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International Laleh Hotel (Golshan Historic House)

Laleh Hotel is one of the Iran Hotel which is located in an exceptional location on Basij Boulevard of Yazd, and next to Golshan Historic Water Storage and also in the heart of traditional part of Yazd. The rooms and suites of the hotel are beautifully and traditionally renovated with unique decoration. This hotel provides a suitable environment for guests with different tastes. The dome roof of the rooms are made with brick and decorated by genuine Iranian architecture. The modern equipment of the rooms has created a combination of modern and tradition.

Laleh Hotel of Yazd (Golshan Historic House) was first constructed in Qajar period. The building was used as a residential home until 1978. Because of Islamic revolution, it was abandoned for several years. They finally started the renovation in early 2000 and they completed its construction after 3 years. This place has been used as hotel since 2003.  Laleh Hotel is located in the heart of Yazd, and it provides easy access to different parts of the city including the historical sites and also the shopping centers.

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International Laleh Hotel (Golshan Historic House)

Sahel Hotel

The four-star Sahel Hotel that is one of the Iran Hotel which is located in Urmia started its activities in 1997 and was being renovated in 2011. This hotel is well-known for its beautiful, clean and secluded neighborhoods, and is placed near the forest park, the Urmia River and the market. The beach hotel features a full range of amenities including a restaurant, coffee shop, outdoor swimming pool, parking and an on-site parlor. Urmia Beach Hotel is equipped with experienced and trained staff and is ready to serve travelers to enjoy comfortable accommodations all year round.

The four-star Sahel Hotel has a convenient location. This hotel is faced with a beautiful mountain landscape from one side and a river from the other side. This hotel is close to the markets and shopping centers. It is located outside of traffic zone and 25 km away from the airport.

Laleh Hotel

Laleh Hotel with 97 rooms and suites, all of which are equipped with modern amenities was opened in 2000 in Sareyn. This four-story hotel has been renovated every year since its construction. Laleh Hotel of Sareyn is one of the Iran Hotel which is located in the city center and has easy access to water treatment complexes. From the other advantages of this hotel is its proximity to the rocky village of Kalkhvoran-e Viyand that is seven kilometers away from this hotel. The four-star Laleh hotel is equipped with conference hall and is ready to host business conferences and meetings.

Four Star Laleh Hotel is located in the best area of ​​the city opposite to Sabalan Water  Treatment and only in a short distance from the Sareyn mineral waters. This hotel is also Located 23 km from Sareyn and 12 km from the Alvares Sports Complex, the largest ski resort in Iran. Special facilities include a conference room with audio and video facilities, a cafeteria, a coffee shop, a traditional tablecloth, a summer restaurant, a  bank, a cafe, a library,  taxi service, and live music in special times and seasons like Summer. This hotel also provides free access to the Sabalan water treatment complex for its guests’ convenience. It is situated in a lush and beautiful landscape with an eye-catching restaurant that provides both local and international dishes.

Salar Darreh Hotel

Salar Darreh Hotel was built in 1973, and was renovated with luxurious and advanced facilities in 2009. The four-star Salar Darreh Hotel is one of the Iran Hotel which is located 12 km south of Sari and on the Sari road to Semnan close to Salar Valley in the lost paradise of Iran, Mazandaran. The hotel has 2 hectares of greenery with a unique natural landscape.  Salar Darreh Hotel is equipped with modern facilities and can be a very convenient and relaxing place for spending leisure time in the northern part of Iran. Among the facilities of this hotel, we can name a traditional tablecloth with a completely Iranian design and taste, a restaurant with more than 300 people, 2 saloons with very beautiful scenery, single and double bedrooms with amenities and unsurpassed views, Varied stores, coffee shops in a refined and calm environment, a 1000-person hall, cafes, suites and a duplex bedroom with superb amenities in a green environment.

Narenjestan Hotel

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Narenjestan Hotel near Caspian Sea

Narenjestan Hotel that is one of the Iran Hotel which is located in the beautiful beaches of Caspian sea is equipped with a collection of 57 duplex villas, 52 double and triple rooms, 10 suites and royal suites, amphitheater, restaurant and coffee shop with a variety of Iranian and foreign cuisine, coffee shops and fast food. This hotel that is equipped with Billiards and Computer Games, Traditional Tea & Commercial Center is proud to make your memories immortal and everlasting. The unique architecture of this complex provides you with a relaxed and tranquil atmosphere in line with the glamorous architecture of Iran.

