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Iran at glance

Iran at glance

If travel is most rewarding when it surprises, then Iran might just be the most rewarding destination on Earth. If you have fancy travelling somewhere neither east nor west and exotic and fascinating yet perfectly comfortable, Iran is one of the best choices for this travel.

Iran Money & Cost

Daily Costs in iran :

-Budget (Up to): US$60

-Midrange: US$60-175

-Top End (More than): US$175

Bring cash in US dollars or Euro.

You cannot use credit or debit cards, travellers cheques or ATMs.

Repeat, bring all you’ll need in cash.

-Meal in local restaurant: US$8-12

-Meal in top restaurant: US$15-30

It is recommended you bring US dollar notes for any travel to Iran or alternatively Euros.

International credit and debit cards cannot be used in Iran since the US trade embargo on the country. Visitors cannot draw cash on credit or bank cards. Iran does have a network of ATMs but these are for use with locally issued bank cards.

Iranian perceptions of outsiders

Even though travellers may arrive with the image of a throng chanting “Death to America”, Even hardline Iranians make a clear distinction between the Western governments they distrust and individual travellers who visit their country. Americans may receive the odd jibe about their government’s policies, but usually nothing more serious than that. However, it is always best to err on the side of caution and avoid politically-oriented conversations, particularly in taxi cabs. Despite what the media would make Iranians out to be, in general, and on a person to person basis, many Iranians do not hate Americans, only the government.

Respect in Iran

In general, Iranians are warm, friendly and generous individuals with a strong interest in foreigners and other cultures. In dealing with Iranians, the following tips relating to customs and etiquette may prove useful:

Iranian laws are not as strict as other countries such as Saudi Arabia. Respecting the dozens of unspoken rules and regulations of Iranian life can be a daunting prospect for travelers, but don’t be intimidated.

The culture, like most others in the Middle East and Central Asia, has a strong tradition of hospitality. Guests are often treated extremely well.

Iran Electricity

– 230V/50hz

-Just plug into sockets

Iran Phone & sim cards

Mobile: Rightel and Mci and Irancell are most powerful networks in Iran. They are relatively cheap (20,000 tomans:7USD). It is possible to buy recharge cards from all newsstands and supermarkets. Internet for 10,000-20,000 Tomans [7USD&4USD].These networks are specially MCI and Rightel, works quite well in all cities and rural areas even in villages or borders. Now all networks in Iran have [3G and 4G &LTE] all over the country.

4G & LTE networks works only in city centres but 3G, GPRS and MMS is always available everywhere at very low prices. WiFi with your mobile phone or tablet is a good option in Iran and you can easily access WiFi internet services.

Internet: Iran has a very large cover of high-speed internet access by companies. Other wireless internet access from other providers. The networks are widespread and offer wireless high-speed internet access.

Iran Politics

Iran has a divided society. On one extreme there are supporters of the ruling Islamic Republic and Muslim fanatics who are haters of Israel, the West, Democracy and Human Rights; on the other extreme, there are liberals and nationalists who think quite the opposite. Therefore, you are advised not to enter into political debate and let just Iranians talk about it unless you know your hosts and surroundings well.