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Iran Visa

How To Get Iran Visa

| Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who can get Iran visa?

All nationalities are very welcome to visit Iran. The only exception is citizens of Israel. Due to the current political climate, Israeli citizens will be refused entry under all circumstances.

2. Do I need a Iran visa to go to Iran?

All foreign visitors require a visa to enter Iran except citizens of the following countries: Syria, Turkey, Lebanon, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Bolivia and Egypt. Citizens of these countries can stay for up to 2 months without a visa.

Iran Visa Types :

3. What type of Iran visa will I need?

The main types of visa issued are:

Tourist Iran Visa
Entry Iran Visa (business visa)
Press Iran Visa
Transit Iran Visa
Work Permit Iran Visa
Pilgrimage Iran Visa
Student Iran Visa
Diplomatic and Service Iran Visa

Tourist Visa (single or multiple entry)
A tourist visa is required by foreign nationals who wish to travel to Iran for sightseeing purposes or to visit their friends and family. The maximum duration of stay for a tourist visa is 30 days.

Entry Iran Visa (single, double or multiple entry)
An ‘entry’ visa is effectively a ‘business’ visa. It is required by foreign nationals who wish to travel to Iran for economic, commercial, cultural or industrial purposes. It is also required by those attending economic or cultural conferences or those participating in sporting events. The authorised duration of stay is usually up to 30 days. Commercial visitors must obtain an invitation letter from the company/organisation they intend to visit.

Press Iran Visa
A press visa is required by foreign journalists who wish to travel to Iran on business. Applications for press visas must be made to the dedicated Press Section of the embassy.

Transit Iran Visa
A transit visa is required by foreign nationals who intend to pass through Iran on their way to a third country.

Work Permit Iran Visa
A work permit visa is required by all foreign nationals who intend to work in Iran. The company you are going to work for must obtain your work permit before you can apply for a work permit visa.

Pilgrimage Iran Visa
A pilgrimage visa is required by foreign Muslim pilgrims who wish to visit the sacred sights and shrines of Iran.

Student Iran Visa
A student visa is required by all foreign nationals who intend to study in Iran.

Diplomatic and Service Iran Visa
A diplomatic and service visa is required by holders of diplomatic and service passports who intend to travel to Iran, either to undertake an official visit at Iran’s invitation, or to work in a diplomatic or consular mission.

4. How do I get an Iran visa?

You will need to obtain a Letter of Invitation from a sponsor in Iran. For tourist visas, the sponsor will normally be a tour operator .

If you want us to be your service provider please fill the visa application form , we will apply for the visa on your behalf.

Once your visa has been authorised by the MFA, a visa authorisation number will be sent back to you. Please note that this reference number means that your visa has been authorised but is not the visa itself.

To obtain the actual visa in your passport, you need to fill out a visa collection form which you obtain/download from the Embassy ( list of Iranian Embassies ) .

You can then either post or take this form to the Consulate Section of the embassy along with your passport and the appropriate visa collection fee. Your passport must be valid for at least six months from your date of entry into Iran, and must have at least two blank pages.

5. How long will it take to get an Iran visa?

The whole process will normally take a minimum of one month. Please note, however, that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is the sole decision making authority as to whether or not to issue your visa or when. If they have any concerns about your application, this could hold up the application process. It is advisable, therefore, to allow at least 8 weeks before you intend to travel.

6. How much does an Iran visa cost?

There are two Iran visa fees involved in getting your Iran Visa, the first one is a flat 60 $ fee that goes toward the initial visa application paperwork, your letter of invitation to Iran and MFA paperwork. The second cost comes when you are going to pick up your visa at Iranian embassy or consulate.

For up to date Iranian visa fees you need to check with the Embassy in your country.

*Note* :(Visa is free on tour packages)

7. Can I get  Iran visa at the airport on arrival in Iran?

iran visa on arrival(VOA)-Goldeniran2

You can obtain a visa on arrival for a stay of 30 days (extendable for another 15 days), at the following airports

Konarak Airport (Chah-Bahar)
Isfahan International Airport (Isfahan)
Kish International Airport (Kish Island)
Mashhad International Airport (Mashad)
Dayrestan Airport (Qeshm Island)
Shiraz International Airport (Shiraz)
Tabriz International Airport (Tabriz)
Imam Khomeini International Airport and Mehrabad International Airport (Tehran)
Unless you hold one of these passports:

Afghanistan, Bangladesh,Canada,Colombia,India,Iraq,Jordan,Pakistan,Somalia,United Kingdom,United States

If you have time left before you intend to travel to Iran, we do not recommend that you apply for the visa beforehand then collect it at the airport for the peace of mind.


8. Once I am in Iran, can I get my visa extended so that I can stay longer?

Yes, you can. To get an extension you need to go the nearest Police Department of Alien Affairs before your visa expires. You will be asked for the reasons for your request for an extension. Extensions are normally granted for up to two months.

Tehran : Soroush St., After Motahari Junction, Shariati Ave.

Mashad : Next to Azad Univ., Rahnamaee St.

Isfahan : Azadi Sq, Roudaki St.

Shiraz : Moddarres Blvd, near Vali-e Asr Sq.

Yazd : Near Abouzar Sq, Kashani St


9. Are there any specific requirements for US, UK and Canadian citizen travelling to Iran?

Visas for US, UK and Canadian passport holders are subject to particular regulations.
At present the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) does not allow US, UK and Canadian passport holders to travel to Iran independently. They are required to travel on escorted tours; either as part of a tour group, or on a tailor-made individual tour.

Due to these requirements we recommend that you make your travel arrangements at least 10 weeks in advance of your planned travel date.


  •  All tourists may stay in Kish Island and Qeshm in south of Iran for 14 days or less without obtaining any visa!

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