Insecurity in Turkey 

Turkey in 2015, almost every day has an accident and has spent significant development impact.

Insecurity in Turkeybody of Syrian Kurdish three years old was found at the beach “Bodrum” In early September, made the world aware of the deaths of more than 2,000 Syrian refugees. This is one of the main headlines Erdogan and Davutoglu talk about various issues.

Restrictions on opponents intensify and the arrest of journalists and cancellation of their broadcasting was the examples of Turkey’s efforts to curb domestic protests.

In July, bloody blasts in Suruc and killing of 32 civilians and wounding 103 of them, increased the tense situation in Turkey more than before. ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attacks.

October 10th a bloody explosion occurred at a train station in Ankara and during that, 86 people were killed and 186 injured.

Foreign Relations of the Republic of Turkey in 2015 was to a large extent control changes and why the country was in isolation from it’s neighbors.  Things that were alarmed Ankara.

In addition to Insecurity in Turkey  & the numerous tensions with neighbors in 2015, the country’s measure in targeting a fighter from the Russian army and topple it was a decision that was gripped Ankara in the end of this year. This action led to Moscow to begin the economic and trade sanctions against Turkey.

In 2016, several terrorist incidents occurred in Insecure Turkey, which killed and injured hundreds of innocent people. Turkey is engaged in domestic and regional tensions and has passed a bloody year until the last days of June.

  • The explosion of a car bomb in a busy intersection in Ankara left 28 killed and 61 wounded.
  • A vehicle carrying explosives was detonated near a bus in Ankara and 28 people were killed in this blast.
  • In an explosion near a historical and tourist sites of Istanbul, 11 people were killed and 36 people were injured.
  • Simultaneous explosions by a suicide bomber in Ataturk Airport in Istanbul took place. In this bloody incident, 36 people were killed and dozens were injured.
  • The coup in Turkey, in Ankara and Istanbul, has had extensive stress and reactions. Witnesses from flying fighters and helicopters in the skies over Turkey’s capital Ankara reported. All flights were canceled from Ataturk Airport in Istanbul.


Despite the conflicts and unrest in the Middle East & Insecurity in Turkey, Iran is the only country in the region who are managed to create complete security in their country relying on their ability of the defense forces and intelligence.  In past years, have not seen the slightest trace of war or unsafety or any kind of terrorist attack in any part of Iran . All these are evidence of the increasing tourist and tourism in Iran secures area that has a rich culture and history and many attractions while we see Insecurity in Turkey and other middle east country and even in some European cities.