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Dariush Grand Hotel

There are a lot of beautiful, modern and large hotels in the world; Dariush Hotel is one of the only beautiful and large Kish Hotels that introduce the culture and civilization of a large and ancient nation of Iran to the guests. This hotel tries to display the glory of the vast monarchy, the culture and civilization of Iranians in the Persian Gulf region.

Kish hotels

Dariush Grand Hotel in Kish island

The Dariush Grand Hotel was built in collaboration with Iranian engineers on an area of ​​123000 square meters in 2003. This hotel is equipped with 184 rooms and suites with the possibility to face the sea or garden. Among the facilities of this hotel, we can name Apadana and Pasargad Restaurant (with a variety of Persian, French, Sea and Fast Food meals), free transfer to airport, free buffet breakfast, exclusive diving, Thai massage, separate open-air pool for men and women that overlook the Persian Gulf, Wireless Internet, Tennis and billiard lounge, exclusive beautiful lake, an open-air amphitheater on the seafront, a covered gym, as well as providing a visit to the Dolphin Park and the Bird’s Garden.

Kish hotels

Dariush Hotel in Kish

Dariush Grand Hotel offers an unrivaled and exclusive architecture among the other 5 stars Kish hotels.  This hotel with well-trained and professional staff always welcomes tourists to Kish Island from all over the world. The hotel was built with the investment of 125 million dollars in the best part of Kish Island.

Dariush Grand Hotel Restaurants and Cafes

Apadana Restaurant: Located on the ground floor of the hotel with a variety of Persian, French and Arabian cuisine. It is ready to serve the hotel’s guests from 13:30 to 15:30.

Pasargad Restaurant: Located on the ground floor of the hotel and serving a variety of Iranian, foreign, seafood and fast food from 13 to 24.

Dariush’s Coffee Shop: Located in the lobby of the hotel offering a variety of hot and cold drinks, sweets and desserts. It is ready to serve guests from 10:30 to 1:00 in the morning. The breakfast buffet is from 7:30 to 10:30.

Toranj Marine Hotel

Kish hotels

Toranj Marine Hotel in Kish

Toranj Marine Hotel is the first Mediterranean Sea hotel located in the northwest of Kish Island, and has a special place among the 5-star Kish hotels. Toranj Marine Hotel that is unique in its kind has two parts of land-based and sea-based that is interconnected together. The floors of the villas are covered with glasses to provide a more pleasant environment for Kish hotels passengers.  A 5-star bergamot has been built around the beautiful Kish Island to select the right area to build the 5-star hotel. The northwest area is the reason for the smooth seaside from the coast to around 1000 meters. A great deal of research has been done around the beautiful Kish Island to select the right area for this hotel, and finally they selected the northwest of the island because of its smooth seaside.

In the construction of Toranj Marine Hotel, a lot of engineers tried to design and implement the construction of this hotel on the basis that they build an environmental friendly place. A lot of engineering groups have done their best to accomplish this task.

Toranj Marine Hotel is one of the Kish hotels which has 100 suites and rooms in various sizes. These suites are interconnected with a wooden pier (about 1 km). The units are 40 meters, 60 meters and 120 meters respectively.

Sunshine hotel that is located on the glass floor provides Breakfast buffet, afternoon buffet, Cafe-bar (cafe and snack bar, seafront, seafront coffee shop, A tea house. Among the other features of this hotel we can name a photographic studio, a games room, billiards, a steam room, a spa, a launderette, a tourism help desk, car rentals, an emergency, beach volleyball, a gym, and a baby’s home.

For the sake of the guests, Toranj Marine Hotel has provided daily service to the Kish shopping malls. Golf cars are used for transportation, and to move the daily necessities of rooms. The two artificial islands in a seafront of the hotel has attracted migratory birds and it also helps preserving the ecosystem of this area. That’s one of the most beautiful Kish hotels.

Marina Park Hotel

Kish hotels

Marina Park Hotel in Kish island

Hotel Marina Kish Park was erected in March 2010. This hotel is unique and offers a variety of luxury rooms and suites. With its variety of decorative and natural plants, as well as beautiful views of the water, The Marina Park Hotel offers a magnificent view of the hotel.  Each side of the hotel is made up of two floors and has a total of 190 units. The Marina Hotel overlooks the Persian Gulf Beach and offers views of the Sea to some of the hotel’s rooms. The five-star Marina Kish Park Hotel offers accommodation in a very good location and easy access to various parts of the island, including the Marjan Park, Dolphin Park, Bird Garden and Kish Aquarium.

