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Isfahan Tourist Hotel is one of the Iran hotels which can be considered as the nearest residential center to the historical center of the city. This hotel is located in the heart of Isfahan and close to all of the city’s historic monuments, including Si-o-seh-pol bridges and the Chaharbagh school. From the hotel you can easily go to the shopping malls and the city markets and visit the historic city building. This hotel is one of the most suitable options for those who want to have a decent, with high quality and priceless accommodation near the main attractions of the city.

Isfahan Tourist Hotel is one of the oldest places in the Iran hotels industry that was renovated in 2015 to provide tourists with better services. With 30 rooms and 5 suites on the 2nd floor, this hotel is located near the beautiful Zayandeh Rood River. Isfahan Tourist Hotel is located just in a short distance from the Si-o-Seh-pol bridges, the Hasht Behesht Palace, and the Chaharbagh School, and guests can easily access these monuments. The tourist hotel welcomes guests in a warm and pleasant environment.

Sheykh Bahaei Hotel

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Sheykh Bahaei Hotel in Isfahan

The architecture of Isfahan is one of the most prominent examples of Iran’s architecture. One of the fundamental principles that is rooted in the architecture of Iranians is the lack of imperfection and futility. The design and construction of Sheykh Bahaei Hotel has been considered as a fundamental approach in Iran hotels. The ultimate goal of establishment of Sheykh Bahaei Hotel is to create a simple atmosphere that will leave guests from their tiredness and troubles. This place helps them on the way to the tranquility and pleasure of traveling, as the guest feels, here is his home.

Sheykh Bahaei Hotel is located next to the beautiful and historic Charbagh of Abbasi, which is known as one of the most prominent streets of Isfahan. The location of the hotel is the shortest possible time with the old buildings of the ancient Isfahan, including the Naqsh-e Jahan Square, the Imam’s mosque, the great Ālī Qāpū mansion, the Chehel Soton Palace, the Si-o-seh-pol bridges and the Khajou bridge. Sheykh Bahaei Hotel in Isfahan opened in 2009 in the cultural capital of Iran, and has 52 rooms equipped with all amenities. The coherence of the interior spaces and the precision and skill used to select the materials and colors used in the interior of the lobby and the rooms is in such a way as to feel the calmness and safety of staying in the beautiful and luxurious Sheykh Bahaei Hotel in Isfahan.

Ibne Sina Hotel

The traditional Ibn Sina Hotel reminds the Iranian identity with a tranquil environment and a beautiful Iranian architecture in the historic city of Isfahan with the aim of attracting tourism. This hotel with total of 55 rooms and a capacity of 130 people always welcome guests. The traditional hotel of Ibn Sina is located in the traditional context of Isfahan and adjacent to Jameh Mosque of this city, Imam Ali Square, Allameh Majlis’ Tomb, Marketplace and many other places. The traditional hotel of Ibn Sina, Isfahan, with 55 rooms, 5 rooms, wireless internet, and coffee shop (in traditional space) serves the guests and hosts of the city.

Among the cities of Iran, Isfahan is such a jewel that, despite its historical fluctuations and the passing of centuries, has still maintained its glory and magnificent. It is as vibrant as it seems it has started life today and yet is as genuine as it seems it has always has been there. The rich culture and beautiful nature of Isfahan are so compatible that it seems that each is reflecting another. Isfahan is a complete manifestation of Iranian-Islamic culture. Isfahan is the city of Iranian handicrafts and traditional arts. Products of this kind play a major role in Iranian exports, especially to Europe. Contemporary arts and handicrafts of Isfahan are in fact a continuation of the art of the Safavid period by artisan professors. The objects that are produced are appreciated by the Iranians and foreigners and play a major role in the export of Isfahan. Weaving, carving, miniature painting, mosaic work, tile work, fabric work are among Important arts in Isfahan. The contemporary artists of Isfahan have made new innovations in tiling and painting in recent years. Isfahan also has a long tradition of music. This city has a continental climate with several seasons. The summer months are hot and dry from June to August; the winter months are with the occasional snowfall from December to February. So the best time to visit Isfahan is spring and autumn, when the sunshine is pleasant and suitable for work and other activities. Although the heat and cold in this city are extreme, cold does not last for more than three months. In the winter it rarely snow. Rain is usually in March and April, probably due to the melting of snow. A western wind blows all over the summer, when the sun sets in, the wind starts and it is so cool at night that you need to wear a wool coat. That’s one of the best traditional Iran hotels.

