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Iran Exhibition & Iran Fair

Iran Exhibition & Iran Fair Services

Iran Exhibition tourism

Iran Exhibition tourism

Today, we are witnessing holding many exhibitions with different topics so some Business owners need to travel to another country for visit new technology or rivals to receive information and have a business contact with the other company.

Our first step is to understand your destination, your goals, and KPIs. From a tourism point of view, Iran enjoys three important and unique features. The first one is for its exceptional geographical location among the countries in the world.

As a strategic point too, Iran Exhibition acts as a bridge which connects the European and African countries to Asia, as well as the CIS to the Middle East and Persian Gulf region. Such a feature makes a great potential for the Iranian tourism. The second feature of Iran is its fabulous tourism attractions which may be studied in two aspects:

Iran Exhibition Concerning the extent of various types of tourism, such as historical,Iran Exhibition,Iran Fair, cultural, Iran Trade Shows, natural, pilgrimage, adventurous tourists, etc. and the other one is its four-season nature and simultaneous access for enjoying aquatic entertainment, such as swimming at one point, and the winter entertainment and sports at another point of Iran and the last one is، Iran hold a lot of exhibitions with different subjects and you can have a new opportunity for Entry into the markets of Iran.

You can set up your plan and accurate schedule that saves you time.

Exhibition Services

space rent

You can now rent spaces for privet or public exhibitions.We are ready to do it for you without any problems just you say what you want or how would you like your stand?Trusted by IranFair

Stand Design

With our professional design team, you can have a magnificent and
Eye-catching stand ,ideal & creative design to serve the company need in the best way of possible open to new ways of constructing

exhibition service

Upon your request, we will arrange everything you want for your stand like: Wireless internet, Advertisements, Meeting and seminar halls, Technical (electricity-water-telephone), Issuance of Identity and parking cards.

business Visa

provides visa assistance for guests who travel to Iran. Obtaining the visa is a two-step process. First, you’ll require a visa authorization code from the authorities in Iran, which we requests on your behalf

booking hotel

After، you decided to come to Iran you need to reside in a good place and maybe you couldn’t book your room in your country


Take a local guide and visit the exhibition through the eyes of a friendly and knowledgeable local guide.


our transport services such as car rental, airport transfers and booking trains and flight tickets. Maybe getting around A country is vital part of traveling

equipment rental

Don’t worry about your rental equipment just give us your list of what you want?

B2B consult

With us you can find a good partner for your business.

human resource

Another service of our company is offering the best hosts for you.

money exchange

One of the most important factors companies consider when expanding a business into the global market

legal counsel

Our legal advisers are at your service 24 hours a day


our tenured and trusted team partners with clients throughout the middle east to provide Iran import and export services by land, sea, and air


throw the power of local expert advertising companies you can reach your targets as soon as possible in effective ways!iran provide the variety type of marketing techniques