Marina Park Hotel is one of the Kish hotels which is located at the most beautiful point of Kish Island, and is considered as the only Marina Hotel in Iran. This hotel is located in an area of ​​more than 10 hectares, which creates a beautiful green space with varied plant species and attractive waterfalls throughout the island.

On the two sides of the coral and beautiful beaches of Persian Gulf,  Marina Park Hotel presents itself as the first and most unique Marina hotel in Kish Island. Its enchanting and eye-catching atmosphere attracts the attention of every visitor from all over the country and the world.

Unique architecture combined with decoration and modern equipment along with pristine nature brings a new definition of travel in the visitor’s mind. Trained and experienced staff of this hotel are ready to create the memory of a journey that has ever lasting effects in the mind of all visitors.

By staying at this hotel, you can ride around the island and drive on the beautiful roads of this place. You can take a dive and enjoy from the exciting sea sports. The Marina Kish Hotel offers you special facilities in a very pleasant and memorable atmosphere.

Parmis Hotel

Kish hotels

Parmis Hotel in Kish island

Parmis Hotel that is one of the five star kish hotels in the Kish Island opened in 2006 and has many fans due to its close proximity to shopping malls and amusement harbors. It is good to know that Parmis Hotel is just a 20-minute walk from the waterfront. Not only is it close to the pier, but because of its great location, the Kish markets and business centers are within a ten minute walk of this area. one of the most important reasons for its popularity is the patient and hospitable staff of the Parmis Hotel. The experienced staff, along with the unmatched facilities of this five-star hotel, will bring you a memorable sweet trip. This hotel features 2 Iranian and Western restaurants, a traditional restaurant and Italian restaurant. Parmis Hotel’s Coffee Shop is open 24 hours a day and is a good choice for the people who are interested to stay up late at nightlife. The hotel’s facilities include a swimming pool, spa, steam room, Jacuzzi, massage and billiards. If you’re a gamer, this hotel has a decent gaming center. The reception and transfer services are available 24 hours a day.

The hotel is designed in a special style, and with the use of the most modern equipment inside the hotel and the rooms, it offers a memorable and relaxing stay for the guests. The five-star Parmis Kish Hotels features a variety of restaurants, conference halls and conference venues that meet the world’s standards. Parmis Hotel is located in a place that provides easy access to Campus 1, Campus 2 and Carting shopping centers.

A swimming pool, a sauna, a Jacuzzi, a billiard room, a massage salon and a computer saloon are among the facilities that you and your children will have during your stay at this hotel.

If you like the sea, we suggest choosing a sea view room or suite, and enjoy watching the Gulf of Persia.

Shaygan Hotel

Shaygan Hotel opened and operated in an area of 15,000 square meters in the best part of the Kish Island.

The hotel has six floors with three lifts for guests along with one hundred and thirty luxurious suites with Jacuzzi and also a pleasant view to the sea and the island.

The hotel’s short distance to the beach, amusement harbors and the main shopping centers such as the Zeytoon market, and other commercial centers such as Panjiz, campus 1 and 2, allows you to walk to these places and enjoy the pleasant weather of this beautiful island.

In 2011, Shaygan Hotel was awarded by the World Tourism Organization (UNTWO) that is located in Spain for the best hotel and catering service in the area.

Also in December 2011, Shaygan Hotel has been honored to receive the golden brand statue of the 2nd Tourism Festival in Tehran.

Hotel Shaygan has a wide range of facilities, restaurants and meeting rooms, and is equipped with a qualified staff to hold scientific, cultural, and business meetings. It is also equipped with recreation halls, sports camps, banquets and other celebration facilities.

Other facilities include: a meeting room, a sports complex including a swimming pool, a sauna and Jacuzzi, and a massage room, a billiard room, Persian and foreign restaurants, fast food, traditional Café, etc.

Vida Hotel

Kish hotels

Vida Hotel in Kish island

Vida Hotel is a luxurious and modern hotel on the beautiful island of Kish. Because of the unique features, the name and reputation of this hotel has spread all around the world. This hotel with the most up-to-date hospitality and entertainment facilities is one of the famous a 5-star hotels in Kish Island. With a unique position on Kish, this hotel is well-liked by many enthusiasts and visitors of this area. You can learn more about this hotel by reading the rest of this article.

