A Day walks in mesmerizing nature of Saadabad palace

Saadabad palace nature

Sa’d Abaad Complex

The complex was first built by Qajar kings in 19th century. After development of the complex, Reza Shah Pahlavi lived there in 1920s, and his son, Mohammad Reza, moved there in 1970s. After the 1979 Revolution of Iran, the complex became a museum & Saadabad palace nature.


Museums and palaces in this complex are in below:

  • Bahman palace: It was Bahman’s house. He was the son of Gholamreza Pahlavi the brother of the king.
  • Green palace(Marmar palace): This is one of the most beautiful palaces in Iran. The grand floor was the location and workplace of the Reza Shah.
  • White palace: It’s the biggest palace in Sa’ad Abad complex. It was the summer residence of the king and his wife Farah.
  • Water museum: The museum building has two main sections and sub- sections. The sub-section was special workplace of Mohammadreza Pahlavi.
  • Ostad Behzad museum: At the time of the Pahlavi dynasty it was workplace and resorts of the Reza shah.
  • Carriage house museum:  It was resorts of the coachman.
  • Miremad museum: it was the house of Alireza and Farahnaz, Mohammadreza’s childes. After the Iran revolution this building dedicated to showing of Manuscripts.
  • Royal containers: Decorative dishes and objects has shown in it, divided into four categories: Qajar dishes, first Pahlavi, second Pahlavi, donated containers.
  • Anthropology museum: The museum contains a full set of human culture tools and  life style and mirrors of  some aspects of human life style.
  • Miniature museum: it was summer residence of Leyla Pahlavi, Youngest daughter of Mohammad Reza.
  • Ostad Farshchian miniature museum: it was the location of Reza shah and his fourth wife Esmat.
  • Shahram palace: it was the second wife of Reza shah residence, Taj Al Molook. Now it is a military museum.
  • Beautiful Arts Museum(black palace): it was the council of the ministry of court.
  • Nations Art museum: Collection includes valuable works from the four corners of the world  in this categories:
  1. Ancient art of Iran
  2.  Maya and Inka civilization
  3. Africa art
  4. Contemporary art of Iran and word.

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Saadabad palace nature