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Dariush Grand Hotel

At Kish Island, you can stay in one of the most unique Iran hotels. A 5-star residence, symbolizing the glory of ancient Iranian civilizations and cultures. Dariush Hotel is one of the most beautiful residential centers in Kish, in which its ancient architecture attracts the attention of all the visitors. This hotel is one of the most suitable resorts for those who are looking for a relaxed, beautiful and high quality resident environment.

Whether you want to go shopping or sightseeing, this hotel is a great choice for you. You can stay at this hotel near the campus markets and have good access to the business centers. In the Dariush hotel, you can stay in different rooms according to your taste. If you want to open your room’s window with the view of the sea in the morning, look for the twins or the Royal Suites or select Coastal villas of the hotel. But if you want a better view of the garden, make sure to book the rooms and suites that face the garden in advance.

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Dariush Grand Hotel in Kish

The hotel is located in a good area for cycling. In order to do this, you can use the bikes that exists behind the main building of the hotel. In addition to having the Scent of the sea and watching the blue water, you will always enjoy the entertainment of the Kish Island, or take a few kilometers to the left of the hotel to the island’s water jetty. Tennis court is located on the northern side of the hotel and can entertain you for hours. Other recreational facilities include a pool, billiard and fitness centers, ping-pong, rafting, Thai massage and exclusive diving, all of which make this hotel an ideal choice. Dariush’s tourist attractions offer guests the opportunity to visit the Bird’s Garden, Dolphin Park, Concerts, Island Tours and Classic shows.

You can enjoy a variety of Iranian, overseas and seafood dishes in the two Apadana and Pasargad restaurants and fast food and enjoy a variety of different dishes. Go to Dariush’s Hotel if you want a relaxed stay with a pleasant scent of the sea and nature, while at the same time watching the magnificent civilization of the country.

Homa Hotel

Kish hotels

Homa Hotel in Kish island

Homa Hotel 2 is one of the 5 star Iran hotels in Mashhad, located in a quiet, distant part of the city. To go to the Homa Hotel 2, you must go to the Shahid Fahmide Square through the Pasdaran Avenue. It is located In the vicinity of the 600 Dastgah and the Astan Qods Park, you can see the brightly colored building, which is known as Homa Hotel in Mashhad.

The Homa Hotel is one of the hotels among Homa hotels group, which has been opened for a long time. It is well-maintained, and tries to provide enjoyable stay for pilgrims. If you plan to visit Imam Reza Holy shrine, do not stay at this hotel. Because this hotel is located far from that place. You can easily accesses the shrine, but you cannot walk from the harbor to the shrine from there. But if you hate the noise and crowds of the city and you search a hotel in Mashhad, which offers you peaceful tranquility, this hotel is one of the best options. Of course, you don’t need to be worried about the distance to the shrine, because the hotel has solved this problem with a number of services.

Homa Hotel 2 in Mashhad has all the features of a good hotel. From the well-equipped rooms and suites to the facilities and entertainment. The Homa Hotel offers two types of accommodation units and suites: luxury and royal suite, most of which have garden views. Suites have been added to the Homa 2 hotel lately, which are tremendously large and delightful. These suites, like a large apartment complex, bring you a comfortable stay.

Residing here is among the memories that always remains in the corner of your mind, and whenever you hear the name of Mashhad, you will want to visit this hotel again. The hotel’s excellent facilities are among the reasons that put this hotel on the top of accommodation list in Mashhad. For example, the Silva Road Restaurant of Homa Hotel, serves Delicious Iranian and Western dishes during the 24-hour of a day. At the hotel’s summer restaurant, appetite is multiplied by the fountain, the water and greenery. This restaurant brings you a delicious taste during the hot summer nights in a cool and pleasant atmosphere.

You can experience this feeling and appetite other than the summer restaurant in the traditional Iranian tea house. This place gives you a wonderful and memorable mood by playing the traditional music.

You will never be bored with staying at Hama Hotel. This hotel features sports and leisure facilities such as a covered swimming pool, steam room, Jacuzzi, and a barbecue area that you can spend hours there and have fun.

To all the facilities mentioned, we must add conference halls. This place will help you organize your meetings with the most advanced and diverse facilities and arrangements.

If you are buying souvenirs, you can go to Almas-e-Shargh and Promah. These centers are from the nearest markets to the Homa Hotel 2.

