Seasonal Iran tours


May is the month for a trip in most parts of the world, and especially in Iran, a month for sightseeing and experiencing unforgettable pleasures.  You should also call May the month to visit Iran. If you do not know where to go to enjoy more, we are going to provide you some information about the best destinations during this month and seasonal Iran tours.


Seasonal Iran tours

Tonekabon in north of Iran

Tonekabon in the west of Mazandaran province is one of those places you should not forget to visit in seasonal Iran tours. We highly recommend you to go to Daryasar Plain, which is known as the Paradise of Ordibehesht in Iran. This plain is one of the most spectacular areas of the country. In the spring, the plain is fully covered with yellow flowers and displays an unrivaled beauty. There are ten springs at this plain which are the main reason for the beauty of this area.  Because of this during the spring, you cannot find any dry place in Daryasar Plain.

Broken Mill

Broken Mill is one of the most spectacular places in the city of Jolfa in East Azarbaijan province. The site consists of small and large waterfalls, the source of which is usually the Kyamaki Mountain above the fountain. The surface of the waterfall is covered with mosses and water-bearing plants and has created a spectacular view. A mill there had been used by the people of the region for many years, but now it is not used due to the damaged parts, which is why it has been known as “Broken Mill” after that.

The height of the mill is 10 meters and the area of the bottom is 200 square meters. The lush and spectacular scenery is one of the features that bring people to this area. It may be interesting to know that this area is enclosed by various kinds of trees.

Mahallat, city of flowers

Seasonal Iran tours

Mahallat, Isfahan province, Iran

The name of Mahallat is connected with the flowers. The city is known as the capital of flowers in Iran. There is a village in this city that is covered all with flowers. Going to this area can become from the most exciting part of your trip to Iran. In this village you can find a variety of cactus, flowers, and ornamental plants. In addition to the flower village, which I am sure will astonish you, there are many caves in the city that you can visit in your seasonal Iran tours.

National Botanical Garden of Karaj

This beautiful garden, which is considered as one of the attractions of Alborz province, is located within the recreational park of Shahid Chamran in Karaj. It is considered as one of the most spectacular places during May. The Karaj flower garden has a variety of sections, including rose flower collection, open-air amphitheater, bird cage, restaurant, coffee shop, waterfall and flower carpet.

The flowers carpet is one of the most striking beauty of Karaj. This carpet is about 2,700 square meters and includes floral, seasonal and permanent flowers that are designed with the possibility of viewing from a high angle. Also, due to the variety of weather condition, the flowers of this carpet are replanted in different seasons.


Sareyn is one of the tourist destinations in Ardebil province, which is famous for its hot springs in seasonal Iran tours. These hot springs usually originate from Mount Sabalan, which is one of the reasons that makes you travel to this beautiful city. The city is in close proximity to Mount Sabalan, and this is why the city has its most beautiful landscapes and natural areas in May.


Kermanshah is one of those places you should not miss visiting during May. While this province is very lush, it is refreshing at the same time. The vast and lush plains with a variety of plant species, historic attractions in the heart of the vast plains of this province have become one of the most unique provinces and places to travel in May.


Well, this city needs no more explanation.  I think all people know about Shiraz and its beauty in May. If you have not seen Shiraz in May and you have not felt the smell of fresh oranges, then I can claim that you have not understand this season yet. When you walk in the green gardens of Shiraz in May, you will understand the meaning of life, Shiraz Gardens are small pieces of paradise, and they flourish much better during this month in seasonal Iran tours.


Badab-e Surt

The saltwater spring of Badab-e Surt is a unique in Iran and rare in the world. The most spectacular time for visiting this region is during the sunrise and the sunset that sunlight glows in the ponds along with the shadow of the surrounding nature. Badab-e Surt is beautiful in all seasons, and in every season it has its own specialties, but the most spectacular time is the spring and summer, because in the spring this area is very green and the summer is also a good time to swim in this beautiful ponds in your seasonal Iran tours.