Isfahan Traditional Hotel

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Isfahan Traditional Hotel in Center of Iran

The traditional hotel of Isfahan is a four hundred-year-old building dating back to the Safavid era. This hotel is located in the historic site of the beautiful city of Isfahan and in the city center. Despite the fact that it has a traditional texture, the interior is modern and in accordance with international hotel standards. All Iran hotels units are located around its large courtyard and there is a pool with a fountain of water in the middle of the hotel that added to the beauty of this place. The hotel is close to Chaharbagh Avenue, Naqsh-e Jahan Square, Imam Mosque, Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, Ālī Qāpū mansion, Main Market, Chehelsoton Palace, Hasht Behesht Palace, and the beautiful building of Chahar Bagh School.

This historical monument that has been reconstructed in 2007 has one floor and 15 rooms with suitable amenities for tourists. The original building of this hotel was an old house dating back to more than four hundred and fifty years ago. The location of this traditional hotel that is located near Isfahan bazaar is one of the advantages of staying there. This traditional Hotel, with easy access to Gheitariyah and Chehel Sotoun Palace encourages many tourists to stay in this hotel.

Isfahan Mahan Hotel

If you are looking for an affordable accommodation in Isfahan, the Mahan Tourism Hotel is one of the Iran hotels which can be a good option. This beautiful residence is located east of the city of Isfahan and adjacent to the city’s main streets and offers easy access to different parts of the city without traffic congestion. The Mahan Tourism Hotel is located in a short distance from the tourist attractions such as the Flower Garden of Isfahan and Khaju Bridge, and is also the closest residential center to the Shahid Beheshti Airport in Isfahan.

This 8-story hotel consists of 48 bedrooms including 24 Twin Rooms, 12 Triple Rooms, 12 four-bed Rooms, 42 additional Beds with a capacity of 174 guests. Easy access to the city without traffic congestion is one of the advantages of this hotel. Hotel facilities include high-speed internet access in all rooms, 24-hour room service, laundry, parking, conference room and restaurant.

Atigh Hotel

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Atigh Hotel in Iran

The traditional Atigh hotel in Isfahan is one of the Iran hotels which is located in Darsad (Shahshahan) neighborhood. This old house is 1182 square meters in size, with 3 kingdoms, 3 armchairs, 20 rooms in a veil, central courtyard, symmetrical and inline. The traditional hut is a building with exterior and interior, entrance to the house with three vestibules a simple work and a long corridor with right twists. The entrance hall is divided into two parts, one way to the interior and the other way to the hotel’s outer part. Indoor Hall of This house is decorated with magnificent Muqarnas and paintings of milk, sugar and moldings. The long niches of this hall are arranged with curved arches.

The King’s Hall of the hotel is overlaid with an interior courtyard facing the 5th courtyard and is covered with the stones that are decorated with trimmings. The exterior hall is home to the beautiful Mogharnas decorations and paints of milk and sugar, and has 3 side windows facing the courtyard and 5 loungers facing the courtyard. The walls of the courtyard are covered with roofing and turquoise tiles. Due to the presence of two waterfronts in the two courtyards and the placement of the cabin, this creates an airy atmosphere that has a summer environment. The traditional hotel that is located in the heart of the historic part of Isfahan, with a 200-year-old history and a beautiful, distinctive and diverse museum with a relaxing ambience, is equipped with modern facilities, a special residence experience in this old house and familiarity with the customs of the past for travelers. This complex is located in the heart of the historic part of Isfahan, near the mosque of Atigh and close to commercial and recreational centers.

Toloo Khorshid Hotel

Toloo Khorshid Hotel dates back to the Qajar period, restored in 2010, and was launched in 2011 as the traditional Toloo Khorshid Hotel. That’s one of the oldest traditional Iran hotels.

This hotel is located in the heart of the oldest historic neighborhood of Isfahan, along with memorials from its predecessors such as Jami Mosque, Atigh Square, Naqsh-e Jahan Square and Charbagh Abbasi.

The traditional Toloo Khorshid Hotel was built according to the traditional architecture. The central courtyard is symmetrical and inward with a two floors entrance door, a central courtyard with water views and greenery and rooms around the courtyard with beautiful landscaped and dock and fountain.

This hotel is one of the first traditional hotels in Isfahan, with its beautiful breakfast room, traditional tea and terrace, private parking, free high speed internet, airport transfers, daily city and nature tours, car rental with a driver and handicraft shop and also many other services.

Koohpa Caravansary

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Koohpa Caravansary in Isfahan

Abbasi Koohpa Caravansary is located at 60 km of the Isfahan Nain Road and in the historic city of the Kuhpayeh. This beautiful hotel dates back to the Safavid period. This building was registered on June 17, 2000 with the number 2698 as one of the national works of Iran hotels. The renovation and restoration of this building with the preservation of the traditional Iranian originality was carried out by the company of Iranian Caravanserai Hotel in 2014 and is now ready to welcome travelers.