In addition to visiting the religious sites in Mashhad, you will also be able to visit city’s park and go to the amusement park that is located next to it. The Kuhsangi Park, a famous resort in Mashhad, is also not far from the Homa Hotel. The Razavi Museum, Nader Shah museum are also some attractions that are located around the shrine, which you can visit at the Homa 2 hotel reservations.

Pardisan Hotel

The Pardisan hotel in Mashhad has been operating in a land of over 33,000 square meters since 2001. This 5-floor hotel, with 162 units of accommodation including various kinds of rooms such as double and single suites is available to guests and pilgrims with beautiful decoration. Restaurants, coffee shops and sports facilities, such as a sauna and pool, are among the important features of Pardisan five stars hotel. The large conference rooms and amphitheaters at this hotel have made it possible to become an important center to host various conferences in the country. The other positive points of this hotel are the proximity to Ferdowsi University of Mashhad.

Parmis Hotel

Kish hotels

Parmis Hotel of Kish

Parmis Hotel with an infrastructure of 17500 square meters started its activity in 2006. This hotel is designed in a special style. With the use of the most modern equipment inside the hotel and the rooms, it provides a memorable and relaxing stay for the guests. The five-star Parmis Hotel is one of the Iran hotels which features a variety of restaurants and conference halls in accordance with world-class standards, which, with the help of experienced staff, will be available for meetings and parties. Parmis Hotel location provides easy access to the shopping centers of Pardis 1, Pardis 2 and Carting. The guests of Parmis Hotel do not have a sea view, and some rooms only have windows that opens toward the sea.

Shiraz Homa Hotel

Shiraz Homa Hotel that is located in Azadi Park is one of the most beautiful places in Shiraz. This hotel was built in 1971 and the latest renovation that took place in different parts of the hotel was in 2014. Shiraz Homa Hotel has 8 floors, including 212 twin rooms and 22 suites. All rooms at the hotel have beautiful views of the garden or the high mountains. The five star Shiraz Homa Hotel is under the supervision of the Homa International Iran hotels Group.

Shiraz Pars Hotel

Shiraz Pars Hotel opened in 2002 in two distinct buildings with 188 rooms and suites in Karim Khan Zand Street. This hotel is located in the city center and is under the supervision of Mr. Asadollah Bakhshi. The convenient location of Pars Hotel in Kareem Khan Zand Avenue provides quick and easy access to all the sights and entertainment centers of Shiraz. Also offering the highest level of service overnight, the five stars Pars Hotel of Shiraz has become one of the best Iran hotels in the south of the country. It is worth noting that this hotel is a member of the Aria Hotel Group.

Dad Hotel of Yazd

Iran hotels

Iran hotels

Dad Hotel was first opened in 1928 by Hajj Abdul Khaleq under the Title of Barbari-e-Dad for transportation of goods and also as a guest house. It continued with the same name until the 1993. In that year, with the preservation of the traditional architecture, the building was restored by the descendants of Hajj Abdul Khaleq and Hajj Mohammad Hassan. It was commissioned in 2007 as the four star hotel. The Yazd hotel is located in the old part of the city, which provides easy access to historical monuments such as the Zoroastrian Temple and the Amir Chakhmgaq complex. The hotel has 3 floors, with 88 rooms and suites that are spread out on the ground and first floors. The rooms on the basement floor also have a courtyard that are connected by the steps to the hotel’s central courtyard. The traditional architecture of the arches of the hotel are brick and wood along with modern amenities that will provide a vibrant and pleasing experience for the guests. That is one of the unique Iran hotels.

Shahryar International Hotel

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Shahryar International Hotel in Tabriz

The five star Shahryar International Hotel is one of the unique Iran hotels in the heart of Tabriz in a lush green area, which opened in summer of 2007 with all the modern equipment in accordance with international standards. Shahryar International Hotel has 200 luxuriously furnished accommodation units, all equipped with modern amenities. This hotel features two large restaurants that are called cactus and Cheshm Andaz, multipurpose dining halls, conference rooms, various stores, special services for disabled people, separate sports complexes for women and men with free and exclusive teams, coffee shops, amphitheater and parking facilities.

Park Hotel

Park Hotel that is located in the commercial center of the city is one of the largest Iran hotels in Orumiyeh and opened in 2009. This 7-story hotel has of 75 luxury units and is equipped with an interesting design with a different pattern. The Park Hotel features an on-site car park, a restaurant with a range of Persian and Western cuisine, modern fast food, a 24-hour coffee shop, a fitness center, a lounge, a laundry, a shopping center, a conference room, a medical clinic, a hotel safe, disabled services, Children’s playground and wireless internet and always welcomes its dear guests.

