North of Iran

The magical landscapes, the lush and dreamy roads, the magnificent monuments and the ancient sites are among the small part of North of Iran that has attracted many people from all over the world to visit this region.

North of Iran is a land of beauty with a variety of seasons, each season giving a fantastic story to its visitors. This ancient land created this country among one of the best places in the world due to the spectacular views, magnificent attractions, unique architectures, stunning scenery, diverse weather in each season, rich culture and art, as well as the summer heat in many parts of Iran. In this article, we plan to introduce the best tourism destinations of Iran in the summer. You can enjoy both their beautiful nature and their cozy atmosphere.


North of Iran

Masal in Gilan province

Gilan has always been one of the best destinations for tourism in north of Iran, and with its pristine nature and pleasant weather has always been the host of many local and international travelers. Masal is one of the most famous and beautiful places in the province of Giilan.

With a lot of natural attractions and unique weather conditions, this area attracts many travelers in the spring and summer. One of the most famous venues in the area is the Olasbelangah or Ulsabankha village that is located 25 km south of Masal and at an altitude of 1800 meters above sea level.

In this wilderness, you will have the experience of walking on the clouds, which is like a dream that has come true in all of the visitors. Spending the night in the wooden houses of this area is a memorable experience that even the thought of being in this area refreshes the soul.


North of Iran

Sareyn in Ardebil province

Ardabil is known for its good and cool summers, its natural and cheerful food and the hot springs of Sareyn. Sareyn is a city with ever-boiling springs in north of Iran. Its airy atmosphere is becoming a vibrant attraction in the summertime and many tourists’ travels from different parts of Iran for water treatment as well as escape from the summer heat during the warm seasons.

The most important spa resort in Sareyn is the Sabalan spa, which is one of the largest and most healing waters in the whole of the Middle East. In addition to the spa, the city has many attractions which creates an enjoyable atmosphere for the visitors. From these beautiful sites, we can refer to the ancient Anahita hill, the fireplace village, the village of Alvars, and Sareyn Ski Resort which is the largest ski resort in Iran.

Javaher Deh

North of Iran

Javaher Deh in Ramsar

Mazandaran is a spectacular and lush province in the north of Iran. This city is one of the most famous areas of Iran for tourism. Javaher Deh which is one of the important villages of Ramsar, with its indescribable beauty is one of the masterpieces of creation in the field of nature.

This village has beautiful countryside and pleasant weather which makes it one of the great tourist destinations in the summer. The upstream streams of this village, with its beautiful waterfalls, the famous and delicious cuisines of the village such as Tabari kebab, Mirza Ghasemi, Ghelye Bademjan, Shirin Tareh and the warm and kind localities of the village have made this village a great attraction in the warm season and Bring joy and memories to its guests.


Deylaman, the most beautiful outskirts of the East of Gilan, is one of the most spectacular and most beautiful corners of the green lands of the north of Iran. The area is known for its cool, mountainous climate, abundant springs, lush landscapes as well as lush peaks.

Deylaman that is located at 2200 meters above the sea level is in the city of Syahkal in Gilan province. Deylaman is a small city that hosts many tourists in the different months of the year, and especially during the summer. Even in the summer, the weather is cool and sometimes it is necessary to use warm clothes to sleep at night.

Deylaman has a beautiful, lush mountain called “Darfak”. This mountain has created a beautiful view of the area. Watching this white peak between the forest greenery is very exciting.

Except for the green hills, the sense of freedom and liberation in this fantastic nature, waterfalls, rivers and the pristine forests, Deylaman has other historic attractions such as the Mirboluk bath, the historic castle of the Garmaro village, and other wonderful landmarks that make the trip to this delightful area more enjoyable for its travelers.


Damash is a land that is located on the height of Gilan in north of Iran, somewhere near the sky, on a magnificent mountain. It’s worth seeing this dreamland by passing through the muddy routes and reach this gorgeous paradise.

The climate of the village of Damash is moderate and cool in the spring and summer, and it is very cold in the fall and winter, which is why the area is one of the great destinations for summer travelers.

