Yalda Night

Yalda Night

Yalda Night Yalda night or Chelleh night is one of the oldest celebrations in Iran. In This celebration, Be traversed the longest night of the year, and following that, longer days is Celebrating. Yalda night  is called the time between sunset of the last day of fall to dawn on the first day of winter. Iranian families in Yalda night, usually […]

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Earthen Rainbow

Earthen Rainbow in Iran

Tourist Attractions of Zanjan Earthen Rainbow If you’re going to feel God in near you, go to the Zanjan, on northwest of Iran. If you want to see nature as it is, check out the Zanjan. If you want to see the rainbow in a dormant state on the soil, travel to the Zanjan. Zanjan […]

The World’s Most Expensive House in Fifties AD

The World’s Most Expensive House in Fifties AD Moghadam house in Tehran is one of the luxury homes which belongs to Qajar era and was the world’s expensive house in fifties ad. The house belonging to Mohammed Taqi Khan, who was the mayor in Naser Al-Din Shah Qajar period. Moghaddam was among the first Iranian archaeologists who […]

Archaeology National Conference

The Third Conference of Iranian Archeology

Holding the first Archaeology National Conference of Iran were faced with a great welcoming of archaeologists. The third Archaeology National Conference of Iran will be held in Tehran in November 2017. Topics of the conference include historical and Islamic. Research in historical period-Importance of literature in archeological research-Ilam archeology-The importance of the study of ancient languages and […]