Neolithic period

Evidence From the Neolithic Period Discovered in the Bavanat ,Fars State

Neolithic period evidences are discovered in the Bavanat in Fars state. According to archaeological team supervisor from Iranian Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization: In Harmangan archaeological site which is located in the west of the Jashnian village in the Bavanat city, They detected about 20 ancient effects, recently. Archaeological researchers are started to keep this area. This area can [...]

Lut Desert

Lut Desert in Iran with the tallest sand dunes, have become one of The popular destinations of tourists in the world

Lut Desert at the hottest point of the earth and with the highest, widest and most beautiful sand dunes, registered in the global UNESCO list. At the closing session of the fortieth session of the World Heritage Committee of UNESCO, Kerman Lut desert was world record. Lut wilderness is seventh effect recorded of Kerman province in the [...]

Insecurity in Turkey

Insecurity in Turkey & all Tourist cities in middle east, on the other hand, Iran’s safety opens arm for tourism

Insecurity in Turkey  Turkey in 2015, almost every day has an accident and has spent significant development impact. Insecurity in Turkey , body of Syrian Kurdish three years old was found at the beach "Bodrum" In early September, made the world aware of the deaths of more than 2,000 Syrian refugees. This is one of the [...]

Oltan castle

Oltan castle, an old stronghold in Ardebil state, is destroying

It is an old stronghold in Ardebil state. In the past, castle has defended Iran against attacks of Rom legion. Oltan is a big village that located in 3 kilometers south of Pars Abad Moghan and oltan castle located within 500 meters of this village. It located in Moghan plain and on zero point border [...]

Don’t go to Iran

Don't go to Iran - Travel film by Tolt