Roudkhan Castle in Fooman heights

Tourist Attractions of Gilan

Roudkhan castle is a great and wonderful castle which is located in 25 km from southwest of Fooman and is built on top of a mountain in the forest. Roudkhan is the name of a castle which was built in the course of Seljuq and has built over the forested highlands of Fooman city in the Roudkhan village. The castle is 6/2 hectares and has 65 towers and it’s walls are over 1,500 meters.

We get to the castle after crossing the Fooman and several villages. Then along the way, must walk about five kilometers to the castle. The time required to pass this route on foot is about an hour and a half. Some of it must be pass through the constructed stairs. This massive castle is called Roudkhan. From Roudkhan village to the Roudkhan castle there are many beautiful nature and landscapes which attracts the attention of every visitor. In the ascent path to the castle there are long history trees and sheds light amidst from the branches of this tree down. Castle height is between 665 to 715 meters above sea level. On the right side of the castle, there is a river with the same name which originated from the highlands. Choose a suitable location, use of resistant materials, the use of various architectural styles and create various geometric shapes, is given a certain majesty to this complex. The general form of the castle is irregular and is composed of two parts: eastern and western. The castle has two Arg and 16 guard houses. An interesting aspect of Roudkhan castle architecture is pointed arches and its various types and designs of brickwork and Chinese stone which indicates the accuracy of its creators.