Tange Bostanak

This spectacular area with its beautiful trees and rivers amazes every visitor.  Its Suitable vegetation, natural waterfalls, and abundant water flowing down the valley to the bottom of the springs have made the area wonderfully beautiful. In this beautiful and spectacular area, what looks green and beautiful is the magnificent scenery and what is heard, the tune of the water and the bustle of birds, and what feels is freshness and vitality.


Seasonal Iran tours

Heyran, Astara, Gilan province

Heyran is a village in Astara, and is considered among one of the most important tourist attractions in Gilan province. This gardens, which is the last protected area of Gilan province, is overlooking the mountains covered with massive forests in one side and on the one side overlooking the not-so-deep Valley through which Aras water passes. This river determines the border between Iran and Azerbaijan.

Birds Garden

Tehran’s Bird’s Garden is the largest collection of birds in the northeast of the capital, and in the heart of the Levizan forests.  In its design, most of natural instruments such as stone, wood, straw and pearl has been used. It has a beautiful and memorable view. Among The characteristic of this garden are the unique design and paved paths that are surrounded by beautiful trees and flowers. Screwed paths with grass-covered landscapes, beautiful alleys, waterfalls, small ponds, beautiful wooden bridges are all among the features that make this garden a prime example of Tehran. When entering the garden, the first thing that catches attention is the talking parrots that welcome your entrance into this place.


Fall is the best travel season for the nature and color lovers in seasonal Iran tours. So do not miss the pleasure of experiencing this vibrant and colorful season under the pretense of the cold and rainy air.


Seasonal Iran tours

Olasbelangah, Gilan

The area has many pastures and houses that are mostly made of wood.  In the winter, fewer inhabitants of the area stay on the country’s forests. Incidentally, this beautiful area is also the site of the burial of one of one of the most important figures in Iran.

Mirza Kuchik Khan with her loyal German companion, Gawk that is known in Iran as Hooshang went to the Khalkhal Mountains, but they were driven by storm, cold weather and winter. This village is located 30 km from Masal.

When you go to one of the country’s cottages and warm yourself a little in one of the Seasonal Iran tours, you will see a wooden door at the bottom of the cottage, when you open it, you can see the forest at a low altitude that is like a live painting that extends from east to west.

Ag Gol wetland

Ag Gol wetland that is also known as the Ag Gol is located between Markazi and Hamedan provinces and 20 kilometers northeast of Malayer and 1 km southeast of Ag Gol village.

This wetland is very beautiful in fall, as in this season the birds migrates from the cold regions of Russia. The wetland is filled with rain and melting snow from high altitudes. Kord Khvord wetland dries up in late spring, but breaks down in autumn and winter after that.

In terms of the availability of suitable food for birds, this wetland is one of the richest places in the western part of Iran. Studies show that there are 46 species of Iranian birds including ducks, flamingos, herons, chalks and others in this lagoon, and you can see them all at once there.


If you are not interested in nature, you can go to desert in cities like Yazd. You can experience all four seasons in one day in seasonal Iran tours.

Spring mornings, warm summer noon, autumn sunset, winter nights are among the presents of fall for the desert.

The seasonal harvest of products such as almonds, pistachios and pomegranates are among the beauties that has made Yazd attractive for tourists in this season; especially, in many farms of Yazd province, the pomegranate festival is held and a large number of tourists in These gardens will be present.

Meybod near Yazd is another historic city with many historic monuments that fascinate you when you visit this place.

Due to the valuable historical context of this city, most of its sites are listed in the historical monuments of Iran. Narin Castle, Pigeon Tower and Caravanserai are all the attractions of this city, which are among the must be visited places in the fall.

Lavij Rural District

The beautiful village of Lavij is a place that is surrounded by mountains of Alborz and has an unique nature. The mountains covered in greenery in the spring, stroking the eyes of every visitor, and in the autumn, a festival of colors is held in the area.

