Shiraz five stars hotels

Shiraz Homa Hotel

The five-star Homa luxury hotel is located next to the Azadi Park in Shiraz, and is in the proximity of a green spot with a beautiful view of the city and the gardens that are overlooking the center of the Iranian art and culture capital. This hotel is a member of Homa hotel groups and is one of the Shiraz five stars hotels with more than 40 years of experience and a professional and well-trained staff in the hotel industry. Homa hotel has always been famous for hospitality and a warm and pleasant atmosphere. This 10-story hotel consists of 232 luxury units, with a fantastic view of a beautiful Gardens. With a world-class international standard, the hotel offers an unforgettable and enjoyable stay for its guests in this beautiful land of wonders. Facilities in this hotel include: Swimming pool, steam room, Jacuzzi, gym, ping pong table, tennis court, private parking, shopping center, hairdresser, children’s amusement park, all kinds of Iranian and foreign restaurants, cafe, special services for disabled people, 24-hour room service , Laundry, bank services and multi-purpose salons. Tea service, Nescafe, daily mineral water is served free of charge in the rooms. There is also free Wi-Fi internet access available at all hotel locations. Sauna, pool and well-equipped gymnasium with 50% discount is also available for the guests.

Shiraz five stars hotels

Homa Hotel Shiraz, Fars

Pars Hotel Shiraz

The five-star Pars Hotel is one of the most luxurious Shiraz five stars hotels that is located in the south of Iran and in the heart of Shiraz that is the capital city of the Cyrus the Great kingdom. This hotel, which was opened in 2002 on Karim Khan Zand Avenue, has easy access to the international airport, Persepolis, Sa’di Tomb, Karim Khan Complex and Hafez’s tomb. This place has two 13-story towers with 188 modern rooms, 27 suites and 2 apartments with all amenities and services. Hotel services include a gym complex including a swimming pool, a sauna, a steam room, a Jacuzzi and massage salon. A restaurant is located on the 13th floor of the hotel with a variety of Iranian and foreign cuisine and in a pleasant atmosphere, the other restaurants in this hotel are Gol-e- Sorkh Restaurant with Variety of traditional cuisine accompanied by live music and spectacular surroundings, and also you can find The first African-style restaurant in Iran with unique and beautiful decoration with a exceptionally distinct dishes and live music. There is also a 24-hour coffee shop that is called Pamchal. You can also find two halls for different types of conferences, seminars, and other related activities, and finally there is also The Brillian Hall for various meetings and private parties and a store in the lobby with some experienced and professional staff. Pars Hotel of Shiraz always welcomes its guests with its excellent service and professional staff.

Perhaps the main features of this hotel are its stylish and luxurious sites, the quality of the rooms, restaurant and also access to the city center. When you arrive at the hotel, the first thing that you see more than anything else is the luxurious lobby, which is usually crowded by travelers.  On the right, you can see some good stores, including the Shiraz Maxim Branch. Since clothes are important for people of Shiraz, you can find the entire collection of Maxim clothes in this branch. There is also a barbershop, ATM machine and other shopping center in here. A little ahead of the lobby is the restaurant’s staircase, the reception area and cafe, but the most interesting thing about this lobby is the existence of a highly professional grand piano, which, unlike the other places, is completely healthy and sometimes musicians play with it.

The Pars Hotel of Shiraz was the only place I could see this kind of piano in Iran. This piano has the capability to convert midi files from CD to mechanical hammering and play the song live. Pars Hotel Shiraz is one of the Shiraz five stars hotels which offers a variety of views due to the great variety of rooms. If you travel to this place during the less crowded time, there is a chance to take any suit or rooms in this hotel that you want.

Persepolis Hotel

Shiraz five stars hotels

Persepolis Hotel in Shiraz

The five-star Persepolis Hotel opened in the heart of the city of Shiraz near the ancient heritage of the country in 2002. This 7-storey hotel is one of the Shiraz five stars hotels which has 104 suits and rooms with a varied and elegant accommodation and all the amenities necessary for the guests’ well-being. Apadana Restaurant is in a peaceful and tranquil setting on the ground floor. Two Halls for seminars, conferences and events, a sports complex including a swimming pool, sauna, Jacuzzi, billiard and fitness center, a coffee shop with 24-hour service, handicraft shop, hairdresser, and 24-hour taxi service are among the hotel’s distinctive features. Due to its close proximity to the tourist and historical attractions of this city, with its complete amenities according to international standards, and experienced and educated personnel, Persepolis Hotel is ready to receive passengers from Shiraz and all over the world.

The Persepolis Sports Complex features swimming pools, saunas, Jacuzzis, cold water ponds, gymnasium and billiard halls. Hadish Hall and the Tachar Hall with the capacity of 300 each, audio and visual facilities, and access to the Internet is among the other features that exist in Persepolis Hotel. In addition to the mentioned facilities, it is a good place for holding seminars and conferences, wedding parties, coffee shops and other similar activities.

Chamran Grand Hotel

Shiraz five stars hotels

Chamran grand hotel Shiraz, Fars

The five stars luxury hotel of Chamran is one of the highest and largest Shiraz five stars hotels.  With a unique view of the city, its surrounding gardens, and locating in one of the most spectacular spot in the historical and cultural center of Iran, this hotel opened its doors in the beautiful and long boulevard in April 2010.  The Grand Chamran Hotel has 30 floors consisting of 250 suits and rooms with a beautiful view and all the modern amenities. Grand Chamran Hotel offers unique amenities such as various Iranian, traditional and Italian restaurants in the 24th and 25th floors of the hotel. in addition you can use the coffee shop with a delicious meals and pleasant atmosphere with live music on the 23rd floor of a hotel that can accommodate more than 150 guests, and provides banking services, travel and patrol services, Beauty salon and sports facilities with the most advanced equipment, swimming pool, sauna, Jacuzzi, professional massage, billiard lounge barbecue cafe, fast food, multipurpose catering halls, special services for disabled people, photographic studios, 24-hour parking, management and specialist staff and personnel that are ready to host guests in the capital city of Cyrus the Great.

