Neolithic period evidences are discovered in the Bavanat in Fars state.

According to archaeological team supervisor from Iranian Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization: In Harmangan archaeological site which is located in the west of the Jashnian village in the Bavanat city, They detected about 20 ancient effects, recently. Archaeological researchers are started to keep this area. This area can increase our understanding of the culture of the Neolithic period.

Most of the discoveries that made in this area are including pottery shards and animal bones. From the materials which are obtained from this area, are taken Laboratory samples and after the necessary tests on them, will be determined the exact date of this historical area. But most likely to have around 7800 to 8100 years old.

Bavanat city is a city in Fars province that is located on the Isfahan route to Bandar Abbas. Bavanat city is in the northeastern of Fars province.