Executive Officer of ”Accor” company especially announced this France’s hotel building companies group’s mission and said: It is scheduled in the next 10 years, to do many missions across the country. Perhaps at this time, we build 100 hotels in Iran. ”Christophe Landais” Spoke about the serious willingness of this French collection to invest in Iran and with referring to the two hotels that has made under license of this company in Iran stated: We are working in the Middle East with 36 thousand rooms. Most of these are luxury hotels and recently also requested to build another luxury hotel in Dubai, But we want to build hotels in Iran. Our intent is developing good work in this country.

Citing the experience of participation and investment of French companies in Iran, he speaking to foreign investors who had come to attend the International Conference on Iran said: A good project should not only attractive, but in terms of time should be stable and return of it’s profits, should be desirable and guaranteed. Many investors tend to build luxury hotels in Iran. If you decide to run a project in Iran, you should properly define project, consider the situations and the number of tourists in each region and know that, according to the type of urban geography, what hotel you want to create.

He status Mashhad for applicants to investing in Iran for an example and he said: The city has 25 million visitors and is like Mecca, so you can create in this city something that requires the city to meet pilgrims. I know that is some long a construction process in Iran, but we as a group who are 12 years working in Iran, reached to this conclusion that the investor can work in this country, because the process are transparent and defined. Just be sure to constantly check what you can do to shorten this process to ensure your profitability.

“Landa” encouraged the investors of other countries to invest in Iran and said: In Europe it’s a little difficult for banks to participate in such projects, but in Iran it will be much easier.

This financial group given to the 10 percent annual growth of the tourism industry in Iran and in anticipation of the arrival of 28 million tourists in 2035, is planned that up to that time, to build between 350 to 370 hotels in this country.