Isfahan five stars hotels

Abbasi Hotel

Abbasi Hotel is one of the Isfahan five stars hotels that is one of the famous 5-star hotels in Isfahan is Located in Amadgah Street, near the shopping and entertainment centers such as the Garden of Hasht Behesht and the Art Market. This historic residence place dates back to the famous Abbasid era. This hotel that is constructed during the reign of the last king of Safavid is considered among the oldest hotels in the world. Abbasi Hotel is a magnificent building and legacy of the manifestations of art and architecture of Iran, that no word could describe its beauty throughout the history. With its unique facilities, such as diverse restaurants, sports facilities and luxurious rooms, this hotel provides the most beautiful and lively halls for the travelers. Here you can see the history and reside at the museum, at the height of art and beauty, with the most advanced principles.

Isfahan five stars hotels

Abbasi hotel in Isfahan

In the Isfahan five stars hotels, the Abbasi Hotel, which is a tourist attraction itself, has preserved its glory and immortality in all its spheres. For example, from the Halls and yards, we can name the places like the great Qapu Hall. This hall attracts your attention from the moment you arrive at the door. Inside the hall you will see beautiful paintings and drawings that are made with the hands by the Qajar and Safavid artists. This hall is suitable for ceremonial meetings with a capacity of 30 people. In addition, Abbasi Hotel also has other halls, such as Naqsh-e-Jahan and the Mirror Hall, each of which has its own beauty.

Abbasi Hotel is one of the Isfahan five stars hotels which has very beautiful and impressive entrances from which you can enter into the restaurant, which has the most beautiful stucco and mirror. You are so immersed in its beauty that you forget the reason you entered there. On the other side, there are large screenshots that portrays Iran over the past 150 years. These images are in fact photos taken from the paintings of two foreign tourists.

In this hotel, it appears that the king of Safavid invited you to a grand banquet. At the hotel restaurant, you can order a variety of Iranian, foreign, ocean food, desserts and beverages, and it surprise you with the kind of formalities you will receive.

In addition to the Abbasid guest house, its gardens has a restaurant, a traditional tea shop and a garden terrace. A variety of traditional and Iranian cuisine, a variety of syrups and beverages are on the menus of this restaurants.

In Isfahan five stars hotels, the Abbasi hotel’s rooms are varied and you may think that they are made for the kings. These units that are designed as suites, rooms and apartments, all built according to the principles and standards of the day and equipped with modern amenities. The decorations of some of the rooms like the campus surprise all the visitors, and some of them like the Safavid and Qajar rooms fascinate people because of their beautiful and modern designs. The two-and-three-bedroom apartments of Abbasi Hotel offer you the most up-to-date and best facilities, and has a good view of the garden.

Parsian Kowsar Hotel

Isfahan five stars hotels

Parsian Kowsar hotel, Isfahan

Parsian Kowsar Hotel is a historic hotel and is one of the Isfahan five stars hotels located on the shore of Zayandeh Rud. This 5-star hotel with the ideal location offers a beautiful view of the Si-o-seh pol and greenery of Zayandeh Rud. You can stay at the Parsian Kowsar Hotel that is located near the most important tourist destinations in Isfahan and go around this city and start from Si-o-seh pol that is right in front of it. You can start the morning walk on the green side of the lake and enjoy the night walk along the beautiful bridge with good lighting and refreshing atmosphere.

Parsian Kowsar Hotel is one of the Isfahan five stars hotels which has good facilities, including standard rooms and suites, Royal, Normal and Duplex. You can select and reserve any of these units according to your taste and needs. All facilities are provided in these units to provide a pleasant experience and memorable stay.

There is no time limit at the Simin Hotel Parsian Restaurant. Whenever you have a meal, you can go to the restaurant in the hotel’s lobby and enjoy its 24-hour service.

The trip to Isfahan is not complete without eating the traditional Beiryan food. You can find healthy and delicious food in Parsian Kowsar Hotel. To experience the original taste of this traditional dish, go to the hotel’s gardens and have a lunch at the traditional Sarv Restaurant.

