Iran Health Tourism

Iran Health Tourism Aspects

Iran Health Tourism and medical tourism is one of the areas that could play a significant role in the development of tourism. This industry includes a very wide range of activities.

In addition to the role of tourism and its impact on the expression of national identity, it has a great impact on economic dimensions including job creation, income generation, poverty reduction and promote social justice and prosperity in society. Due to the potential and competitive advantage, among the various areas of tourism, health tourism in Iran has received a lot of attention recently.

Tourism after the oil and automobile industry is considered as the largest industry in the world. This industry has a significant impact on foreign exchange earnings and certainly, in the near future, health tourism in Iran will become one of the most important industries. With the passage of time and advancement of this industry, tourism from general domain turns to specialized branches such as cultural tourism, sports tourism, adventure tourism, religious tourism, health tourism and so on. So, people who travel to other places due to the health services (prevention, treatment) are classified as health can read more about Iran tourism potentials aspects.

The history of health tourism in Iran and the world

Health tourism has been used since ancient Greece and Rome and then developed in many European countries and other parts of the world. From ancient times, many people went to the river or used the mineral waters for mental or physical health. The man has been physically and mentally relaxed and refreshed with hot water since ancient times.

In the UK, seaside resorts were developed based on this idea that sea water is useful in the treatment of disease. In Europe, many cities around spas and medical facilities have been built. Examples can be found in the cities of Lasantha, Moritz and Interlaken in Switzerland, Baden, and Wiesbaden in Germany and Budapest in Hungary. In these cities, the people used mineral water to treat diseases such as rheumatism, skin infections, and indigestion.

In Europe, hydrotherapy spas and clinics received a lot of attention. They built clinics that were equipped with, quiet and peaceful environment and also appropriate facilities. In such clinics team of consulting, doctors were busy prescribing the method and amount of using water for the treatment of various diseases. These waters are often used by patients with skin disorders, pain, rheumatism, arthritis, extreme physical fatigue, gout, and the inflammation of the spine.

In America, people travel in resorts nearby the sea. America’s oldest hot springs area is known as Saratoga that was used as a commercial center that provides appropriate residential and entertainment facilities. To maximize the enjoyment of travel, some facilities such as libraries, theaters, music halls and playgrounds were constructed for tourists. So that people today travel not only for treatment but also to use a variety of social entertainment in the areas.

Iran Health Tourism

Iran health tourism

Health tourism in Iran

Many documents exist among Iranians that contains important evidence about the importance of hot mineral water among them. In particular, Avicenna examined and categorized these areas to the spiritual, therapeutic springs and hot water. The remaining memorials in the city of Neyshabur indicate the canalization system for the transfer of mineral water to the Anahita Temple. This is similar to the reminiscent of the old fountain that is called Merano and is located in Italy and date back to five thousand years old. Spas in different regions of Iran has more than 30 mineral elements such as magnesium, potassium, sulfur, calcium that some of them have radioactive properties.

In the past, tourism was a broad concept based on the use of mineral waters and also the use of natural features such as clean air. Over time the concept of health tourism has gone further and included patients traveling to receive medical services. The latter (patients travel to receive medical services) is newer than other types of health tourism.

Medical Tourism & Iran Health Tourism

In fact, medical tourism is the most common and the most sensitive sub-category of the health tourism. This trip is done generally for treatment or surgery or any other health related issues of the patients in the clinics and hospitals that are located in the country with the acceptable cost of medical treatment. Medical tourism or health tourism is the most sensitive type of tourism among the all other types because it is directly related to the life and health of the tourists. Although many countries in the world today offer medical tourism service, the ability of a country in medical science and health care can not only be obtained by investments alone. Skilled and experienced Doctors, health and regulatory infrastructure, standard hospitals and clinics, complete and updated medical equipment and medical supervision are also considered important part of the critical infrastructure for the country to have a proper place in the field of health tourism. It is noteworthy that Iran has thousands of year’s medical and health history and a lot of Iranian doctors are known at the international level.

Therapeutic nature tourism (Curative Tourism)

Traveling to health centers and health care natural resources under the supervision of a doctor is called therapeutic nature tourism. These resources and services include the natural hot springs, salt lakes, the sun bath, sludge treatment, medical massage, herbal baths and beautiful, clean and quiet environment to improve skin disease, respiratory, rheumatology, musculoskeletal or recovering from treatment and surgery. Thankfully, the diverse nature of Iran provides all kinds of health resources at the disposal of a human. Currently, there are many centers in Iran that have prepared health care facilities, welfare and medical supervision for tourists and visitors.

Wellness Tourism

In this type of travel, tourists are looking for relaxation and without medical intervention, they try to revitalize and escape the stress of everyday life. Usually, in this case, tourists don’t suffer from any specific illness, and they usually seek to benefit from the healing nature and stay away from the crowd, stress, and pollution of city life. One of the attractions and advantages of medical tourism is in the area of water treatment, because of this more than 1,000 mineral water springs have been identified in Iran so far. Other attractions in health tourism are the hotels and villas that are located in the forest, desert, beach or mountain. People live there in complete peace in a clean and healthy environment to improve their health.

A combination of several factors led to rising propensity of people to medical travel to some other destinations like Iran of which we can name high cost of living in industrialized countries, facilitating international travel and improving the level of technology and health standards in many parts of the world. In some countries, the public health care system is not quite available, patients spent a lot of time waiting to meet their needs and to deal with their situation. For example, in some operation like hip transplant, patients have to wait for a year or more in the queue to receive the needed operation in some countries like the UK and Canada. But in Iran the patient can receive the care and treatment only one day after the entry into the hospital.

