The presence of the France Parliament head Isfahan, Iran

Claude Barton the president of the French National Assembly with a parliamentary staff in their two-days trip to Isfahan visited some historical attractions of this historical city and met with the governor and provincial officials of Isfahan province.

Chairman of the French National Assembly on arrival at the ‘Shahid Beheshti’ airport said: I’m anxious to see the Isfahan city and I’ve heard many descriptions about this city.

Isfahan governor welcomed and announced that: Statistics of tourist arrivals and tourists has tripled in recent years, as we have seen in the whole country such that increase. Tourists from 86 countries have visited the Isfahan province and during this period the most tourists in this field was from European countries, especially Germany. President of the French National Assembly, met with Iran’s President, President of the National Assembly, Secretary of National Security Council and the Head of the Center of Strategic Researches of Iran in this two days.

Claude Barton said: Iran’s role is considerable as an influential country in the fight against terrorists. The economic cooperation between Iran and France was the main part of his trip.

Isfahan as the cultural capital of Iran, Without a doubt is one of the most beautiful and the most artistic cities in Iran and also in Middle-East. As mentioned above, the city visit has multiplied by tourists and artists of the world in recent years. The most popular tourism attractions in Isfahan are such as:

Naghsh e Jahan Square, Monar Jonban, Vank church, Sheykh Lotfollah mosque, 33 Pol, Khajou bridge, Aali Ghapou and Chehel Sotoun Palaces. Isfahan is a tourism city with a strange and fascinating architecture and unique crafts. Isfahan has been a lot of works which are recorded in UNESCO world heritages and it is the cultural capital of Iran.