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Hassan Rohani, Iran’s president, said that ”the tourism industry is one of the ways of development of the country”.

Hassan Rohani, Iran’s president said in a speech at the commemoration of World Tourism Day: Certainly one of the ways to develop the country’s economic is the development of the tourism industry .

The President stressed that: Today one of the most important goals for us is job creation, technology development and attract investment.

In another part of his speech he said: Foreign policy and its relations with various countries are one of the fundamental tips to attract tourists. If our political situation in the world be undesirable conditions and in terms of foreign policy if we fail to succeed Iran phobia plot, we can not count on this issue and one of the glories of the government is able to confront Iran phobia, well.

The President emphasized: Today, Iran’s face, is different from the last few years in general. Today the conditions are such that the governments which in the past have encouraged people not to travel to Iran, Today have taken to prevent it or even recommend that tourists travel to Iran as a safe country.

He stressed: We have a big investment for our safety. The result of this major capital is in the security of investment and tourism. Security has been created in this country for that we attract tourists. The Islamic Republic of Iran is one of his major policies to constructive engagement with the world.

President noted: In the past three years, we have made a good progress in the tourism industry and attract foreign tourists in Iran. We had about 10% annual growth and this growth is acceptable. Of course, for our country, this is a low growth and we should have a faster growth. There are a variety of tourist attractions including the historic in our country.