A chat with Swiss photographer who traveled over Iran

George is Swiss, But he talks with love about Iran. He says: If as a photographer you have the chance to shooting from a country like Iran, all photos will be satisfied.George began an adventurous trip with a simple plane in Iran for 40 years ago and shot the wonders of this vast land by aerial photography. He showed the photographs of Iran in London and now, he has brought these photos to their original birthplace, Iran, for the first time. In his inaugural exhibition in Tehran, he had said about his photography project in Iran: Our work began with a simple plane, I got on the plane’s tail while I was recording the photographs. The following text you read is the result of interview of reporter whit George, Who is now 88 years old.

  • Apart from Iran, have you done as well as projects in other countries?

Once again I did in Syria.

  • In which countries have you had to hold exhibitions?

In cities such as Tokyo, London, Paris, and countries like Germany and Switzerland, I have held exhibitions and after Iran I’ll have an exhibition in China.

  • When you started getting these photos in Iran, how old were you?

I am born in 1928 and the project was completed in 1978, so the time I was 50 years old.

  • The images were taken in order to somewhere or that idea was yours?

It was my idea from the beginning to the end and no one hadn’t ordered it to me.

  • Tell About your sense and mode when shooting the pictures.

In the cold months of January, when a heavy rain was falling, I was shaking from the cold and when I came to earth, I needed to get warm. If you do this experience, Then you will understand my mood. When we came back from the flight, we looked relieved and feeling like we’ve done a good job, then we were siting and eating a good food which was included from Iranian rice and onions. I have experienced much excitement in this work.

  • Why you chose Iran to do this project?

I came to Iran to discover more details.

  • Why didn’t you held the exhibition earlier than this in Iran?

It was not easy. In Iran, there was revolution and regime change was created. I feel very good about the new government.

  • Please explain about transfer your photos to the Automobile Association.

Only I give photos to them to show up wherever they want.

  • Tell in one sentence, what you see from that up?

You see what you have to see and can be, that completely is a new feeling.