This section is one of the most extensive and oldest parts of Isfahan province, located on the margin of the central desert of Iran, and from the north to the cities of Ardestan, Borkhar and Meyma, and from the south to the parts of Jalgah and Bin Rood of Isfahan Province and from the east to Yazd province and the city of Naiyin and west to the central part of Isfahan. According to the last division of the country in 2001, there are three cities in this place that are called Kuhpayeh, Sajji and Toddash, and four county of Jebel, Toddash, Zafra, Sistan and more than 548 villages, fields and other places. The center of this section is known as Kuhpayeh.

Geological studies show that once the footprint of the Kuhpayeh has been taken all by the water (except mountainous areas) and over time, it has become drought, respectively, the populations of Zefra, the Kuhpayeh, etc., and if this is true, cities And villages at high altitudes are more ancient than elsewhere.

But what is certain is the cultural, religious, archaeological, historical, literacy and higher education highlighting the ancient history of the peoples of the region.

There are a variety of agricultural, animal husbandry, handicraft, services and office businesses in this sector.

Abbasi Koohpa Caravansary profile

Due to the geographic location, dating, growth and attention to the indigenous discussions (from protected areas without environmental degradation), the Abbasi Peninsula Caravanserai is one of the focal points for attracting domestic and foreign tourists.

Due to the geographical location, dating, growth and attention to the native areas (using protected areas without environmental degradation), Koohpa Caravansary is one of the main attraction centers for domestic and foreign tourists.

Today, the museum and old buildings have lost their idleness in the world and are moving in a dynamic direction. The Museum Hotel is an idea for a cultural event for the users of the building. Therefore, Koohpa Caravansary Residency has been rehabilitated without damaging the caravanserai foothills of Iranians under the registration number 49113 from 2012 to create a complete hotel with the reconstruction of the building to attract and resettle tourists.

This hotel is now ready to welcome travelers from the historic city of the Kuhpayeh. The hotel’s facilities include the lobby, the traditional dining room, the amusement parks, the multi-purpose hall and the convention center, the handicrafts shop and traditional products. Some of the historic, pilgrimage and recreational attractions close to this hotel include the central mosque of Kuhpayeh, the spring of the village of Verton, the sandy hills of Varzaneh, the ancient historic town of Varzaneh, the hog of Varzaneh, the castle of the Sassanid era, the swamp of Gavkhoni and Historical Village of Zafar Kand.

Safavi Hotel

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Safavi Hotel in Isfahan

Safavid Hotel has been designed and opened in 2006, relying on the style of traditional art in a quiet place, with Iranian original design in the middle of Isfahan and in a decent location. Quick and easy access to historic monuments such as the unique collection of Naqsh-e Jahan Square including the mosque of Imam, Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, the main market and Ālī Qāpū mansion, Chehelsoton Palace, Si-o-seh-pol bridges, Hasht Behesht Palace and other monuments, commercial and office centers, as well as Zayanderud embraces its great guests. That’s one of the most beautiful Iran hotels.

Khatoon Hotel

Khatoon Hotel is one of the Iran hotels which is located in one of the most historic and beautiful streets of Isfahan, Charbagh Abbasi Street, with convenient access to historic monuments such as Naqsh-e Jahan Square, Imam Mosque, Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, Ālī Qāpū mansion, Chehelsotun Mansion and Si-o-seh-pol bridges. This hotel has 15 bedroom and suites with modern decoration and all facilities and amenities. Among the amenities of the Khatoon Hotel are coffee shops, a breakfast room with a beautiful view of Zayanderud, Internet cafe, high speed Internet access, parking, taxi service, laundry dry cleaning services and experienced staff.

Venus Hotel

Within a few steps of Charbagh Abbasi and Si-o-seh-pol bridges, a pleasant environment with a unique design is provided for passengers in Isfahan. Venus Hotel is located on the 5th floor in the city center and offers good access to the city’s historic monuments. This hotel is one of the best hotels in Isfahan. A beautiful newly-built residence, equipped with modern equipment and spacious lounges, and a great space for tourists. The hotel building is a combination of traditional and modern architecture and has been constructed in accordance with Iranian architecture. Venus Hotel has beautiful paintings in the style of the noble architecture of Safavid and Qajar, which paved the way for its guests. A selection of desserts and a blue waterfront coffee shop are some of the other tempting features of the hotel that can make this hotel your first choice of accommodation.