Khuzestan Hotels

Khuzestan has long been a cradle of civilization and has great capabilities in this field. The presence of valuable architectural monuments in this ancient province reflects the efforts of the warm and hospitable people of this province. In below we have mentioned a lot of Khuzestan Hotels.

Ahvaz Hotels

Ahvaz Pars Hotel

Ahvaz Pars Hotel with an area of ​​10129 square meters is one of Khuzestan hotels which started its activities in 1968. This 5-star hotel that is located in Ahvaz, consists of 5 floors and 136 units of accommodation, with coffee shops, outdoor pools, summer restaurants and conference halls. One of the advantages of Ahvaz Pars Hotel, which welcomes guests from all over the world, is its proximity to the beautiful Karun River, which is one of the most important sights in the city of Ahvaz. This hotel is 10 km from the airport, and provides the guests with Easy access to the Ahvaz railway station.

Pars Hotel was also renovated in 2014 in order to provide better services for the guests. The exquisite and well-trained staff of this family-run accommodation will provide a pleasant and memorable stay in this five-star Hotel. It is worth mentioning that this hotel is part of the Pars Hotel Group.

Ahvaz Pars Hotel provides you with a great experience by accessing to the city and business centers and it makes it easy for the guests to visit the interesting sites of the city and Walk along the Karun River. Among the other features of this hotel, we can name access to the Chogha Zanbil Ziggurat, the Apadana Palace, and Shushtar Aquatic Structures. This hotel is the best resident place in Ahvaz with high quality facilities and reasonable price. There are many restaurants and hall in this hotel, among which we can name the Caravan Restaurant, the hotel’s seasonal restaurant on the first floor, the breakfast room and the multipurpose meeting room. The outdoor swimming pool of Ahvaz Pars Hotel is very suitable for the summer. Billiards, snooker, darts and … are also among the other opportunity that can entertain the guests. That’s one of the most famous Khuzestan hotels which is located in Ahvaz city.


Naderi Hotel

Khuzestan Hotels

Naderi Hotel in Ahvaz

The well-known Naderi Hotel is one of the oldest Khuzestan hotels in Ahvaz and Iran, as well as the first hotel among the Naderi hotels groups. It was founded in 1963 by Hassan Naderi near Imam Market and on the East Imam Street. The Hotel Naderi features a traditional restaurant with mirror pillars and paintings with shahnameh stories, coffee shop, and billiard salon. Naderi Hotel Staff are always ready to provides the high quality service and host the guests from all over the country and the world.

Among the features at this hotel we can name the air conditioned room, an Iranian service restaurants. The Roman restaurant at this Hotel has a 24-hour service. Children under 3 years of age free of charge and 3-7 years old will be credited for a half price at the hotel.

Naderi Hotel, with experienced and professional staff is located in the city center. The hotel is composed of 5 floors and 115 suites, which are designed to accommodate guests with different tastes. Naderi Hotel has a good location in the city center and on Imam Khomeini Street. This hotel has been able to become one of the best in Ahvaz by providing decent accommodation. Naderi Hotel has 115 units, including 1 to 4 beds. That’s one of the best Khuzestan hotels.

Persia Hotel

Persia Hotel opens in 2007 in downtown of Ahvaz. The hotel was built on an area of 1,100 square meters. The Persian commercial center is located on the ground floor with 200 commercial units and stores serving passengers. Persia Hotel’s accommodation units are located on the third to fifth floor, which include 57 single rooms, twin-flats and suites. This hotel is located near the public transport station, which makes it easy for travelers to access other parts of the city. There are numerous stores around the Persia Hotel. It is also 1 km to the beautiful Karun River.

Free services at the Persia Hotel Ahvaz include billiards, gym, wireless internet access, cafe, 24-hour video game center, 24-hour video, 24-hour satellite TV channels, and buffet breakfast.

The Persia Hotel has facilities like a restaurant, a coffee shop, a laundry, a conference room with a capacity of 60 people, an auditorium, a seminar room with a capacity of 90 people.

This unique hotel is one of the most popular Khuzestan hotels in Ahvaz. Persia Hotel with facilities such as Buffet Breakfast, Restaurant, Business Centers in two floors including 200 shops, beautiful green space and experienced and professional staff provides a pleasant and memorable stay for the guests.

Hediye Hotel

The popular Hediye hotel is located in the northwest of Ahvaz region in Kianpars area next to the gift shop of Ahvaz. With its unique architecture, this hotel is adjacent to the western coast of Karun River. The lobby and stores of this hotel are located on the ground floor of this five-story hotel. The accommodation units are located on second to fourth floor. The restaurant, coffee shop and conference hall are also placed on the fifth floor of Hediye hotel. The location of the hotel is such that its northern and eastern sides overlooks the beautiful Karun River and the city of Ahvaz. Easy access to the airport, railway, city center, business and medical centers are among the important benefits of Hediye Hotel.