Luxury Zarrin Restaurant is for travelers who prefer to enjoy Iranian and foreign cuisine in luxury areas. This restaurant is located in the lobby overlooking the gardens. For a meal, you can also go to the gardens and enjoy a variety of Iranian and Western cuisine in a refreshing and lush environment.

For those who prefer barbecue, they can go to the restaurant that is located around the pool and beside the garden of Kowsar Hotel that provides a pleasant atmosphere for its guests.

The comfortable lobby of Parsian Kowsar Hotel is a coffee shop with a variety of hot and cold drinks, desserts and cakes. It provides you with Cozy and quiet atmosphere for intimate conversations and friendly meetings.

Parsian Kowsar Hotel also is one of the Isfahan five stars hotels which has well-equipped and modern halls for conferences and meetings. Among the facilities that this place provides are a panoramic view of the last floor of the hotel, which, along with the good facilities that it provides, gives you a complete view of Si-o-seh pol. Another hall that is called Mikhak is located in the middle of the lobby and is suitable for holding of workshops and seminars.

Aseman Hotel

Isfahan five stars hotels

Aseman hotel in Isfahan

Aseman Hotel is a 4 star hotel that belongs to the Aria Hotel Group. This hotel is located on Motahari St., opposite of Isfahan Steel Bridge, and is one of the city’s tallest buildings. There is a 5-minute walk from the hotel to Zayandeh Rud. You will also have easy access to historic bridges such as Si-o-seh pol and other landmarks.

Revolving Restaurant is a distinctive feature of Aseman Hotel. This restaurant is located on the top floor of the hotel and invites you to have your meal and at the same time watch the neighborhood. While enjoying a beautiful view at the restaurant, you can enjoy the pleasures of a variety of Iranian and foreign cuisine with a great taste and excellent service.

Find cool Kentucky, hot and cold pizzas and sandwiches in the fast food of Aseman Hotel on the second floor and go to the coffee shop at the hotel’s coffee shop if you are fond of delicious beverages or desserts and ice cream.

Aseman Hotel has simple rooms, suites and one and two bedroom apartments. In each of these units you will have all the good facilities. But for the unsurpassed scenery of Zayandeh Rud Green Side, book hotel rooms. In addition to facing Zayandeh Rud, These units also have a Jacuzzi.

Other facilities at Aseman Hotel include various halls for celebrations and conferences. You can hold your celebration and also meeting in Moonlight Hall and Moon Café, and if you want a lounge with a high capacity, you will have to book Breeze, or Sunshine Halls.

Aseman Hotel also has various venues with different capacities that are suitable for convening seminars and conferences. Organize your small meetings in Baran and Mahtab halls and convene conferences that require a larger place in the Ejtemaat hall.

Piroozi Hotel

Isfahan five stars hotels

Piroozi hotel in Isfahan

The Four Star Piroozy Hotel of Isfahan or as formerly known as Dariush hotel, has over 40 years of experience in hospitality, and is ready to provide a memorable journey to its guests in the city of turquoise domes. Due to its location in the city center and in the vicinity to historical and cultural places such as Chehelsotun Garden and Naqsh-e Jahan Square that includes Imam’s mosque, the Ali Qapu Palace, Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, Isfahan’s Big Market, Hasht Behesht Mansion, Chahar Bagh Mosque and School, the Museum of Natural History (Teymouri Hall), the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Museum of Decorative Arts, the Aligholi Agha Historical Complex, this place provides a memorable stay for all the residents. The hotel is also close to the beautiful Zayandeh Rud River and the historic bridges of Si-o-seh pol,  and Khaju. With 96 bedrooms, Piroozy Hotel is equipped with the most modern facilities and accommodation in each season and is ready to host the guests. Other facilities include conference rooms, various Persian and Western dishes, a 24-hour coffee shop, parking, laundry facilities, a gym complex including a wet and dry sauna, a Jacuzzi, cold water pond and a gym.