Shiraz Grand Hotel

Shiraz Grand Hotel (Darvaz-e Quran Hotel) is one of the best and most luxurious Shiraz five stars hotels in the south of the country. This hotel was opened at the top of the mountain in 2013, and has 14 floors with 158 suits and rooms that was designed like a ship with full view of Shiraz. Shiraz Grand Hotel has a capacity for 350 guests. The great hotel of Shiraz located in a good place, due to its proximity to tourist attractions such as the Darvaz-e-Quran, the Eram  complex, Jahan Nama Garden, Persepolis, Hafiz and Saadi tomb, and easy access to the airport and major highways of the city. During your stay in this hotel, you can enjoy the services and facilities of this place such as a 3-stage restaurant including the largest restaurant in Iran, the Italian and Iranian restaurant, business centers, 4 floor indoor carport with a capacity of 600 vehicles, a sports complex (rock climbing and Fitness center), water collection (swimming pool, sauna, Jacuzzi), separate massage room for men and women, beauty salon for women, men’s barber shop and possibility to order and serve food in the room. One of the advantages of this hotel is Adherence to the high standards ​​for satisfying guests by providing the highest level of services for them.

Zandiyeh Hotel

Shiraz five stars hotels

Zandiyeh hotel, Shiraz

The five stars Zandieh Hotel of Shiraz, with original and traditional Persian architecture, was opened in one of the best Shiraz five stars hotels in 2015. The hotel has 7 floors and 75 rooms and suit that are equipped with all the facilities and amenities for guests. This hotel is close to the historical and cultural attractions of the city such as Karim Khan Zand and Pars Museum. The traditional Persian bath with its impressive architectural design is one of the most special services that guests of this hotel can enjoy. The hotel’s sports complex provides guests with moments of pleasure and offers fitness facilities, a swimming pool, a sauna, and Jacuzzi for the guests. A variety of traditional and varied restaurants, traditional markets, business center, coffee shops, conference hall, multi-purpose salon with state-of-the-art technology, travel agency and handicrafts gallery are among the facilities that are provided in this place.

Elysee Hotel

The four star grand luxury Elysee Hotel is one of the Shiraz five stars hotels that is located in a complete residential area away from the bustle of city center since 2014. Guests of this hotel will have easy access to the city center and the old style of this beautiful city. All accommodation suits of the Elysees Hotel are designed and implemented in accordance with international standards, and the only reason that the hotel was not able to rank five stars is the size of its building. The most important points about this hotel include massage services, conference and seminar hall, restaurant, sports complex including indoor swimming pool, sauna and Jacuzzi, proximity to the metro, 35 minutes to the airport, access to health centers, commercial and residential, free Internet access, 24-hour room service and trained personnel.

Setaregan Hotel

Setaregan Hotel is one of the newly built Shiraz five stars hotels in the northern city of Shiraz. It is located in Azadi Blvd, close to tourist attractions, with a great climate and a beautiful scenery, which was opened in 2012. This 14- storey hotel consists of 42 suits and rooms with a completely different modern and traditional decoration. The most important features of this hotel include four Italian, Chinese, traditional and African-style restaurants, coffee shops, saunas and Jacuzzis, well-equipped halls, laundry, taxi service, daily tea and coffee service in the room, a hotel safe, a disabled service and free Internet access.

Parsian Hotel

Parsian Four Star Hotel is another member of the Parsian Hotel Group, which was opened in the heart of the historic and cultural capital of Iran in August of 1992. The hotel has 61 suits and rooms with well-appointed facilities and amenities. The most important features of this hotel include Parseh and Narenjestan restaurants with a variety of Iranian, foreign and local cuisine, conference and meeting rooms, access to business centers, banks, attorneys, exhibitions and airports, proximity to sightseeing attractions such as the Karim Khani Arg and Hafezieh and also the existence of well-trained and experienced staff in hotel management.

Park Saadi Hotel

Four Star Hotel Saadi Park is one of the oldest Shiraz hotels. This hotel was opened in 1959 near Darvazeh Quran and Hafezieh. This hotel faces the garden of Jahan Nama in a pleasant climate of Shiraz. The hotel was renovated in 1996 and it went under complete rehabilitation and reopened in May 2007. Today it is ready to welcome the guests from all parts of Iran and the world. Saadi Park Hotel has 52 stylish accommodation units. The facilities and services of this hotel include a restaurant with a variety of Iranian and foreign cuisine and seafood that are accompanied by traditional music, a summer outdoor restaurant, and a three thousand-meter hotel yard with a memorable atmosphere and old trees. It is located 60 km away from Persepolis with some experienced and professional staff.

Shiraz Park Hotel

The four star hotel of Shiraz Park was opened in 1959 and is located in a relaxing atmosphere in the heart of Shiraz. This hotel was rebuilt in 2011. The proximity to Shah Cheragh, Pars Museum, Vakil Market, Vakil Mosque, Vakil Bath, Atigh Mosque and Karim khani Arg is from the most important features of this hotel. The hotel has 8 floors with 135 suits and rooms. The hotel’s facilities and services include 4 meeting rooms, a 24-hour coffee shop, an in-house restaurant with a variety of Iranian and foreign drinks and meals, a summer restaurant that is located in the garden area next to the pool with a variety of Iranian and foreign cuisine.