Narenjestan Hotel that was opened in 1998 on an area of ​​7,000 square meters has 5 floors with 119 rooms, and was renovated in 2012. This Hotel is located between the cities of Mahmoud Abad and Noor. One of the good points about this hotel is that it offers easy access to these two coastal cities. The Narenjestan Hotel is located near the Caspian Sea, on the slopes of the Alborz Mountains and its eye-catching plains, where the vegetation of the jungle, the fields and the pleasant sea can create a memorable stay. Guests can enjoy a relaxing stay by spending their time in the beautiful area and the exclusive beach of this hotel. Watching the tranquil blue waves and the lush forests of Mazandaran, along with a pleasant breeze, are among the features that attracts the attention of any visitor. Narenjestan Hotel has a conference hall with advanced facilities, which is ready to host a variety of seminars. This hotel also offers the perfect amenities such as amphitheater, traditional restaurant with traditional surroundings and a variety of traditional and local cuisine, a seaside restaurant with a relaxed atmosphere and a spectacular view of the Caspian Sea. Other facilities include Panorama restaurant, sports and leisure facilities and professional staff. It is worth noting that this hotel is a member of the Aria Hotel Group.

Restaurant and cafes at Narenjestan Hotel

Panorama Restaurant and Cafe are located on the 5th floor of the Narenjestan Hotel. The Panorama Restaurant has a variety of cuisine, steaks and pasta in a fantastic and delightful setting.

Sadaf Restaurant that is situated in the eastern lobby of Narenjestan Hotel with a tranquil atmosphere and with a view to the beautiful sea of ​​Mazandaran welcomes guests to take pleasure from their stay.

Baharestan Restaurant: Located on the western side in the middle of the entrance to the beautiful Narenjestan Hotel.

Narenjestan Fast Food: Located on the seafront with a unique sea view.

Zagros International Hotel

Zagros International Hotel that is one of the Iran Hotel which is located in Borujerd was launched in 2001. This hotel has 2 floors and 34 suites and rooms. These units are located on both floors of the hotel. The Zagros International Hotel building has been a peaceful retreat on Chogha Hill, far from the city’s bustle. Some of the facilities of the four-star Zagros Hotel includes Restaurant, Coffee Shop and a Conference Hall. This hotel is the most important residential center in the city and is one of the international hotels of Iran.

Restaurants and Cafes of Zagros International Hotel

A restaurant with a capacity of about 200 people for lunch (12-16 pm) and dinner (20-23 pm) and breakfast with a capacity of 100 people (7:30 am)

Coffee shop located on the ground floor (working hours: 8:00 to 23:00)

Traditional tea shop located on the ground floor (working hours: 16:00 to 23:00)

The Zagros International Hotel with a unique landscape and an artificial waterfall near the children’s park is the best hotel in Borujerd. This hotel that was erected over a beautiful hill in March of 2000 has 34 rooms and suites with convenient atmosphere. Among the important facilities of this hotel, we can name Noor and Milad restaurants with capacity of 600 people and a variety of Iranian and foreign cuisine, conference hall with capacity of 80 people, coffee shop and traditional tea house.

Abadan Karvansara Pars Hotel

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Karvansara Pars Hotel in Abadan

The four star Karvansara Pars Hotel of Abadan started its activities in 1971 and was renovated from 1991 to 1995. This hotel has joined the group of Pars hotels since 2008. This hotel is in a unique location thanks to easy access to downtown, airport and railway. Karvansara Pars Hotel is one of the Iran Hotel which has a nice and elegant environment with 91 rooms and suites. Among the facilities of this hotel, we can name Nestaran Restaurant with a multipurpose lounge for organizing the ceremony, Orchid Restaurant, Shaghayegh Restaurant, Coffee Shop, Amphitheater, 24 Hour Reception Pool, 24-hour Billiards Club, Playground, Volleyball, 24-hour Basketball,  24-hour parking, meeting room, cafe, children’s playground, shopping center, laundry, hairdressing salon, photographic studios, fast food and traditional tea-makers. This hotel is always ready to welcome the guests from all over of the country and the world.

International Pars Hotel

International Pars Hotel is one of the most equipped and comprehensive Iran Hotel of Iran. This hotel that is a 5-star resort near Kerman city center offers the best accommodation for its guests. In order to get to International Pars Hotel, you need to go to the Jomhori Boulevard. After reaching the Farhangian intersection, you will see the Pars Hotel of Kerman that attracts your attention with its beautiful view.

From International Pars Hotel, you will have good access to the spectacular places of the city such as the Vakil’s bath, and also the Ganjali Khan market. You can go to the Grand Market of the city and buy handicrafts and souvenirs of Kerman.