Safir Hotel

The four-star Safir Hotel opens in front of the Abbasi Hotel in the historic center of Isfahan on one of the main streets of the city that is known as Amadgah Street, in 1992. The hotel was completely renovated in early 2013. Safir Hotel is equipped with more than 100 privately-held, modern and luxuriously decorated guest rooms. The hotel is close to commercial centers, Charbagh Street, Traditional Art Market, Abbasi Complex, Naqsh-e Jahan Square, and other historical and tourist attractions including the Chaharbagh School. Facilities at the hotel include a 24-hour room service, a 24-hour front desk, a laundry service, a conference room, a swimming pool, a sauna, a traditional and Iranian bath, a fitness center, parking, free internet access, a restaurant, a cafe, an on-site safe for disabled and veterans and various other stores.

Avin Hotel

The four-star Avin hotel has been opened in the best spot of Isfahan in Hatef Avenue in February 2012. Due to the proximity to Naqsh-e Jahan Square and other historical and tourist places of Isfahan such as Si-o-seh pol, Zayande Rud, Chehelsotun Palace, Ali Qapu Palace, Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, Mesgarha Bazaar, and proximity to the markets and other business centers of Isfahan, it is considered among the best resident places in Isfahan. This newly built hotel with 2 floors and 72 rooms has modern architecture. The hotel also offers a variety of services such as coffee shops with a variety of hot and cold drinks with a capacity of 50 people, a restaurant with a range of Iranian and international cuisine has the capacity of 145 people, a massage room, a handicraft stand, a gym, a booth Tourism, Vip Room, Free Internet in the lobby area and parking, Conference hall with capacity 50 people, Cafe, Conference hall, Meeting room, Facilities such as lift, Entrance ramp and wheelchair access for disabled people, Parking by The capacity of 60 vehicles and qualified personnel is ready to welcome guests.

Khajoo Hotel

Isfahan five stars hotels

Khajoo hotel in Isfahan

The four star Khajoo Hotel is located on Chaharbagh Khajoo Street in Isfahan. This 6-story hotel has a twin bed rooms with all the facilities and amenities available for serving the guests.

Facilities at Khajoo Hotel of Esfahan include: A roof terrace restaurant with spectacular views along with live music, a classic restaurant with a varied menu and delightful atmosphere, and a coffee shop with a quiet and pleasant environment with a variety of hot and cold drinks. In addition, the hotel offers high-speed internet access, a 24-hour front desk, a safe, and an on-site restaurant.

Atlas Hotel

Four Star Atlas Hotel is located on the administrative site of Shahin Shahr Municipality on Imam Khomeini Boulevard and opened in August 2013. The hotel has 49 spacious living spaces on the first to third floor including 9 single-deck rooms, 17 double-deck rooms, 12 double rooms, and 2 suites with all amenities for four-star hotels. The distance between Atlas Hotel and Isfahan Shahid Beheshti Airport is 47 km and is 15 km to Naqshe- Jahan Stadium. From the facilities of this hotel we can name a gym, a bowling alley, a parking lot, an airline office, a restaurant with a great view on the upper floors facing the Shahin Shahr Park and the coffee shop.

Ali-Qapu Parsian Hotel

Isfahan five stars hotels

Ali Ghapou hotel in Isfahan

The four-star luxury hotel Ali-Qapu is another member of the Parsian Hotel Group, located in the heart of the historic city of Isfahan on Charbagh Street with its beautiful and traditional architecture. The hotel has 104 luxurious rooms with all the facilities and excellent service for the guests’ well-being. Among the prominent features of this hotel are the close proximity to the tourist and historic sites of the city such as Si-o-seh pol, Zayande Rud, Chehelsotun Palace, Ali Qapu Palace, Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, Mesgarha Bazaar, and proximity to the markets and other business centers. Other facilities and services of the hotel include the magnificent Ali Qapu restaurant with a variety of Iranian and foreign cuisine, Venice’s Italian Restaurant, a large and beautiful lobby, laundry, a hotel safe, carpet and handicraft shopping centers, a hairdressing salon, an indoor swimming pool, a sauna, a steam room, and a Fitness salon.