Lut Desert at the hottest point of the earth and with the highest, widest and most beautiful sand dunes, registered in the global UNESCO list.

At the closing session of the fortieth session of the World Heritage Committee of UNESCO, Kerman Lut desert was world record. Lut wilderness is seventh effect recorded of Kerman province in the list of UNESCO world. Before that three subterranean, Bam, Shazdeh Mahan Garden and Meymand rocky village were registered on this list.

Lut Desert is the largest desert in Iran and the highest temperature was recorded in 2005 with the maximum temperature 70/7 ° C. The reason for heat of Lut desert is drought and dark color which absorb the sun’s heat.

The highest and most exclusive sand hills or pyramids of world are located in Lut desert, which the height of some of them reaches to 480 meters.

Lut covers an area of 175,000 km, is in the north-eastern of Kerman province and is located among the three provinces of Khorasan, Sistan-Baluchestan and Kerman.

Sunrise and sunset in the desert, starry sky, silence of the desert, mosaic of sand, salt crystals and . . . .are among the most attractive for tourists is the Iranian desert.  Deserts have unique and pristine beauties and Desert area of Iran and their unique features, has become Iran to the world’s desert most famous. Camel rides, desert sky and Walking on the sand Bewitch man. Live closely with stars, creates indescribable emotional in humans.

Lut desert have lots of sand dunes that stretches from north east to south.