stay at this hotel. The hotel has easy access to the spectacular attractions and also the city center. Shiraz Tourism Hotel, with its facilities such as swimming pool, restaurant, parking, lobby, gym, coffee shop and Internet, is always ready to welcome guests and travelers to the beautiful and historic city of Shiraz.

Takht-e Jamshid Tourism Hotel

Takhte Jamshid Tourism Hotel is one kilometer away from Persepolis’s World Treasures. This hotel is one of the Shiraz hotels which has beautiful villas was built in a 5-hectare garden with unique greenery.

Takhte Jamshid Tourism Hotel offers a variety of delicious cuisine in a relaxed atmosphere, coffee shops with a variety of hot and cold drinks, Internet access, tennis courts, parking, and more.

From the Attractions that are located near Takhte Jamshid Tourism Hotel, we can name the huge building of Persepolis, Naqshe Rustam, and the tomb of Cyrus. Also, for those who come to this hotel for business trips, they have easy access to industrial factories, petrochemical plants, Pegah Company and others.

Takhte Jamshid Tourism Hotel is one kilometer away from the Persepolis Monument and is close to Naqshe Rostam and the Cyrus the Great Tomb. The hotel has 18 units of one-bedroom villas and 4 double bedrooms with a wood-paneled view and beautiful view from the garden with pleasant greenery and all the amenities and services of a four star hotel. Avoiding air pollution, noise pollution and the crowds of the city and specialty restaurants are among the other attractions of this hotel.

The good location of Takht-e Jamshid Tourism Hotel that is in close proximity to the historic building of Persepolis, is among the advantages of staying in this hotel. Persepolis touristic hotel is located at Km 2 on Takht-e Jamshid exclusive road, and 60 km from Shiraz. Takht-e Jamshid Tourism Hotel is located in a beautiful garden with an area of 5 hectares with unique vegetation. Persepolis Hotel welcomes guests with experienced and professional staff. The staff tries to make a great and memorable stay for the guests.

Apadana Hotel

Apadana Hotel is one of the Shiraz hotels which is located in the proximity of the ancient and historical monument of Shiraz like Persepolis. This hotel has good facilities for the accommodation and well-being of travelers and tourists. There is also an audio guide to visit the Persepolis in Persian and English, along with its map and beautiful landscapes of trees, and flowers. It is located in a 10,000-square-meter garden that is in the middle of dry place.

Considering the viewpoints of Persepolis, the use of coherent materials with the environment creates the least visual contamination on this hotel to the tourists.

The main materials used in building are brick and mortar. The stones used in the area have been extracted from Mount Rahmat, which are the main source of building columns and roles in the Persepolis.

Ros-e Reyhan Hotel Apartment

Shiraz hotels

Rose Reyhan Hotel Apartment in Shiraz

Rose Reyhan Hotel started its work in 2015 at Golestan Boulevard of Shiraz. This hotel has 8 floors and 21 rooms. Rose Reyhan Hotel offer a relaxed atmosphere designed to fit into the summer season.

Rose Reyhan Hotel Apartment is located in the east of Shiraz in a newly created and well-developed area. The proximity to historic sites, pilgrimage and entertainment, as well as between Hafez and Saadi’s tomb, is one of the advantages of Rose Reyhan Hotel. The hotel with eight floors is ready to welcome guests. Other facilities include a gym, a swimming pool, a steam room, a Jacuzzi, a restaurant (on site), a coffee shop, and a car park.

The apartments, suites and rooms of Rose Reyhan Hotel are comfortably furnished to welcome the guests. Features: room Service, Housekeeping, Safe Deposit Box, Television with In-room Cabinets, Mini Bar and Internet.

The hotel Coffee shop is located in a quiet and relaxed area with a variety of hot and cold drinks, cakes, homemade cuisine, light meals and snacks. It welcomes guests from 8:00 to 12:00 and from 16:00 to 24:00 every day.

Rose Reyhan Hotel offers an in-house restaurant and suites with well-appointed amenities. This hotel is located on Golestan Boulevard. Some of the historical sites of the city, such as the tomb of Hafez and the garden of Jahan Nama can also be seen there. Experienced and professional staff and personnel are at the service of guests at any moment of the day to provide the best experience with the best service.