Restoration the ceremonial tents in Persepolis

President of hotels syndicate in Fars province by referring to the restoration of Apadana hotel by this complex, informed from the re-establishment of Darius hotel at Persepolis and also set up ceremonial tents again in this ancient monument. Persepolis is unique in the world and now has become an excellent tourist area.

The time now Apadana hotel is open to tourists after years. A better atmosphere is created for tourists, with the restoration of these two hotels and ceremonial tents that are in this area since 1350. Fars Hotels Association was seeking to restoration of Apadana Hotel from the last and now Apadana Hotel repair is done in a highly specialized.

Reintegration of Apadana Hotel is more than material aspects with cultural revival and it done due to the interest in dignity of Iran and ancient monuments of Persia. After re-opening the Apadana hotel, the first guests were from Canada into this complex.

Hotel Apadana in Persepolis due to being in this historical site is an exclusive residence in Iran.