The hotel has suites with various capacities and facilities. The proximity to the Karun River, the most beautiful and longest Middle East artificial waterfall in Ahvaz, and also easy access to pilgrimage and travel destinations such as Ali bin Mahzyar, Sarim Ajam, Moin Al-Tojjar Caravanserai and the House of Justice are among the other important features of this hotel. The restaurant serves a variety of Iranian and Western cuisine for lunch and dinner. You can also find free breakfast buffet, taxi service, and free parking.The hotel is trying to provide peaceful and comfortable accommodation to its passengers and guests.

Neyshekar Hotel

Khuzestan Hotels

Neyshekar Hotel in Ahvaz

The Four Star Neyshekar Hotel is one of the best Khuzestan hotels in the beautiful and spectacular city of Ahvaz that was founded in 1996. The hotel has 55 rooms with comfortable accommodations and a quiet, clean environment. This hotel is located in the central area of ​​Ahvaz, near the Azad University. The hotel has a restaurant with a capacity of 130 people and serves a variety of Iranian and foreign cuisine. Neyshekar Hotel offers amenities including a heated indoor swimming pool and an airport transportation for the comfort of guests and passenger. Other good features of Neyshekar Hotel include conference hall with advanced audio and video systems for holding conferences and meetings. Neyshekar Hotel was renovated in 2011 to provide better quality service. Easy access to Islamic Azad University is one of the reasons for choosing a Neyshekar Hotel. This four star hotel with its well-equipped equipment and experienced staff is always ready to welcome guests from all parts of the country.

This beautiful that is located in the sunny and southern part of the country has 55 rooms with comfortable accommodations and a quiet and clean environment. That’s the most famous 4-star Khuzestan hotels which is located in Ahvaz city.

Abadan Hotels

Abadan Karvansara Pars Hotel

Abadan Karvansara Pars Hotel was built in the years before the revolution and around 1971. The activity of the hotel was stopped during the war and was restored after the war in 1991. After reconstructions in 1995, the Pars Hotel was reopened and became a member of the Pars Hotel Group in 2008. The four-star Pars Caravanserai Hotel has 93 rooms and suites, which are located in the ground floor and half-story. Other facilities at the Pars Hotel include restaurant halls, coffee shops, billiards, tennis courts and traditional tea. This hotel joined the Pars Hotel Group in 2008. This four star hotel has 91 accommodation units, of which 87 rooms are suites, royal suites and a standard suite. Other facilities at Abadan Karvansara Pars Hotel include restaurant halls, coffee shops, billiards, tennis courts and traditional tea, a refrigerator, a TV, a pool, a restaurant, a car park, a chapel, a lobby, a satellite, a shop and a booth and a coffee shop. Restaurant and Coffee Shop This collection features a variety of delicacies, desserts and freshly prepared drinks for travelers. The hotel has three restaurants called Orkide, Shaghayegh and Nastaran and a multi-purpose hall for celebrations.

Parsian Azadi Hotel

Khuzestan Hotels

Parsian Azadi Hotel in Abadan

Parsian Azadi Hotel was founded in 1968. The hotel was originally founded with the name of the Persian Hotel. Due to damages in the Iran-Iraq war, it was rebuilt in 1993 and began to operate under the name of Parsian Azadi Hotel. The Parsian Hotel was restored in 2003 to improve some of the facilities and services. The Four Star Parsian Azadi Hotel has 3 floors and 46 rooms and 2 separate rooms for the disabled. This hotel is located between Abadan and Khorramshahr, and offers easy access to Abadan Airport. The hotel is also a member of the Parsian Hotel Group.

Among the facilities and privileges of this hotel, we can name its lactation that is in the heart of Abadan, easy access to sightseeing places like Abadan Shipping Port, Central Market, Cinema, Abadan Museum, Khorramshahr City, Restaurant, Coffee Shop, Conference Hall, VIP cars to companies and individuals, multi-purpose cars, Laundry, and traditional tea. Hotel Parsian Azadi Abadan is one of the best hotels in the city of Abadan and has a brilliant history of hospitality.

This hotel is located outside the traffic and is close to the city center and is only a short distance from the airport, market, museum and places of interest in Abadan. Free Wi-Fi is available at this hotel. It offers airport transfers, parking and high-speed internet access. The Parsian Azadi Restaurant serves a variety of delicious Southern, Traditional, Persian, Marine and Arabic cuisine.

Parsian Azadi Hotel Abadan is one of the Khuzestan hotels which is located in the center of the oil-rich city Abadan and near the ferry port. The professional and highly trained staff in Abadan Parsian Hotel are trying to provide travelers with the best service, and a create a memorable stay in the minds of travelers.