At International Pars Hotel, you can relax in single rooms, double bed and twin beds or elegant suites and apartments of Aria and Pars. These accommodation units provide you with a beautiful view of the surrounding greenery, and with distinct facilities and services, it tries to record the best and lasting memories in your mind.

In Pars restaurants, you can enjoy delicious Iranian and international dishes. You can always enjoy from the pleasant atmosphere of Pars hotel with all types of beverages.

If you need a hall to do business. This hotel is a good option. Because of the conference hall, you will have an access to different equipment and facilities.

Iran Hotel

International Pars Hotel in Kerman

You can Enjoy relaxing moments in the Pars Hotel lobby. When you are waiting for one of your companions to go out or when you are tired, you can relax in the hotel’s stylish lobby.

On the trip to Kerman, select Pars Hotel from the Pars Hotel Group to enjoy the best facilities and services.

With its convenient location, the Pars Kerman Hotel provides easy access to the Kerman city’s leisure and entertainment centers.

Esteghlal Grand Hotel

Esteghlal Grand Hotel started its activities at the best of Zahedan in 1998. The hotel is equipped with all facilities according to international standards. This hotel is one of the Iran Hotel which is located in the heart of the city, and is in a short distance from the Grand Market. Esteghlal Hotel of Zahedan is ready to welcome the guests with experienced staff and experienced manager with all the modern amenities. Among the Facilities of this hotel, we can name an amphitheater, a conference room, a seminar room, a traditional tea house, coffee shop, high speed internet, airport transfers, in-city patrols, a hotel safe, a sauna, a laundry room, a children’s playroom, a Billiards salon, fitness clubs and outdoor restaurants.

Esteghlal Grand Hotel with 81 rooms equipped in accordance with international standards, including 7 suites of Royal, 56 double rooms, 18 single rooms, one large central alder welcomes guests from all over the country and the world. From the other facilities of this hotel, we can name the possibility of using a transfer and patrols in the city of Zahedan, a hotel safe, lounge and banquet hall, a sauna, a barbershop and live music performances.

Esteghlal Grand Hotel has attracted many tourists in the city of Zahedan with facilities like restaurants, coffee shops, amphitheater, conference, sports equipment and entertainment. Esteghlal Grand Hotel provides a pleasant atmosphere for guests. This hotel that is located in a convenient location of Zahedan has provided fast access to other parts of the city.

Lipar Grand Hotel

Lipar Hotel Chabahar is one of the most well-known Iran Hotel in the hotel industry. After serving over the years, the hotel was renovated in 2015. The four-star Lipar Grand Hotel is located next to the Oman Sea in the Chabahar Port. This hotel with 3 floors is equipped with varied accommodation facilities and all hotel amenities. Most of the rooms in the hotel have sea views, so guests staying in this place can watch the sunrise and sunset from the window of their room with the sea view and leave a memorable memory in their minds. Guests of the hotel can also take short walks to the shores of the Oman Sea to watch the beautiful waves. The Lipar Grand Hotel is also within easy reach of commercial complexes like Sadegh, Salehyar, Ferdows, Tis, Gold and Silk Market. Other facilities include coffee shop in the lobby, international cuisine with the most delicious seafood, Iranian and international cuisine, a diving cottage, a fitness center, a billiard room, a swimming pool, a sauna, a disabled access ramp, a laundry service, a taxi service, an internet connection and parking.

Qom International Hotel

Qom International Hotel is one of the Iran Hotel which is located on the Zaer Boulevard of Qom. This hotel began to serve the visitors of Masumeh’s shrine in 2001. Qom International Hotel has 3 floors, 80 rooms and one negative floor. All the rooms and suits of this hotel are equipped with furniture and air conditioning, a TV, a fridge, and a direct telephone. Other facilities at Qom International Hotel include a restaurant, coffee shop and conference room for organizing work meetings. The hotel is also close to the holy shrine of Masoumeh, shopping center and shopping malls. This hotel is located very close to the city center and overlooks the Qom River. It is worth mentioning that the hotel is a member of the Aria Hotel Group.

The Qom restaurant on the ground floor with a capacity of 350 people, with a beautiful decor and layout beside the waterfront, has a peaceful environment for lunch and dinner. It welcomes guests and offers a variety of Iranian and European cuisine with high quality in the declared hours. Breakfast is also served in the morning with a variety of hot and cold cuisine in the buffet every day.

Qom International Hotel with an area of ​​11500 square meters is the first and only four star hotel in the city of Qom. Having certificates on the establishment of quality management systems based on ISO9001: 2000, ISO22000: 2005, HACCP standards, proves that management and hotel personnel are striving to provide all the services provided at the highest and best possible standards in accordance with the standards of the day to the guests.