About Iran Health Tourism

Among the reasons that make people travel with their treatment goal are the low cost of medical care, search for specialists and experienced doctors, good health care quality, safety and shorter waiting times for treatment. In Canada, the number of people waiting for treatment in 2005 was about 782 936 people that can be considered as a record in the world. The number of people in South Africa is one tenth lower than the United States or West Europe.

While the cost of a tooth is $ 5,500 in America, in Iran it is $ 500, the cost of knee transplant in Iran with six days of physical therapy is about one-fifth of the United States. In addition, while some operation like the face beauty may cost about 20 thousand dollars in the United States, in countries such as Iran it costs only between 2300 to 2700 dollars.

Healthcare seekers from all parts of the world can travel to other countries to receive services and medical care in areas such as cancer, neurological diseases, organ transplant surgery, beauty surgery, etc. Among the countries that are most receptive to medical tourists are places such as Brunei, Cuba, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Jordan, Lithuania, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and the United Arabic Emirates, As well as Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Costa Rica, Mexico and Iran in the field of cosmetic surgery.

In Europe, the countries such as the Belgium and Poland are also involved in medical tourism. The interesting thing to note is that South Africa tries to attract medical tourists with the motto “cosmetic surgery together with the wildlife”. In a country like the United States of America with all services and high-quality health insurance, dealing with medical tourism business is a risk. The reason for this approach is the preference of a great number of patients in the Middle East to travel to Hong Kong, Singapore, and Iran for treatment.

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Health tourism in Iran

Despite low prices, and health care quality in Iran, but the lack of proper advertising, this country still hasn’t found its place in the market. While the government based its plan to provide 30% of the country’s health needs through the issuance of the product, medical services, and medical tourism until the end of the Fourth Development Plan, this country is still in its initial steps. Meanwhile, Iran’s major competitors in the in the Persian Gulf that is Jordan and Dubai can make over $ 500 million annually from tourism therapy.

The potential of Iran Health Tourism

Iran is among the best 10 countries in the world in terms of natural attractions, but it is not known in terms of the tourism market. However, the health tourism industry is called the third important industry in the world and some countries such as Spain are living through it. Today, industrialized countries and emergence of pain in the soul and the human body and growth rate of turning people to cosmetic surgery makes the medical tourism one of the important sectors of the tourism industry in Iran and the world so you can now evaluate the Iran Health Tourism.

There are four basic items that need to be considered in the field of medical tourism. Medical practitioners’ capabilities, technologies and global standards, health care costs and domestic regulations. In all four cases cited Iran is better than the neighboring countries and the Middle East. Considering the capabilities of Iran in this domain, there should be a better outcome. Unfortunately, due to the lack of relevant advertisements to identify potential medical tourism, Iran has not played an important role in this regard yet. Nowadays, the medical tourism industry in some parts of the world plays a better role than oil and gold. This industry is low-cost with high-income. The Iranian government plans to provide 30 percent of the nation’s health care needs through the issuance of the product, provide medical services and medical tourism & Iran Health Tourism.

The objectives of Iran Health Tourism



Cardiac surgery, ophthalmology and plastic surgery


Healing waters

Most of health tourists are from countries like Azerbaijan, Iraq, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Syria, Lebanon, Bahrain and Turkey and Iran has witnessed over 20 to 25 percent growth in the field of health tourism over the past decade.

Most important provinces of Iran in the field of health tourism


Iran health tourism

Health tourism in Yazd

Apart from the climatic diversity and attractions of the historic city of Yazd, this city is considered suitable for tourists in the health sector. There are 545 specialists, 915 general practitioners, 300 dentists and 15 public hospitals for providing medical services in the country. This potential has led health centers in Yazd province during the year to host thousands of tourists daily to travel to this historic city from all corners of the country, especially from neighboring provinces. However, in the meantime, infertility and heart surgery for Yazd province has its own enthusiasts. Many recognize Yazd for infertility as this city is the first center of infertility treatment in Iran and the Middle East and people from other countries travel to the center for treatment.


Iran health tourism

Health tourism in Mazandaran

Iran Health Tourism, Due to its particular location and geographical features with distinctive natural characteristics among the other provinces of Iran, Mazandaran is considered as one of the special provinces in Iran in term of social, cultural and health tourism with pleasant climate in the spring and summer, and having hot and cold mineral water,  attractive and tranquil environment. Due to the special circumstances of this place that is located at the foot of the Alborz particularly around Mount Damavand, it is one of the most important collection of mineral water with therapeutic properties. Mineral water in Mazandaran province is now used by domestic tourists and natives and is divided into seasonal and non-seasonal water. Mineral non-seasonal warm water made about 84% of the total water that is only used during the summer and holidays.


Mashhad stays as among the most important centers of medical tourism in Iran. Last year, about 17,000 foreign patients arrived for treatment in this city. Many hospitals have launched international departments to provide the needs of international patients. The government Sector is actively involved in promoting medical tourism in Mashhad. Consequently, the number of private hospitals that are providing high quality medical care to international patients has doubled over the past years in Iran Health Tourism.

Also the provinces of Tehran, Gilan, Khorasan, Ardebil and Fars provinces have great importance in the field of health tourism in Iran.