If you go to this area, do not miss its warm water. The Lavij spring flies out of the earth on the slopes of the eastern mountains. These spring have a lot of mineral that are very useful for skin diseases, joint pains, back pain, and, most importantly, relaxation.

From the famous spring there, we can name Bibno and the Shaffel, each of them has its own properties.


Seasonal Iran tours

Jandaq in center of Iran

Jandaq is located in the northern part of Isfahan. This is a city which its sky attracts many astronomers every year.

When you travel to Jandaq, you have the opportunity to experience camel riding. In addition, Jundagh’s wildlife has created special charm in the region with the existence of goat, ram, rabbit, lunar,  and corncrake, foxes, wolves, eagles and, of course, leopards and cheetahs.

If the trip to Jandaq was so attractive, you can also go from there to the “Rig Jen” desert, which makes your adventure much more exciting. This place is known as the Bermuda Triangle of Iran and has special features; therefore, it is better to go to the area with a tour.


In Iran you can find all four seasons in seasonal Iran tours. In all seasons, you can find a place that is warm and also areas that are cold. For this reason, the cold of winter cannot limit the tourists who hate the cold weather. Apart from this, there are some places in the country that are more beautiful during the winter.

Normally, the northern part of the country is more likely to be welcomed people in the spring and summer. However, some parts of this area have their own particular climate in winter. Obviously, the number of these places is more than to fit in this article.

In this section, we tried to introduce different parts of Iran that are suitable for winter trips and even the winter adds to their attractiveness. Some of these points are so fascinating and beautiful that looking at even their images changes the mood of the person.


Ashuradeh is the only island in “Caspian Sea”. This lake is located in the west of the Torkaman Port. To visit this place in your seasonal Iran tours, you have to go to the Torkaman port and then travel to the island by boat and enjoy the pristine nature and see the horses that exist on this island.


Masal is located in Gilan province. This is a place that everyone should experience it at least once during the winter. The beautiful and hilly altitude of this village has made this place a lost Paradise of Gilan.

Hot Spring of Sareyn

All people agree that going to Ardabil in advisable during the summer, but think that the weather is cold; you are dipped in a hot spring and enjoy the nature. In our opinion, the spring of Ardabil is one of the places where the trip to this year’s season will be enjoyable.

Zrebar Lake

One of the beautiful attractions of Kurdistan province is Zrebar Lake. Apart from the fact that the lake is very beautiful in the spring and summer, the ice of the lake gives it an extra beauty in winter. Before the development of Marivan, the lake was a few kilometers from the city, but now, with the development of the city of Marivan, its distance from the lake is not much.

The south and the center of Iran also have beautiful areas for winter trips, and is especially suitable for those who are not traveling in the cold during the winter.

In addition to the beautiful Kish Island, which is a good place for this season in seasonal Iran tours, there are other places to visit as well.

Hora jungle

This forest is one of the most beautiful natural attractions on the Qeshm Island. Each year, many Iranian and foreign tourists come to visit this point. This forest is more refreshing and more relaxing during the winter, and you can safely enjoy this beautiful nature.

Dasht-e Lut

Seasonal Iran tours

Loot Desert in center of Iran

Whether in summer or winter, this desert is very warm during the day. An interesting point is that a few dozen kilometers before reaching this place, you can enjoy the winter and snowy areas of the village of Siraj and enjoy the cold weather there.


If you are interested in visiting the historic sites, we will highly recommend the ancient city of Siraf that is located in Bushehr province. The city was destroyed many years ago by the earthquake, but still has its own beauties and monuments.

Maharloo Lake

“Maharloo Lake” in Fars province creates one of the most beautiful landscapes in the winter. One of the beauty of this lake is the presence of red algae that is resistant to salinity and when salinity increases, these algae grow more. The overexploitation of these organisms causes the algae to accumulate at the surface of the water and lay in a layer and the water level turns red.