Tourist Attractions of Zanjan

Earthen Rainbow

If you’re going to feel God in near you, go to the Zanjan, on northwest of Iran.

If you want to see nature as it is, check out the Zanjan.

If you want to see the rainbow in a dormant state on the soil, travel to the Zanjan.

Zanjan & Mahneshan colored mountains are one of the most amazing natural attractions of the Zanjan province which are located in Zanjan to Mahneshan path. This earthen rainbow does not fade after the rain and whether it is raining or is not rain, always it is shining. The opportunity to count. The eye-catching hills native name is known “Ala Dagh Lar”, which are located in west parts of the Zanjan province. Perhaps at the first glance, you suppose this earthen rainbow like a painting book that a bucket of color spilled on it. The scenery is so rare and strange that sometimes we think we’re seeing the sights of another planet which are in another solar system and colors play with your eyes. There are colors like red, brown, green, orange, yellow and white that eyes staring at the man. Near the mountains and hills, there are several villages and towns. Many foreign tourists are unaware of the existence of such a unique attraction. The mountains and clay hills, because of their color, are a unique subject for photographers and filmmakers and ecotourists. This colorful mountains, are exhibited rainbows on the ground.

In route of Zanjan to the Mahneshan city the color mountains are glaring on both sides of the road. “Ala Dagh Lar” can be used as a suitable area for natural tourism development in Iran. Mahneshan city, is a county in Zanjan province and is located at a distance of 113 km from West Zanjan.