North of Iran

Damash in north of Iran

One of the natural attractions of this village is the “Susan Chelcheragh” flower. If you have a chance to travel there early in the summer, it will be one of your most memorable visits, and it will leave you with  pleasant weather along with beautiful scenery alongside these beautiful flowers.


North of Iran

Alasht in North of Iran

Alasht is one of the cities of Savadkoh in Mazandaran and the birth place of Reza Shah Pahlavi. With an unsurpassed nature, this area is home to many travelers in north of Iran. By traveling there, you can experience the life in the clouds, you can also experience the living in the sun and the forest altogether.

The summer season is one of the perfect time to travel to this area and Alasht will encircle you with its many beauties. This place with its beautiful nature and its unique waterfalls, climate, and the warm and kind people, is a pleasant  region to travel in the summer.

Many people believe that Northern part of Iran is one of the most attractive places in the country. Many tourists try to visit this beautiful place especially during the summer holidays.


The village of Filband, which is known as the roof of Mazandaran, is one of the most beautiful villages in the southern parts of Babol and Amol in north of Iran. This place is believed to float in a sea of ​​clouds. The Filband is the tallest village in Mazandaran, and attracts many tourists and nature enthusiasts in southern of Babol.

This spectacular village is located at 2,700 meters above sea level and is located above the clouds.  So you can see the clouds during the most part of the day. These clouds creates beautiful scenery with spectacular view in this area.

The weather is unpredictable in this area, but when the sun shines into this beautiful village, the landscape is fully visible, so you will be excited to see this breathtaking view.

This village is located near the 3392-meter-long summit of Andvar and is very different from its neighboring points. During most of the months, the village is covered with snow, but with the coming of spring, the beauty of this area is unmatched.


North of Iran

Talesh in Gilan province

“Talesh” is a region that is limited from the west to Ardebil province, north to Astara, south to Rudbar, and from the east to the Caspian Sea and Anzali. The spectacular attractions of this city are numerous and the diversity of natural attractions and tourism has made it one of the great destinations in the summer in north of Iran.

One of the landmarks and beautiful sites of Gilan Province is Talesh Forest Park. This park has created a beautiful and spectacular path through the tunnels of trees that blurs every visitor. Passing through this forest tunnel with a cool summer breeze is very agreeable and pleasant.

North of Iran

Talesh in Gilan

Also, the Sobatan area and the Varzan Waterfall with enjoyable and beautiful nature creates attractive and interesting sites that are considered among the other beauties of this area. These places are  especially appealing to nature riders and climbers in the summer.


The Aynalo Protected Area is one of the best tourist destinations in the north of Iran. This village is located 45 kilometers from the city of Kalibur and 15 kilometers from Ashghulo village at an altitude of 1500 meters above sea level. There are some protected and rare plant and animal species in this area.

With its cool and pleasant air, the lush and green trees of this area have made it a good option for a summer trip.  Due to its mountainous location with thick fogs, this land become one of the most attractive places in the area.

This area is a great place for adventure enthusiasts and those who are interested in camping. They can enjoy a pleasant holiday in the summer.

Arasbaran Jungles

North of Iran

Arasbaran Jungles in East Azerbaijan

Arasbaran is a mountainous region in the East Azerbaijan province and is considered one of the most beautiful areas in the north of Iran. The Arasbaran forest with many natural and animal characteristics has a total area of ​​about 80,427 meters. This area is also located on the southern side of the Ararat River.

This beautiful area that is influenced by the Mediterranean climate was introduced in 1976 as a biosphere reserve.

Given the fact that the area is protected, the beautiful countryside and unspoiled nature of this area has made it a great potential for tourism. In different cities and villages around this forest there are also various hotels that tourists can use to stay. They provide and have a great summer trip in the area.

Heyran, Astara

North of Iran

Heyran in Astara

Heyran, the point of contact and communication of Gilan province to Ardabil is one of the most beautiful regions of Iran’s nature and is one of the most beautiful roads in the north of Iran. Due to the difference in elevation from Gilan to Ardabil and the mountainous paths, the beauty of the nature of this area has no counterparts.