Astara International Espinas Hotel

The four-star Astara International Espinas Hotel is one of the magnificent Iran hotel next to the Natural Steel Lake, 5 km from Bandar Anzali, in an ultra-quiet and lush mountainous environment facing the Spinass Mountains. This hotel has been designed with a view of Persepolis on six floors with 160 rooms and suites with breathtaking views of the Salt Lake and the mountains of Espinas with the most modern facilities in 1999. The area where the hotel is located has the lowest air humidity among the coastal cities of the north. One of the best features of the hotel is the soul-loving nature of the hotel, guests of this place can wake up in the morning with the sound of birds and sleep in the night with the sound of singing frogs at the lake side, and also watch Swans, ducks and other birds for hours. This hotel features pools, saunas, Jacuzzi, magnificent lounges with live music, Thai, French, Mediterranean, local and Iranian restaurants, coffee shops, fast food, dry cleaning, Breakfast Buffet with fresh and Local bread, jet ski, tennis court, football and badminton, taxi service, game net, billiard lounge, quiet environment and unsurpassed view, pleasant greenery, private parking, access to sightseeing attractions such as hot spring of Koet, Lundwill waterfall , Astara border Shop, Heyran Gardens, proximity to Ardabil and Sarein hot spring, and 75 km distance to Ardebil airport.

Parsian Khazar Hotel

Parsian Khazar Hotel of Chalous, known as Haiti Khazar, is one of the most beautiful and best five star Iran hotels in the beautiful Caspian Sea waters. When you arrive at the entrance to this hotel, you need to cross the fantastic forest road to the sea. This 50-year-old hotel was opened in the 1950s by the famous Haitian Hotel in Chalus. The Caspian Hotel has been renamed to the Parsian Khazar Hotel of Chalus after the Islamic revolution, and is currently under the supervision of Parsian Hotel Group. The hotel has 174 rooms and suites with beautiful views of the sea and the forest. This hotel is located between forest and the see around which is the Hirkani Forest of Mazandaran. Parsian Khazar Hotel is in a special position with the best weather conditions, which is why the Parsian Caspian Hotel is one of the most popular places for tourists in all seasons. The facilities and privileges of this hotel can be accessed both by the sea and the forest. while having a view of the sea and the jungle, this hotel features the exclusive beach and all the pleasures of well-equipped hotel including motor boats, Parasol, jet Skiing and …, conference halls, dry cleaning, beach bike rides, 3 restaurants with capacity more than 200 people, coffee shop, sports complex including outdoor swimming pool (available in summer), sauna and Jacuzzi, Children park, game net and multi-purpose forums.

Baba Taher International Hotel

The 4 stars International Baba Taher Hotel is located in the heart of the city of Hamedan near the famous Iranian poet and mystic tomb, Baba Taher, and in the center of all the major attractions and entertainment and business centers of this city. This hotel offers a variety of accommodation options, along with modern facilities available throughout the world. In addition to the Baba Taher Tomb, the hotel has an easy access to Abu Ali Sina’s tomb, Hegmataneh hill and the Alavian dome. This hotel is equipped with a variety of restaurants, including national restaurants, Alvand with restaurant with Rooftop viewand intimate atmosphere, rooftop garden, and also a variety of shops, billiard halls, outdoor parking, a pool, internet access in the lobby and a quiet and pleasant environment.

Pars international hotel of Kerman

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Pars international hotel of Kerman

The five star Pars international hotel of Kerman is another member of the Pars Iran hotels Group, and is considered among the best hotels in Kerman, it was opened in 2002 in the main boulevard of Kerman, near the historic tourist attractions. Pars international hotel of Kerman has 8 floors consisting of 197 luxuriously furnished accommodation units, all equipped with amenities. Other attractions of this hotel are the proximity to the airport, railway station and shopping malls. Other facilities include: Star-e Restaurant, Ayne Restaurant, Summer Garden Restaurant, Coffee Shop, Swimming Pool, Sauna and Jacuzzi, Gym, Conference and Meeting Rooms, Currency Exchange, Bank, Multiple Stores, Hotel Exterior Garden, 50 Car Parking lot, laundry, free Internet, a massage salon, a special service for the disabled people, and live music in the lobby.