Kish hotels have always had a great deal of tourist attraction, and one of these important places is Vida Hotel. This place that is newly founded is located on the beautiful side of island and is home to Kish Travelers with the latest amenities. Among the most important features of this hotel, we can name its proximity to major commercial centers, proximity to the airport and also other amenities and services.

Buffet Hotel Restaurant & Breakfast Project with a unique design and the use of the best and most quality materials of wood has been implemented since 2017 by Persia Steel. You can have a variety of cold and hot meals and drinks with a unique atmosphere there.

Among the most important Facilities of Vida Hotel, we can name Buffet Breakfast, Airport Transfer, Snooker, Fitness Center, Pool, Sauna, Jacuzzi, tea and coffee services on site, CIP Entrance to Kish (transfer from the foot of the airplane stairs for special occasions ), 50% Dolphin Park discount (referring to the hotel’s tourism counter), and so on.

This hotel is equipped with 144 rooms and suites that are located in the second to ninth floor of this 9-floor building. The 5-star Vida Hotel is also located on the 1st floor and is home to a variety of Iranian and international cuisine. Due to its location on the Boulevard of Moj, The Vida Hotel is in close proximity to some important places such as Sharif University of Technology. It is also 1.5 km from the beach.

Hotel Iran

If you are planning to stay in one of luxurious Kish hotels, the 5-star Iran Hotel is one of the best options. This 7-story hotel is made up of two separate towers, with its unique architecture, some rooms overlook the sea, and others overlook the island and the city’s big park. The hotel has an intelligent system and is equipped with the best air conditioning and cooling systems. You can enjoy the finest Iranian and foreign cuisine at the restaurant of this hotel and enjoy a range of sporting activities. From here you can easily go to the business centers of the city and enjoy the marvels of this island and also the beach.

Kish hotels

Hotel Iran in Kish island

This hotel is one of the few smart hotels in Kish Island, with a comprehensive coverage of wireless Internet access in all suites and rooms. The well trained staffs try to provide new hotel services to respectable tourists. Iran Hotel is also the only hotel on the island that has enjoyed the new generation of Air Conditioning and Cooling Systems.

Parmida Hotel

Parmida Hotel was launched in March 2014. This luxury hotel offers luxurious accommodations and a memorable stay for guests. The 5-star Parmida Hotel is located in a good place on the island and offers easy access to the most important parts of Kish island including, Sarina 2 complex, Hypermarkets and Carting other business centers. Parmida Hotel is one of the best places in Kish Island that provide the guests a memorable stay by offering the best services by trained personnel.

A variety of recreational facilities, such as bicycles, scooters and electric cars are provided at the hotel’s grounds. Therefore, there are wonderful conditions for entertainment, especially for children. If you want to go shopping, you can use shopping centers like Zeytoon, Javaher and other places that are located nearby. The sweetness of your trip to Kish can be completed with gourmet cuisine of this hotel’s restaurant. You can try both Iranian and also international dishes in Baba Ghodrat restaurant. Finally, by staying at Parmida hotel, you can record the memory of your trips in the hotel photography studio.

Sorinet Maryam Hotel

Sorinet Maryam Hotel is one of the famous places that is under the supervision of Sorinet Maryam Group. This hotel was launched in November 2013 after reconstruction and renovation. Sorinet Maryam Hotel is located in the southeast of Amir Kabir Square in Kish Island. This hotel that was built in four floors has its own unique architecture that was inspired by the European Baroque architectural style. Among the features of this hotel, we can name its proximity to the beach as well as Kish shopping centers like Morvarid Market, Pardis 1 and 2, and other Commercial Centers.

Sorinet Maryam Hotel has 56 rooms and suites including standard rooms (with luxurious and elegant decorations), junior suites (one bedroom with living room), and luxury suites (with a separate bedroom and separate living room). The rooms and suites of this hotel are equipped with room services, buffet breakfast, buffet lunch, evening service, tea and coffee service, Wi-Fi internet access, dedicated safe, IPTV and mini-bar.

Kish hotels

Sorinet Maryam Hotel in Kish

This hotel is among the few hotels equipped with advanced facilities such as intelligent control system and IPTV. With this technology, all electrical appliances in the rooms, such as lights and ventilation systems, will automatically light up as passengers enter the room.

The hotel restaurant, with its experienced staff and also Iranian and international cuisine is ready to welcome guests from all parts of the world. Also, the Lounge that is located on the Sorinet Maryam Hotel, with a resounding piano and a variety of hot and cold drinks serves the guest 24 hours a day.