Heyran is a beautiful village in the city of Astara. This place is located in the province of Gilan, 30 km away from Astara. When the fog of this village appears on this path, it creates an inexpressible excitement for anyone.

In recent years, this area has attracted many summer tourists due to its excellent and pleasant air. The most important part of this area is the Heyran Telecabin, which has caused the development and increase of tourism industry in the province and the border city of  Astara, and thus, the enthusiasts can discover more of this beauty.

It is also a spectacular gazebo, with its many stops and restaurants, with many local and international  cuisines, which tourists can take in memories and photographs in specific parts of this beautiful place.

Savadkuh County

Savadkuh  is one of the most beautiful and attractive cities in the north of Iran. This city that is located in Mazandaran province is considered as one of the great tourist destinations for the summer. The village and lake of Savadkuh are among the beauty of the area that offers recreational facilities such as boat and water skiing and has simple accommodation for travelers.

North of Iran

Savadkuh County in Mazandaran

The waterfall and the bridge Veresk are one of the other spectacular views of this area. This waterfall is coming from the highlands of Qadamgah.

Savadkuh has many forest sections, among which there are also beautiful valleys, along with streams, waterfalls and numerous springs.

The existence of unique trees and along with wild fruit plants such as gooseberries, hawthorns,  grapes,  have added to the attractiveness of the forest areas of Savadkuh.

Adran Waterfall

After entering Chalous Road from Karaj, there is a sign on the right of the 18th km that leads you to this village. The road is severely cut off from the Chalous Road and is rapidly rising. After about 2 km, with almost flat road to enter the waterfall, you can park your vehicle in front of the Haft Cheshmeh Restaurant. After taking a short journey, park your vehicle near the villa at the beginning of the road and start the walk from there. This waterfall is located on the top of the rushing river of the Arjang Road of Chalous.

Badab-e Surt

North of Iran

Badab-e Surt in Mazandaran

Mineral springs are one of the most amazing masterpieces of nature. These springs are located 7 km west of the village, at an altitude of 1840 meters in Sari.

Badab-e Surt springs consist of two fountains with totally different waters in terms of color, smell and taste. One of the springs has a very salty water that is useful for the treatment of back, foot, rheumatism and skin pain, and another one that is adjacent to the first spring is orange, blue and its smaller with different shape and taste.

The sedimentary waters of these two springs, over the course of thousands of years, have created dozens of very small ponds in orange, yellow, and red in different sizes. The mineral springs of Badab-e Surt along with Mount Damavand have been registered as a national natural resource. Only in six countries in the world there are some similarities to these springs. These springs have been recorded worldwide as the second spring water source after the Pamukale spring in Turkey.

From Sari to the village of Arust, the road is completely asphalt, and from the village to the amazing springs of Badab-e Surt, one kilometer to the east of the village, is a dirt road. After you reach Telmedra, there is a police station. The road opposite the checkpoint goes to Arust. On this route, you will pass through the villages of Sorkht, Kuat , and eventually you will reach a three way known as the Three Lanes (the Three Way of Arust, Mal’ah, Badab Surat).

Namak Abrud

The construction of two separate pools for men and women each with 40 umbrellas (plus canopies), buffets, water showers and toilets, sailing docks,  traditional tea house,  restaurants, miniature suites and fishing lagoon are all designed to provide a better memory for the guests in this luxury resort in north of Iran.


North of Iran

Kelardasht in Mazandaran province

Kelardasht, a plain above the mountains; a city that has been enthralled by many people for years and hosts the multitude of tourists who spend their holidays in this area. But the dream road is waiting for us …

The forest road of Kelardasht is so beautiful that you will come back here one day. Do not miss the aesthetics of the beauty of the , hawthorn, pomegranate, gooseberry, raspberries and wild tomatoes.


Mazichal is 17 km away from Kelardasht and is considered as the summer residence of villagers and livestock breeders in the region.

Here you have the opportunity to experience a different life from urban people in the absence of electricity, and even the mobile phone antenna. Take Kelardasht Road to Abbasabad, and drive for about 2 km. From the village of Tavidarreh, which is on the left side of the road, drive on a dirt road. You need to ride for about 17 kilometer to reach your destination.