 Shushtar Hotels

Shushtar Hotel

Khuzestan Hotels

Shushtar Hotel in Khuzestan

Shushtar Hotel is a historic residence area and one of the Khuzestan hotels that dates back to 200 years ago and the Qajar era. After renovating and equipping it as the first traditional hotel in Khuzestan province since the beginning of 2013, its glory has resurfaced. The house has 11 rooms, 9 of which are to provide accommodation for guests.

The standard capacity of this traditional hotel is 21 people and can be increased by an additional capacity up to 30 passengers. The courtyard of this traditional hotel has a garden and a dock and is furnished with traditional architecture. Among The advantages of this residence, we can name its proximity to historic sights such as the Shushtar waterfall and mills.

Khuzestan Hotels

Shushtar Hotel in Khouzestan

The traditional Shushtar hotel is located in one of Shushtar’s oldest neighborhoods. This hotel that was built by Abdullah Banoo, overlook the blue structures, and is considered among the most famous and prominent attraction of Shushtar’s historical and natural sites.

The interior spaces of the hotel with its unique architectural design, and decorations brings a beautiful and memorable sceneries in front of your eyes.

All of the hotel’s rooms are open to the courtyard, and with a memorable architecture and a relaxed atmosphere, you will be able to enjoy the unforgettable moments of joy in this place. For having an enjoyable and memorable day, you can have the traditional and free breakfast at this hotel.

From Shushtar Hotel, you can easily go to Abdullah Banu’s historic monument, Jame Mosque and Khan Garden and enjoy the beauty of the Daryoun River. If you are shopping, you can make purchases from the historic market and business centers near the hotel.

Do not worry about flying around. Use the Hotel Tours to explore Shushtar Hotel and enjoy the historic city with its unique and historic architecture. After surfing in the city, go to Mostofi restaurant and taste your favorite Persian food and enjoy the traditional pleasures of this area.

Staying at this hotel can make the Memories of the trip to the city of Shushtar unforgettable.

Reasons for staying at this traditional hotel

Beautiful and tranquil rooms with traditional decorations, the tourist attractions and easy access to the major attractions of the city, including the Shushtar Aquatic Structures, are among the reasons that make this place among the travelers’ top selection in this city.

Facilities of this hotel include: close to the Mostofi Museum Restaurant, 300 meters away with Shushtar Waterfalls, Afzal Caravanserai (handicraft market), Kolah Farangi Tower, Shandoorwan Bridge and close to Shushtar Railway Station

The traditional Shushtar hotel is located in one of the best tourist destinations in Shushtar and is close to many historical and spectacular sites in this place. That’s one of the most beautiful Khuzestan hotels and you can easily visit the Shushtar Aquatic Structures which is a world heritage site within a few minutes of walking.

Afzal Traditional Residence

Khuzestan hotels

Afzal Traditional Residence in Shushtar

Afzal Traditional Residence is one of the Khuzestan hotels which also is a historic sites of the Qajar period in Shushtar city, in which you can see the combination of Iranian and Islamic art. Afzal family is one of the famous Shushtar families who used to have a home based business in Shushtar and some other Khuzestan cities like Khorramshahr and were associated with Hindu merchants.

This mansion is owned by the late Rajabali Afzal. The underground of this mansion has two parts that are called Shabestan and Shawadan. Shabestan has has four rooms and Shawdan is equipped with one room. Ground floor also has 3 rooms and has access to the terrace with three steps.

Afzal mansion was built around 200 years ago during the Qajar era. This mansion was renovated in 2014 and is ready to welcome guests. The Afzal traditional Residence has 6 accommodation units with a total capacity of 19 people. Easy access to historical and tourist attractions, including Shushtar’s waterfall and mills provides a nostalgic accommodation to the residents of this hotel. For the comfort of the guests, the bathroom are publicly provided in this hotel.

This mansion house was registered in April last year, and was opened by the Salman Investment Group on May 31, 2007 as the traditional hotel in Shushtar.

Dezful Hotels

Dezful Tourism Hotel

Khuzestan Hotels

Dezful Tourism Hotel in Khouzestan

Dezful Tourism Hotel has 2 floors and 20 rooms. This hotel is one of the Khuzestan hotels which was opened in 2013. With its facilities such as a restaurant, coffee shop and conference hall, the hotel offers its guests the opportunity to have a memorable stay at this place. The three star Dezful Hotel is located on 15 Khordad Avenue and has a short distance from the Dez River.

The hotel was founded in 1991. The Dezful Tourism Hotel is trying to introduce Iran’s rich culture to Iranian and foreign travelers. The Dezful hotel’s Restaurant has a capacity of 300 people and is well-prepared for guests. One of the most important features of this place is the taste of Dezful’s restaurant that is unmatched in the area.